HERO Raahii – Electric Rickshaw Price in India, Specifications, Features, Overview

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Hello, Friends!! Are you planning to buy HERO Raahii – Electric Rickshaw? And Do you know about HERO Raahii – Electric Rickshaw Information such as Price List, Key Features, Technical Specifications, etc.?

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HERO Raahii – Electric Rickshaw Price in India

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The Hero Raahii-Electric Rickshaw Price is Rs.1.10 Lakh.

HERO Raahii – Electric Rickshaw Key Features

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  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Mobile charger
  • First Aid Kit
  • Tool Kit
  • Maximum Speed: 25 Km/hr
  • Highest Motor Power of 1000 Watt with Peak Power of 1900 Watt.
  • The perfect motor that takes on flyovers with ease.
  • Heavy-duty suspension ensures high impact absorption even through potholes for a stable and comfortable ride with minimal to no wear and tear.
  • strong Chassis produced with the highest quality materials, the chassis has been Triple Coated and Reinforced with CRC Gussets to provide a strong framework that withstands the test of time and weather.
  • Side curtains provide additional comfort and convenience for passengers while ensuring safety from environmental elements

HERO Raahii – Electric Rickshaw Specifications

HERO Raahii – Electric Rickshaw 2

Motor 1000 Watt | 1900 Watt Peak Power
Max Speed 25 km/hr
Controller BLDC PWM Controller
Charger: 190 V – 250 V
Front 90 | 90 | 12
Rear 90 | 90 | 12 + 1 Spare Wheel
Type Hand Brake + Foot Brake
Front 130 mm
Rear 160 mm
Wheelbase 2205 mm
Turning Radius: Less than 1 Meter
Roof Fibre Reinforced Plastic
Kerb Weight 316 kg
Gross Weight 696 kg
Seating Capacity: 4 + 1

Final Words

I believe the information provided should be sufficient for you to buy or sell this HERO Raahii – Electric Rickshaw, but if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you for visiting our website, and follow me for more information like this. Smile often and be careful, my friends.

HERO Raahii Electric Rickshaw FAQ

What is the maximum speed of e-rickshaw?

The maximum speed of an e-rickshaw is 25 km per hour

What is the life of e-rickshaw battery?

The life of the e-rickshaw battery is six to twelve months

What battery is used in e-rickshaw?

Lead-Acid Batteries battery used in e-rickshaw

Which motor is used in e-rickshaw?

brushless DC motor used in e-rickshaw


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