Blue Beacon Wash Prices 2022

Blue Beacon’s aim is to offer consistently top-quality washout services. It utilizes the National Washout Procedure to ensure the high quality and consistency of every washout we offer at our 110+ locations.

Although Blue Beacon offers a high-quality washout, It can not warrant sanitization or the complete removal of the residues of the previous load.

Blue Beacon Wash Prices

Blue Beacon Wash Prices & Service

Standard Service & Price


Standard Price
Conventional – Tractor Wash Only $49.30
Tractor when washed with trailer or washout $40.30


Standard Price
Tractor/Van Trailer $76.60
Tractor/Flat Trailer $67.20
Tractor/Small Tanker w/ Smooth Sides $78.70
Tractor/Small Tanker w/ Ribs $82.00
Tractor/Large Tanker $84.70


Standard Price
Van Trailer $36.30
Flat Trailer $26.90
Small Tanker w/ Smooth Sides $38.40
Small Tanker w/ Ribs $41.70
Large Tanker $44.40


Standard Price
Standard Price
Tractor $9.00 $5.00
Trailer $13.70 $7.20
Flat Trailer $9.20 $5.20

Trailer Washouts


Standard Price

Reefer/Dry Box Trailer $41.00
Straight Truck $26.40
Trailer $6.80

National Washout Procedure for Box & Reefer Trailers/Trucks

Each washout will be an extensive cleaning of the inside walls, floors, and doors using warm, high-pressure soapy water. 

Its water’s temperature ranges from 90-110 degrees and our pressure is from 1,000 up to 1500 PSI. 

Its soap is guaranteed by the manufacturer to be safe for use in the food service industry. From a distance of 6-12 inches, we apply sections and strokes that overlap to ensure that no places are left unnoticed. 

If we aren’t able to provide the warm water you require, we will offer a discount on the cold water of $8.00 which is clearly stated on the receipt.

Each washout is given an intensive rinsing inside of the walls, floors, and doors using fresh, high-pressure (600 up to 800 PSI) rinse water. From 12–24 inches, we employ sections that are overlapping to ensure that no area is left unnoticed.

The walls will be left not washed or rinsed unless the driver requests us to not wash them or else confirms that the walls are to be left unattended. 

The walls should not be dry during washing out as water may splash onto the floor. * We are often asked that we wash or rinse ceilings of washouts.

It does cost extra for ceilings. If you don’t have your “Washout Ceiling” service listed on your ticket, think that the ceiling wasn’t cleaned or washed. 

Ceilings with air curtains are unable to be cleaned in the same way as the other parts of the trailer because of their thinness, their tendency to pool water, and obstruction of ceiling areas.

It appreciates and accepts the requirement for drivers to inspect our work. Before the washout begins we would appreciate knowing that you would like to examine the work after it has been completed. 

It’ll call you to look over it before closing the doors to the trailer. If we fail to notify you or you didn’t inform us know about it, do not be concerned we’ll gladly allow you to reopen the trailer for inspection.

RV + Motor Home + Other Vehicles


Standard Price

Motor Home – Up to 30′ $35.00
Motor Home – Over 30′ $42.00
Motor Home – St Truck Single Axle $40.20
Motor Home – St Truck Double Axle $44.40
Passenger/Tour Bus $45.00


Standard Price

Car $18.40
Cargo Trailer Under 16′ $16.80
Cargo Trailer 16′-25′ $21.60
Cargo Trailer Over 25′ $26.40
Pickup/Van $20.60
Camper Trailer Under 19′ $21.20
Camper Trailer 20-30′ $27.60
Camper Trailer Over 30′ $31.30
Camper on Pickup $28.00
Sprinter Van $23.70
Step Van $25.90
Horse Trailer – Under 16′ $20.00
Horse Trailer – 16′-25′ $26.40
Horse Trailer – Over 25′ $30.60


Citrushine Price Brightener Price
Aluminum Wheels $1.10 No Charge
Aluminum Tanks $2.10 No Charge


Trailers $8.20 – $13.70 $4.20 – $7.20
Motor Home/Bus $13.10 $7.10
Step Van $8.60 $4.60
Other Vehicle $6.10 $4.90

Wash Process

Sometimes we receive inquiries regarding our process of washing from our customers and manufacturers (of trailers, trucks as well as other vehicles and accessories for vehicles like mirrors, wheels, etc.).) who want to compare our washing process with our Cleaning Instructions and Warranty Requirements supplied by the manufacturers of equipment. 

To make it easier for everyone we provide information on our washing process in the lobby of our customers. For more information, dial 1-833-252-3575.

About Blue Beacon

Blue Beacon prides itself on being friendly and accommodating your truck washing and Washout needs. It values your business and wants to make sure you are satisfied.

Blue Beacon Truck Wash locations can be found at some of the best travel centers in the country. They are easily accessible and easy to access for all sizes of rigs. 

Blue Beacon Truck Wash has over 110 locations that are open 24 hours a day and growing. They also have more than 45 years’ experience.

It will deliver high-quality washes in the shortest time possible. It offers the most competitive prices in the industry and accepts all major credit cards.

Blue Beacon Customer Service

Phone: (785) 825-2221
Fax: (785) 825-0801

PO Box 856
Salina, KS 67402-0856

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