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More than a Dozen Nations are Home To Locations of The Fast-Food company Denny’s. The Individual Restaurants May be Branded as “Denny’s Diner,” But The Overall Franchise Simply Goes By “Denny’s.” The nicest Part About This Restaurant Chain Is That You May Eat there at any time of the day or night and have breakfast, lunch, or supper.

Discover more about this fast-casual restaurant business, locate it, learn what they offer, find out when they’re open, and receive coupons on this Denny’s Near Me website.

Denny’s Location Near Me

There are now around 1,700 Denny’s establishments. This fast-casual restaurant chain has locations not only in the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico, But also in the United Arab Emirates, The Philippines, Qatar, New Zealand, Japan, Honduras, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Curacao, El Salvador, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, The United Kingdom, And Canada. The Company’s Headquarters Are In Spartanburg, South Carolina.

If you want to find the closest Denny’s restaurant to you, you should definitely use this map:


Using That Map Appears To Be Rather Simple. Make sure that Google has permission to view your location before doing anything else. You’ll be able to view your location on the map above once you’ve completed that. Additionally, you will see red markings. These symbols stand for various Denny’s restaurants in your area.

If You Want More Information On a Specific Location Of This Chain’s Restaurants Near You, Just Click on the Red pin. Information such as the restaurant name, Address, And Average Rating May Be Viewed in The Little Box in the top left corner of the map. More information, including hours of operation, may be seen by clicking the “View Larger Map” text button.

Denny’s Opening Hours

Franchisees run many Denny’s locations, but it doesn’t exempt them from the chain’s policy that every restaurant remain open at all hours. This is a big part of the chain’s success and why customers keep coming back. Thus, you may assume that any local Denny’s will be open for business regardless of the day of the week or the observance of any particular holiday.

Denny’s Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals

Customers can save a good amount of money at Denny’s by using coupons and other deals. There are many websites whose main purpose is to pass out coupons for different businesses. One clear benefit of using these sites is that you can always be sure that the coupons are valid since they are updated regularly and the old, invalid ones are quickly taken down. Here’s where you can find coupons for Denny’s:

Denny’s Menu

Utilizing coupons and other promotions, Customers May Save a Considerable Amount of Money at Denny’s. There are Several Websites Whose Primary Function is To Provide Coupons For Various Businesses. A Distinct Advantage of Utilising These Sites is That You Can Always Be Certain That The Coupons are Authentic, As they are routinely updated and the outdated, invalid ones are swiftly removed. Here is where you may locate Denny’s coupons:

Denny’s Near Me

Along with the Grand Slamwich, Moons Over My Hammy, and Loaded Breakfast Sandwich, there are three other varieties of breakfast sandwiches and seven different omelette varieties. Yet another factor drawing plenty of customers to Denny’s is the availability of more than a dozen various burgers and sandwiches.

There are also 10 bargain specials, 7 Fit Rare dishes, and kid-friendly meals. Chicken noodle soup, loaded baked potato soup, broccoli and cheddar soup, clam chowder, cranberry apple chicken salad, and prime rib cob salad are also available. Over twelve appetisers and sides. Shakes, soft drinks, iced teas, lemonades, smoothies, juices, milk, and hot beverages are available in plenty. Seven desserts would end the night well (like hot chocolate).

About Denny’s

In 1953, Harold Butler and Richard Jezak built the First Denny’s in Lakewood, California. At that time, It was known as Denny’s Donuts. Six Doughnut Shops Made up the Network in 1956, and Richard Jezak, Who had assisted in founding Denny’s departed the company.

Harold Butler Was So Taken With The Concept of Coffee Shops After That He Converted His Eighth Denny’s Into One. Afterwards, They Rebranded as “Denny’s Coffee Shops” and Expanded Their Hours to Serve Customers Around The Clock. Since then in 1961, The Business Has Operated Under The Name Denny’s.

Denny’s Rapid Expansion Attests To The Success of Their Business Approach. In 1981, Denny’s Had Over A Thousand Locations Across The United States. Although Denny’s sometimes utilised the Sambo’s brand, Much of the company’s expansion came from the purchase of Sambo’s Locations. The chain’s “Grand Slam” Breakfast menu, which debuted in 1977, is still a customer favourite.

The chain also gave birthday lunches from 1990 to 1993. Later, the corporation had to limit complimentary birthday dinners and require documentation of birthdays like a passport, ID card, or driver’s licence. Find the nearest Denny’s and obtain coupons on this website.