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Boho Camper Vans Price: You might recognize the brand nameBoho Camper Vans Price If you’re a huge lover of Shark Tank. Boho Camper Vans scored an investor from the show which means that its Vanlife business is growing!

It’s a unique campervan company… They not only construct custom van conversions to suit the needs of their clients They also lease out pre-built vans to give you the best road journey experience.

Boho Camper Vans was started as a result of the owner’s desire to create a user-friendly and basic experience for people who aren’t aware of how to maintain more complicated systems like RVs. Therefore, their customers can simply enjoy having a great time… and not worry about caring for the system within the RV.

Boho Camper Van Prices

Vanlife on a Budget – How Much Does a Boho Camper Vans Price Cost?

The cost of the Boho Camper Van will vary depending on whether you’re looking to buy a new van.

On their website, they state that the cost of a buildout could be around $36k. The cost of a van range between $30k and $37k. The total price could be as high as $65-70k.

We know that $70k may not be an ideal “budget” option… However, for the value you’ll get, it’s a bargain!

In comparison to campervans such as those of the Winnebago Revel or Winnebago Travato that both cost more than $172k when new the $70k price is definitely an affordable price.

Additionally, Boho Camper Vans offers the option of financing monthly payments. Find out more information about their financing options here.

Renting a Boho Camper Van

There are a wide variety of van types and constructions now available for rent from Boho Camper Vans. Browse available units for rent here.

They have a location in Tempe, Arizona.

Hiring a Boho Camper van will provide you insider information on the best places to set up camp. In order to give customers with the best possible camping experience, the organisation also provides supplementary road trip itineraries.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Boho Camper Van? 

There is a 3-night minimum rental period and nightly rates at Boho Camper Vans.

A three-night stay is really a four-day excursion… really great

We analysed the rental costs of all the Boho Vans that were offered for three-night stays. Prices for low-roof vehicles start at $574 for a minimum rental period, and $732 for vans with only a high roof.

On a long-term rental, Boho Vans is offering a two-week rental discount!

The cost of the rental includes the 200 miles per day and there is no extra charge for an additional driver.

You may take the vans anywhere in the contiguous United States! You should prepare to return to Tempe following your memorable Boho Vans Road Trip because they do not presently provide one-way trips.

If you want to rent the Boho Van, make your plans a few months in advance because the bulk of their vans are reserved for a few months.

About Boho Camper Vans Price

Their owners David Sodemann and Brett Ellenson developed Boho Camper Vans after renting their own vans to earn an extra source of revenue.

They soon realized an increasing trend in RVers. More travellers were seeking smaller campers that could take them off-road and off-grid.

They decided to create an enterprise of it, and you can visit the Pheonix office in Arizona where they manage a staff of nearly 30. Their team transforms vacant Ram ProMaster vans into all-inclusive campers.

The business is focused on renovating vans designed by Boho to meet the requirements of its new customers. The other half is an agency for renting converted camper vans which Boho provides to the public.


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