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Blue Beacon Wash Prices:Blue Beacon’s goal is to continually provide high-quality washout services It employs the National Washout Procedure to assure the high quality and uniformity of every washout service we provide at our 110+ sites.

Although Blue Beacon provides a High-Quality Wash, it cannot Guarantee Sanitization or the total Elimination of Prior Load Residues.

Blue Beacon Wash Prices

Blue Beacon Wash Prices & Service


Standard Price
Conventional – Tractor Wash Only $49.30
Tractor when washed with trailer or washout $40.30


Standard Price
Tractor/Van Trailer $76.60
Tractor/Flat Trailer $67.20
Tractor/Small Tanker w/ Smooth Sides $78.70
Tractor/Small Tanker w/ Ribs $82.00
Tractor/Large Tanker $84.70


Standard Price
Van Trailer $36.30
Flat Trailer $26.90
Small Tanker w/ Smooth Sides $38.40
Small Tanker w/ Ribs $41.70
Large Tanker $44.40


Standard Price
Standard Price
Tractor $9.00 $5.00
Trailer $13.70 $7.20
Flat Trailer $9.20 $5.20

Trailer Washouts


Standard Price
Reefer/Dry Box Trailer $41.00
Straight Truck $26.40
Trailer $6.80

National Washout Procedure for Box & Reefer Trailers/Trucks

Following the National Washout Technique Ensures That Box and Reefer Trailers And Trucks are Clean And Hygienic. This Treatment often entails a thorough Cleaning of the Inside and Exterior of the Vehicle, as well as The Removal of any Dirt or Contaminants

In Addition,Disinfectants may be Applied Throughout The Washing Process to Eliminate any Bacteria or Germs that may be Present. Typically, the practice is performed after each trip or after a period of use to guarantee that the trailers/trucks are clean and ready for the next journey.

RV + Motor Home + Other Vehicles


Standard Price
Motor Home – Up to 30′ $35.00
Motor Home – Over 30′ $42.00
Motor Home – St Truck Single Axle $40.20
Motor Home – St Truck Double Axle $44.40
Passenger/Tour Bus $45.00


Standard Price
Car $18.40
Cargo Trailer Under 16′ $16.80
Cargo Trailer 16′-25′ $21.60
Cargo Trailer Over 25′ $26.40
Pickup/Van $20.60
Camper Trailer Under 19′ $21.20
Camper Trailer 20-30′ $27.60
Camper Trailer Over 30′ $31.30
Camper on Pickup $28.00
Sprinter Van $23.70
Step Van $25.90
Horse Trailer – Under 16′ $20.00
Horse Trailer – 16′-25′ $26.40
Horse Trailer – Over 25′ $30.60



Citrushine Price Brightener Price
Aluminium Wheels $1.10 No Charge
Aluminium Tanks $2.10 No Charge


Trailers $8.20 – $13.70 $4.20 – $7.20
Motor Home/Bus $13.10 $7.10
Step Van $8.60 $4.60
Other Vehicle $6.10 $4.90

Wash Process

Sometimes we Receive Inquiri Regarding our Process of Washing From Our Customers and Manufacturers (of Trailers, Trucks as well as other Vehicles And Accessories For Vehicle Like Mirrors, Wheels, etc.) who want to compare our Washing Process with our Cleaning Instructions and Warranty Requirements Supplied by the Mufacturers of Equipment.

About Blue Beacon

Blue Beacon Cleans and Washes Vehicles Professionally. They have locations nationwide and are known for fast and efficient service.

They offer a variety of wash packages to suit different needs and budgets, from basic exterior washes to full-service detailing They also have specialized services such as the washout process for reefer and box trailers.

Blue Beacon Customer Service

Phone: (785) 825-2221
Fax: (785) 825-0801

PO Box 856
Salina, KS 67402-0856

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