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Bobcat SB200 Specs,

Bobcat SB200 Snow Blower Overview

The Snowblower Attachments include A direct-drive, sprocket-style chute that users can twist to fling snow in any direction and put it wherever the job is Needed – even in difficult-To-Reach places.

Bobcat SB200 Snow Blower Price New


Bobcat SB200 Snow Blower Weight

Weight: 810 lb

Bobcat SB200 Specifications

Bobcat SB200 Specs,


Manufacturer Bobcat
Model SB200 Snowblower – 66″ Width
Year 2022
Price Request a Quote
Category Snowblower Implements
Subcategory Snowblowers


Blade Tip Speed At2000rpm 8,200 ft/min
Blade Tip Speed At2200rpm 9,000 ft/min
Displacement 55 in³
Emissions Tier (EPA) Tier 4
Emissions Tier (EPA) Tier 4
Engine Cooling Liquid
Engine Fuel Diesel
Engine Model 3FT-TH4-U
Fuel Tank 29.5 gal
Fuel Tank 30.6 gal
Gross HP 57.7 hp
Horsepower 100 hp
Maximum Governed RPM 2,100 rpm
Number of Cylinders 3
RPM 2600


Blade Tip Speed Max 9,000 ft/min
Brake Type Wet Multi Disc
Max Wheel Tip Speed 2,985 ft/min
Mower Blade Tip Speed 18,770 ft/min
Recommended Drum Speed 20 rpm
Recommended Drum Speed At 11 gal/min
Tip Speed At22gpm 3,256 ft/min
Transmission Type Infinite, 3-Range Hydrostatic (Servo control valve with Electric sol.)


Flow Required Max 31 gal/min
Flow Required Min 14.5 gal/min
Implement Hydraulic Flow 9.62 gal/min
Steering Hydraulic Flow 4.94 gal/min
Flow Range Max 40 gal/min
Flow Range Min 17 gal/min
Flow Rate 17 gal/min
Implement Hydraulic Flow 14 gal/min
Steering Hydraulic Flow 12 gal/min
Total Hydraulic Flow 26 gal/min


Bucket Width 6′ 0″
Front Tire Size Front AG.(Turf, Industrial) ‘9.5-16(29-12.5-15, 10-16.5)
Ground Clearance 13.7 in
Height 96.5 in
Length 139.6 in
Loader Lift Height 9′ 1″
Rear Tire Size Rear AG. (Turf, Industrial) ‘13.6-28(21.5L-16.1, 17.5-24)
Turning Radius 10′ 0″
Wheelbase 6′ 3″
Width 66 in


Height 61 in
Intake Height 25 in
Length 38.5 in
Width 68.5 in
Bed Height From Ground 38.2 in
Blade Height 432 mm
Bolster Width 1468 mm
Box Blade Moldboard Width 84 in
Bucket Capacity 14.3 ft3
Capacity 6.9 ft3
Capacity Heaped 87.9 ft3
Capacity Struck 67.5 ft3
Clamp Width 15.9 in
Closed Height 34.1 in
Closed Length 49.1 in
Cutting Edge Length 6 in
Cutting Edge Reversible Length 6 in
Cutting Edge Reversible Width 0.6 in
Cutting Edge Width 79 in
Cutting Width 66 in
Discharge Chute Height 93.3 in
Drum Diameter Padded 26 in
Drum Width 80 in
Drum Width Max 40 in
Feed Table Height 25.4 in
Fork Width 4 in
Frame Weight 893 lb
Frame Width Std Equipment 56.2 in
Grapple Width 82.5 in
Ground Clearance 7.2 in
Height Hammer Fully Raised 74 in
Height V 37.6 in
Height With Blade Extension 32.8 in
Height with Operator Cab 83.4 in
Hopper Capacity 10 ft3
Iso Heaped Capacity V 88.99 ft3
Iso Struck Capacity V 0.38 ft3
Length V 46.4 in
Length with Standard Bucket 147.7 in
Length without Attachment 119.3 in
Maximum Aggregate Size 1.5 in
Maximum Cutting Capacity 4 in
Moldboard Cutting Edge Reversible Height 6 in
Moldboard Cutting Edge Reversible Width 0.5 in
Open Height 51.8 in
Open Length 49.1 in
Operating Weight 18,977 lb
Overall Attachment Width 89.9 in
Overall Length in Travel Position 246 in
Pallet Fork Width 4 in
Sweep Width 84 in
Sweep Width Fully Angled 65.5 in
Sweep Width Fully Angled At 25deg
Sweep Width Straight 70 in
Vertical Pumping Height 50 ft
Weight Class 8.6 t
Weight Of Hammer 1,140 lb
Wheelbase 52.9 in
Width V 91.8 in
Width (with bucket) 80 in
Widths Available Max 8 in
Widths Available Min 6 in
Working Width 75.4 in
Working Width Angled Blade 85 in
Working Width Fully Angled 83 in
Working Width Scoop Blade 84 in
Working Width Straight Blade 98 in
Working Width V Blade 85.5 in


