Husqvarna 525lst Review, Specification & Price 2022

You might have seen us lately and know that we had the opportunity to test the Best string trimmers.

To determine which products offered the most power, fuel economy, and ergonomics, we ran a series on each product to test their value, features, and price.

We chose the Husqvarna 525LST for our shortlist. It really stood out from the rest.

Husqvarna has been producing high-quality OPE for a while, so the final place of this trimmer in our shootout wasn’t surprising.

It produced a lot of torque, which allowed for quick cuts and a host of other great features.

Husqvarna 525lst

Husqvarna 525lst Review

Do you enjoy holding the power of your hands when cutting grass? The Husqvarna 525Lst is a great choice for strength and efficiency and is sure to draw all the interest of any homeowner or professional like it did my attention.

The features, comparisons, and specifications are things to consider in determining if the Husqvarna 525Lst is what you’re searching for in the string trimmers.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Strong string trimmer
  • Quick and easy to start
  • Easy to use, comfortable, and operate
  • There is an option to use the attachment of a scissor gear for cutting brushes as well as large grassy areas.
  • Low vibration thanks to the rubber isolation of the handle
  • It’s more sustainable for the environment, with a reduction of emissions of 60 percent and can save 20 percent on fuel costs by using the high-efficiency XTorq motor.
  • Specific programs can be put in the place, including special discounts offered to commercial fleets that utilize Husqvarna products. If you want, there’s also a Husqvarna sweepstake for customers to enter to win a battery.
  • A great warranty for commercial customers
  • Three different options to select from
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Although weight is not an indicator of the ergonomics of any tool, string trimmers are lighter than most other tools.

Although a 15-pound string trimmer is not a major issue on the first lawn, you will feel the difference by the eighth.

Husqvarna makes a lightweight trimmer. With fuel in the tank, the 525LST weighs 10.36 lbs with no string.

This string trimmer was the lightest we tried. Based on this fact alone, it should tempt the Pro in some way.

The comfortability of a string trimmer also depends on noise. No one wants to hear tinnitus from their string trimmer, although everyone should have hearing protection.

The Husqvarna 525LST sound levels were measured at the ear and again from 50 feet away. This trimmer registers 98dB(A) at the ear and 74dB(A), 50 ft away.

These measurements were at the top of the pack.

Husqvarna 525lst Price

Husqvarna Price: $399.99

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Husqvarna 525lst Specification


Cutting width 19.3 in


Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 10.36 lbs
Product size length 70.43 in
Product size width 9.53 in
Tube length 58.386 in
Product size height 8.98 in
Tube diameter 0.94 in


Cylinder displacement 1.55 cu.inch
Power output 1.34 hp
Maximum power speed 8,500 rpm
Fuel tank volume 21.98 fl oz
Fuel consumption 600 g/kWh
Idling speed 3,000 rpm
Spark plug Husqvarna HQT-2
Electrode gap 0.03 in
Torque, max. at rpm 6,000 rpm
Torque, max. 1.2 Nm
Clutch engagement speed (±120) 4,000 rpm
Maximum rpm output shaft 5,500 rpm

Husqvarna 525lst Features

  • It features a unique, high-torque bevel gear that allows the trimmer is able to work in a parallel fashion to the ground, resulting in an extremely large swath of capacity and superior cutting performance.
  • Easy to access, standalone starter
  • Robust construction and simple to maintain
  • The entire system is designed to provide you with an uninterrupted and trouble-free experience
  • A powerful, effective trimmer
  • Driveshaft and clutch with heavy-duty construction
  • Comfort handles to make it easy to control
  • The starter and engine were designed to ensure that the machine can be started quickly with the minimum effort
  • The soft-grip handle is easily adjustable to provide optimal relaxation
  • Powerful X-Torq engine technology
  • A dedicated space is available to accommodate the Husqvarna connectivity device that makes it easy to connect to digital services like Husqvarna FleetServices
  • The integrated service port allows connection with Husqvarna Service Hub.
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Additional Highlights

  • It is easy to access chokes and eliminate
  • A stand-alone starter makes switching cords much easier
  • Soft-grip, comfortable, and adjustable with LowVib to lessen vibration
  • Metal skid plates protect the fuel tank and engine
  • The chromium-plated bore of the cylinder
  • Twin-line cutting system
  • Auto-return stop switch is back to its on position for simple startup

Final Words

For those who are loyal to Husqvarna, 525LST is sort of an obvious choice. We know a lot of lawn pros who stick to the brand since their product line is known to perform well and is easily maintained. We think this model will be right into this category.

What’s remarkable with it is that the Husqvarna 525LST is its torque. Basically, this string trimmer is able to handle anything that you would imagine from a pro-level string trimmer.

And it can do it quickly. If you’ve been flimsy about purchasing the Husqvarna line it’s an excellent argument to give it a shot and test the product.