Husqvarna 580bts Price, Specifications & Review 2023

There are several leaf blowers available, but the Husqvarna 580BTS backpack leaf blower will provide you with the performance you need to move mountains of leaves and even other debris.

Husqvarna 580bts Price, Specifications & Review 2022

This is a big, loud, powerful machine with a harness to make moving it around easy. It has some really astounding statistics, including a top airspeed of more than 200 mph.

With the kind of strength a professional needs to quickly clear large areas, this beast is designed for commercial use. Apart from the weight, it has other disadvantages. If you’re interested in learning more, stay reading. We’re going to examine this leaf blower closely to learn more.

Features For Husqvarna 580bts

What we’ve talked about so far takes care of the meat and potatoes. Now let’s shift gears to what makes for a better operator experience. Here are some of the key features we look for:

  • High blowing capacity
  • Commercial grade air filter
  • X-Torq® engine
  • Cruise control
  • Air Injection
  • Ergonomic harness
  • LowVib®

Husqvarna 580bts Price, Specifications & Review 2022

Husqvarna 580bts Price

The Husqvarna 580bts Gas Leaf Blowers Starting Price is $639.99 MSRP when wright this article.

Here is where you can check the price and buy the Husqvarna 580bts Leaf Blowers:

Husqvarna 580bts Leaf Blowers Specification


Cylinder displacement 4.6 cu.inch
Power output 4.59 hp
Maximum power speed 7,450 rpm
Fuel tank volume 87.92 fl oz (US)
Idling speed 2,000 rpm
Electrode gap 0.03 in
Fuel consumption 464 g/kWh


Air flow in housing 1,200 cfm
Air flow in pipe 1,000 cfm
Air speed (round nozzle) 220 mph
Blowing Force 47 N


Weight 26.8 lbs
Product size length 12.76 in
Product size width 20.24 in
Product size height 21.61 in
Tube diameter 3.386 in

Sound and Noise

Sound pressure (15m) 79 dB(A)

Impressive Air Speed and Airflow

What actually matters when it comes to leaf blowers is how well the device can remove leaves and other debris. The 580BTS truly is unbeatable in that regard. This machine produces a significant amount of air at very high speeds

The airflow rate in the pipe will be greater than 900 cubic feet per minute (CFM). This machine generates more than 1,000 CFM of airflow inside the enclosure.

While airflow is the Main Factor in Determining How Much you can move, Airspeed also has an Impact. With An Airspeed of More than 200 miles per hour, This machine is no slouch.

How does it accomplish such remarkable numbers? The powerful 4.59-horsepower engine deserves praise. It has a 4.6cu. inch displacement, which results in an

Husqvarna 580bts Price, Specifications & Review 2022


  • 908 CFM – insane power
  • So will shift anything
  • It will save you time
  • Top class build
  • Very durable
  • Ergonomically very well designed
  • Very comfortable
  • Chest and waist straps distribute weight
  • Vented back
  • Large gas tank
  • See-through gas tank
  • Starts on the first or second pull
  • Easy to maintain and get parts for


  • Burns through gas
  • Kill switch design
  • No step plate
  • Power might pull you around!
  • Loud

Husqvarna 580bts Review

Based on our vast experience working using leaf blowers, we believe we are able to analyze and thoroughly evaluate the Leaf blowers. We recognize that different opinions are also important, however.

We gathered the ideas and viewpoints of numerous other users of this leaf blower in order to share them with you in order to give you the full picture.

Almost Everyone who has used This Computer can Agree that it has more than enough power, Which is the main Point Of Agreement. The majority of customers were astonished by its remarkable capacity to move substantial mounds of moist leaves. Many users even mentioned being able to easily move significant amounts of snow with this blower.

Even yet, we don’t think the user who said it might blow a young child away is overstating things all that much.

This machine was frequently praised for being simple to start. The majority of users claimed that they always, or nearly always, were able to get it to start on the first pull. Though a few people did comment it wasn’t as easy to start in the cold, very few people complained about it being tough to start.

Although this wasn’t a common issue, some users noted that the machine was quite heavy. However, most respondents did concur that it is quite loud. Many people also didn’t like how efficient it was with fuel, citing run times of an hour on a full tank.

Full review YouTube video check here.

Husqvarna 580bts FAQs

What is the Husqvarna 580BTS?

The Husqvarna 580BTS is a backpack leaf blower designed for professional use in landscaping and lawn maintenance.

What is the engine size of the Husqvarna 580BTS?

The Husqvarna 580BTS is powered by a 75.6 cc X-Torq engine, which provides high airspeed and airflow for efficient blowing.

What is the airspeed of the Husqvarna 580BTS?

The Husqvarna 580BTS has an airspeed of up to 206 mph, making it one of the most powerful leaf blowers on the market.

What is the weight of the Husqvarna 580BTS?

The Husqvarna 580BTS weighs 25.8 pounds, but the backpack design distributes the weight evenly for comfortable use.

Does the Husqvarna 580BTS have a harness for comfortable use?

Yes, the Husqvarna 580BTS comes with a comfortable harness that distributes the weight evenly across the user’s back and shoulders.

Can the Husqvarna 580BTS be used for different types of debris?

Yes, the Husqvarna 580BTS is suitable for blowing different types of debris, including leaves, grass clippings, and small twigs.

What kind of fuel does the Husqvarna 580BTS use?

The Husqvarna 580BTS uses a mixture of gasoline and 2-stroke oil, with a recommended ratio of 50:1.

Is the Husqvarna 580BTS easy to start?

Yes, the Husqvarna 580BTS features a Smart Start system that reduces starter cord resistance and makes it easy to start.

Does the Husqvarna 580BTS have an anti-vibration system?

Yes, the Husqvarna 580BTS features an anti-vibration system that reduces operator fatigue and improves comfort during use.

Can the Husqvarna 580BTS be used for commercial applications?

Yes, the Husqvarna 580BTS is designed for professional use and can be used for commercial applications such as landscaping and lawn maintenance.

What is the sound level of the Husqvarna 580BTS?

The Husqvarna 580BTS has a sound level of 106 decibels, which is relatively loud, and ear protection is recommended.

Can the Husqvarna 580BTS be used for large areas?

Yes, the Husqvarna 580BTS is suitable for large areas, thanks to its high airspeed and airflow, which can move debris quickly.

What maintenance does the Husqvarna 580BTS require?

The Husqvarna 580BTS requires regular maintenance, such as cleaning the air filter, replacing the spark plug, and checking the fuel filter.

Husqvarna 580bts Price, Specifications & Review 2022