Beretta 21A Bobcat Review, Specification & Price 2022

Beretta 21A Bobcat is a semi-automatic pocket pistol developed for Beretta within Italy. 

The production began in the latter half of 1984 and was exclusively produced at the Beretta U.S.A. facility in the city of Accokeek in Maryland. 

It’s a sequel that is a continuation of Beretta Model 20 which was discontinued in 1985.

This Beretta 21A is a .22LR as well as a .25 Auto semi-auto blowback pocket pistol that is built around the 2.9″ barrel. 

This double-action/single-action (DA/SA) semi-automatic has a 7+1 capacity (7 in the magazine and one loaded directly in the chamber). 

The dimensions are extremely compact and the weight is tipped at 11.5 ounces, it is quite light for guns.

If it appears that Beretta is around for centuries and years, that’s because it has! It actually began operations around five centuries ago in the year 1526. 

Even though it’s an insignificant thing, however, it comes with some interesting and rich features, including a forward tip-up barrel which is made of solid steel and is forged to be beginning points for slides as well as frames made of machine-forged aluminum. 

The smaller pieces are usually high-strength steel that has been hardened. The tip-up barrel permits easy loading and unloading round into the chamber, or just checking that there is a barrel inside the chamber.

21A Bobcat was produced for several decades however, it appears to be timeless and is likely to stay in production for quite some time. 

You can choose between two colors you can choose it in. There is one that is completely matte. The other one is the Inox barrel frame, slide, and barrel with black matte grips and fasteners locks, hammers, and safeties. 

The gun features an inertia firing rod, a thumb safety with a manual switch that displays a red dot when in “fire” mode the trigger is a slim guard, and the magazine release is located in the lower part of the handle. 

The lever for the barrel is located above the rear of the trigger. Similar to other parts that are tactile they are serrated. 

The lever opens the barrel tip-up, which rises from a pivot point beneath the muzzle and opens up to reveal the chamber.

The gun measures 4.9″ all-around. It comes with fixed sights. These grips are diamond-hatched and finished with the Beretta logo. The gun comes with a single-stack, steel 7-round magazine.

The thing that might be surprising to some is the fact that these Berettas were Made in the USA instead of being made in the company’s Italian home country.

Beretta 21A Bobcat Review

Beretta 21A Bobcat Review

Bobcat is a pistol that is a subcompact, that is ideal for concealed carrying. It’s been among the most popular pocket pistols over the past 30 years and continues to be among the most sought-after pistols for concealed carry due to its snag-free design that is compatible with all holsters as well as pockets.

The Beretta Bobcat is among many pocket pistols with one of their best features is an up-turned barrel that can be sprung up after actuating the lever, allowing the pistol to be loaded and unloaded with no need to rack the slide. 

Because of its tiny gripping surface, the slide after the hammer has fallen is a challenge for some therefore a gun that is able to be prepared through the use of an accessory into the pistol and loading the chamber straight away could be beneficial. 

But, the often-cited benefit that this feature makes the 21A ideal for those who suffer from hand arthritis has been weakened due to the massive DA trigger pull that poses the same challenges to those who suffer from arthritis.

Beretta 21A Bobcat Price

Beretta 21A Bobcat Price is $419.99

Beretta 21A Bobcat Overview

Beretta 21A Bobcat Inox 22 Long Rifle 2.4in Stainless Pistol – 7+1 Rounds – Safety, simplicity and easy-to-use design, and practical usage are its most appealing attributes.

The unique tip-up barrel design allows users to load an ammunition round straight into the pistol. 

It also facilitates the safe removal of the pistol through the ability for the live round to be quickly removed from the chamber, and the bore is quickly assessed. 

Problems with stovepiping and jamming are eliminated completely by the slide that is open, which is shared across all compact frame Berettas.

The Bobcat makes use of the most durable forgings to build its barrel. Slides are constructed out of solid steel bar stock as well as the frame is made from aluminum forgings made of solid. 

Stainless steel might be difficult to machine but makes for exceptional corrosion resistance.

The frame of the alloy is anodized gray to match the finish and color of the stainless parts. Other metal parts are finished in black.

Beretta 21A Bobcat Features

Defining the Pocket Pistol

Similar in size to a smartphone and weighing just 11.5 grams, the ultra-containable Bobcat is the most popular pocket pistol for more than three decades.

It is easy to use, durable as well as reliable, and precise, and with its easy-to-snag lines, it could be put in any type of pocket or holster for full concealment. 

It is available as .22 LR or .25 ACP It is ideal to carry concealed (on it’s on its own and as an alternative gun) and keeps beating all other pistols that compete in its class in terms of quality, design, and value.

Practical, Safe, and Reliable

A user-friendly design is common with the majority of Beretta tiny frames. The tip-up barrel is a unique feature that allows users to load an ammunition cartridge right into the cartridge without having to rack the slide. 

It also aids in the safe removal of the pistol, by providing the user a simple and secure way to test the bore as well as take out the live cartridge. 

Problems with stove-piping and jamming are eliminated completely by the open slide design that is used by all Berettas that have small frames.

Advanced Materials

Maintaining a focus on uncompromising quality can keep Beretta Semi-automatics of small calibre a step ahead of the competition. 

Beretta pistols from the 21 Series utilize a tough forging process to make their barrels. Slides are constructed from solid steel bar stock, and frames are made from forgings of aluminum. 

The latest stainless-steel model (“Inox”) utilizes the highest quality and the toughest steel that makes it robust and resistant to corrosion (see below for details).

Two Finishes: Black and Stainless

Additionally, in addition to the standard black finish and the classic black finish, it is also available in black.

21A Bobcat is available in Inox (stainless steel) finish. This model features an alloy slide made of stainless steel and a barrel. 

The frame of the alloy is anodized in grey to match the finish and color of the stainless parts. Other parts made of metal (trigger and gun, trigger guards magazines, safety, etc.) are finished in black.

Beretta 21A Bobcat Specification

FINISH Stainless Steel
GRIPS Black Synthetic
SIGHTS Fixed Low-Profile
WEIGHT 11.8oz
CARTRIDGE 22 Long Rifle
FRAME SIZE Subcompact
Colorado Compliant
Washington Compliant
TYPE Rimfire

Final Words

It’s Beretta 21A Bobcat an elegant easy to use and an enjoyable handgun that is 22LR. While I wouldn’t suggest it to carry concealed but it could certainly be used for that purpose in the event that you require and/or desire to. 

What I purchased the gun for was just for the attraction as a rimfire fanatic. The Bobcat is an interesting thing by itself, as a compact pistol that can also be suppressed straight from the box. And it can be used to have great conversations at range with strangers and friends alike.