Operating Weight 810 lb
PTO HP 48.3 hp
Arm Digging Force 8,253 lbf
Auxiliary High Flow 36.6 gal/min
Auxiliary Pressure 3,045 psi
Auxiliary Std Flow 23 gal/min
Boom Swing – Left 64°
Boom Swing – Right 61°
Bucket Digging Force 16,269 lbf
Cargo Box Bed Load Capacity 2000 lb
Cargo Box Bed Load Height 38.2 in
Cargo Box Height 10 in
Cargo Box Length 56 in
Cargo Box Maximum Load 2000 lb
Cargo Box Volume 18 ft³
Cargo Box Width 51 in
Dig Depth 62 in
Dig Depth Without Extensions 72 in
Dig Force Bucket 2,200 lbf
Dig Force Dipper 968 lbf
Dig Width 914.4 mm
Ground Clearance 9.2 in
Ground Pressure (Rubber) 4.9 psi
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin 144 in
Length of track on the ground 40.6 in
Lift Capacity at 24″ behind Lift Point 1775 lb 24” behind lift point
Lift Capacity At 24″ behind Lift Point 2,908 lb
Lift Capacity @ 500mm Ahead Of Bkt Pivot 2,324 lb
Lift Radius 118 in
Machine Rated Capacity 2200 lb
Maximum Dig Depth 15.5 ft
Max Dump Height 16.5 ft
Max Lift 173 mm
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 23.6 ft
Travel Speed – Max 17 mph
Maximum Dig Depth 76.2 in
Maximum Operating Pressure 3,300 psi
Mid-PTO – RPM 2000
Operating Weight Less Bit 454 lb
Operating Weight V 1113 lb
Operating Weight With Teeth V 1,177 lb
Operating Weight Withfrontgate 3,065 lb
Operating Weight Without Teeth V 1,213 lb
Operating Weightwith Pinon Mount 876 lb
Operating Weightwith X Change Mount 881 lb
Outside Turning Diameter 210 in
3-Point Hitch Category 2
PTO HP 25 hp
3-pt Lift Control Type Position with Draft Control
Pump Capacity 12 gal/min
Rated Lift Capacity 9754 lb
Rated Operating Capacity (SAE) 3,950 lb
Reach @ Maximum Height 29.7 in
Rear PTO – RPM 540
Rear PTO System Independent
Rear PTO – RPM 540
Standard Boom Length 79 in
System Relief @ Quick Couplers 3,500 psi
3-Point Hitch Category 1
Tipping Load 7900 lb
Total Vehicle-Rated Capacity 4200 lb
Travel Speed 7.1 mph
Travel Speed – High 2.9 mph
Travel Speed – Low 1.7 mph
Travel Speed – Reverse 2.9 mph
Travel Speed (2-speed option) 12.3 mph
Turning Radius 89 in
Turning Radius (AWS Mode) 151.5 in


Auger Diameter 14 in
Discharge Chute Angle 270deg
Fan Diameter 20 in
Angle 30deg
Blade Base 1212 mm
Blade Offset Hydraulic Right Or Left 13 in
Blade Offset Right Or Left 12 in
Blade Tip Speed At2000rpm 8,200 ft/min
Blade Tip Speed At2200rpm 9,000 ft/min
Blows Per Minute At 21 gal/min
Broom Bristle Diameter 24 in
Broom Diameter 24 in
Broom R P M At 15 gal/min
Concrete Cylinder Diameter 6 in
Concrete Cylinder Stroke 24 in
Cutting Depth Max 5 in
Cutting Depth Min 0 in
Cutting Wheel Diameter 28.5 in
Cylinder Bore 3.5 in
Cylinder Rod 1.8 in
Cylinder Stroke 9.6 in
Degree Of Angle Right Or Left 12deg
Drum Diameter 14.5 in
Drum Diameter Padded 26 in
Dynamic Force 6,400 lb
Feeder Opening 9.2 in
Frequency 2000 vpm
Hammer Stroke 38 in
Hopper Capacity 9.6 ft3
Horizontal Pumping Distance 250 ft
Max Concrete Thickness 18 in
Max Cut Depth 188 mm
Max Reach 88 in
Maximum Concrete Pressure 750 psi
Maximum Cutting Angle 8deg
Maximum Recommended Boring Distance 30 ft
Moldboard Angle Right Or Left 30deg
Oscillation Angle 10deg
Planting Distance Next To Curb 2.6 in
Predrilled For V Bolt-on Edges or Teeth
Pumping Cylinder Diameter 3 in
Shank Thickness 1.5 in
Shut Off Travel 8.5 in
Side Shift Travel 21.8 in
Spreading Pattern Max 28 ft
Spreading Pattern Min 18 ft
Swing Angle 180deg
Swing Tube Diameter 5 in
Swing Valve Cylinder Diameter 3 in
Swing Valve Cylinder Stroke 6 in
Tine Radius 33 in
Tine Thickness 0.8 in
Tine Thickness V 0.4 in
Tool Diameter 2.8 in
Tooth Radius 41 in
Tooth Thickness 1 in
Tree Diameter Continous Use 5 in
Tree Diameter Intermittent Removal 9 in
Tree Diameter Occasional Removal 12 in
Wheel Diameter 30 in
Working Depth 3.5 in


  • Instead of cables, a chain and sprocket system turns the chute, preventing loose, tangled, and frozen cables and ensuring maximum uptime protection.
  • Remove snow from roads, walkways, and parking lots.
  • The cutting edge is replaceable to reduce operational expenses.
  • Direct-Drive Hydraulic Motors Provides the necessary working power while decreasing total maintenance costs, prolonging the attachment’s life, and eliminating the requirement for high-wear items like gearboxes, chains, sprockets, and shear pins.
  • Rotating Chute and Deflector: The chute spins up to 276 degrees and the deflector adjusts up or down as needed, directing the snow in any direction and depositing it precisely where it is needed.
  • To clear snow from gravel lots and driveways, anti-skid shoes can be adjusted to scrape pavement clean or higher.

Bobcat SB200 Review

The Bobcat SB200 is a snow blower attachment that’s 72 inches wide and designed to be used with Bobcat skid-steer loaders. People like it because it’s strong, works well, and can clear lots of snow. It’s a good option for contractors, landscapers, and homeowners who need a powerful and dependable snow blower to remove large amounts of snow.

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