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American Multi-Cinema, or AMC, is also called AMC Theaters or AMC Cinemas. AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. is basically the biggest chain of movie theatres in both the U.S. and the rest of the world. So, if you have some free time and want to watch a movie somewhere close to where you are, you can use this AMC Near Me page to find the nearest AMC theatre.

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Barney, Edward, and Maurice Dubinsky started the AMC company in 1920. At the time, they were touring the United States with actress Jeanne Eagels and putting on melodramas and other tent shows. In 2016, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. bought Carmike Cinemas, UCI Cinemas, and Odeon Cinemas. This made it the biggest movie theatre chain in the world. But its parent company, Dalian Wanda Group, is a Chinese conglomerate with a lot of theatres on the Chinese mainland.

Basically, AMC was the first company to put in seats like the ones in stadiums, where people can see the screen without any obstructions. Also, the armrests of the seats can be moved, which is a feature that all of AMC’s competitors have started to use.

Even though most of the company’s theatres are called “AMC,” the company has also used brands like “Magic Johnson,” “Starplex,” and “Loews,” and it has bought several other theatre chains. But AMC’s management had already decided to stop using the other brands and switch all of the theatres to the AMC brand. Still, the company decided to keep only the Sundance Cinemas brand, while all the other theatres will change their names to AMC.

AMC Near Me Locations

In the United States, AMC is the biggest chain of movie theatres, and in the 1990s and 2000s, it grew internationally. In particular, the company started selling its products in Portugal in 1996. AMC opened a theatre in Manchester, UK, in 2002. However, the company has been in the UK market since the 1980s, when it grew quickly.

At the moment, the company is present in more than ten European countries and on the markets of countries that are still developing. If you want to go to an AMC theatre near you, you can use the map below, which shows the locations of AMC Near Me:


As of now, AMC has more than 240 theatres with 2,200 screens in European countries and 661 theatres with 8,200 screens in the United States.

AMC Near Me Hours

Most of the time, AMC theatres are open from the morning (the first movies start at 9 or 10 a.m. in most AMC theatres around the world) until late at night. You can buy tickets for movies that start as late as midnight, depending on the day, the movie, and the theatre.

One of the best things about the AMC company is that its policy on theatre hours is the same in every country. This makes it easy to find a showing of the movie you want at the time you want.

If you want to see when a certain movie is playing and/or buy tickets, you should go to the AMC website, choose a movie, and then go to the next page to see showtimes. Keep in mind that most AMC theatres are sold out of tickets, so it would make sense to buy the tickets ahead of time.

AMC Near Me Coupons

AMC is a company that gives coupons and vouchers to its users and people who go to its movies often. The company has three different kinds of coupons. The first coupon is for Black and Yellow tickets, which used to be called Silver, Gold, Green, and Red. You can buy them in bulk at stores and AMC theaters. You can use them to watch any movie, but you have to pay extra if you want to watch a movie on an IMAX or 3D screen.

AMC Coupons Near Me

Snack vouchers are the second kind of coupon. You can get them if you install the AMC app on your phone or if AMC sends you an SMS message. You can get a small bowl of popcorn or a small bottle of a drink.

AMC also sells movie vouchers, which are gift cards and coupons worth between $5 and $100. You can also buy these kinds of coupons at AMC theatres or stores that sell coupons, and the company will honor them at face value.

There are also a number of customer loyalty programs run by AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. One of these programs is AMC Stubs, which costs $12 per year and lets members get bigger sizes of popcorn and drinks and buy tickets online without paying extra fees. In 2012, this program was used by more than 3.2 million people.