Husqvarna lgt2654 Reviews, Specification & Price 2022

Husqvarna LGT2654 features a 0.7L two-cylinder gasoline engine, and a belt-driven hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward or reverse gears.

The Kohler SV735 engine was used in the Husqvarna LGT2654 lawn mower. It is a 0.7L, 725 cm 2, (44.2 cu*in), two-cylinder natural, aspirated gasoline engine.

The cylinder bore measures 3.27 inches and the stroke measures 6.7.0mm (2.64 inches). The engine was capable of producing 26.4 PS (19.4kW; 26.0HP) of maximum power.

Husqvarna LGT2654 has manual steering, an open operator station, and 15.0 Liters (4 US gal.; 3.3 Imp. gal) fuel tank, mid-mount 54in (1,370mm) mower deck with three blades.

Husqvarna lgt2654

Husqvarna lgt2654 Overview

Our LS Series yard tractors are designed for comfort, style, precision, durability, and style. They all have fabricated or reinforced cutting decks and heavy-duty chassis.

These models are ideal for heavy-duty, extended use in many applications thanks to the availability of mulch kits, grass baggers, and other attachments.

Locking rear differentials increase traction when cutting wet grass and on slopes.

Husqvarna lgt2654 Review

Husqvarna products have a reputation for being both affordable and effective. The Husqvarna LGT2654 doesn’t disappoint.

The garden tractor has many advantages, but also some drawbacks that make it a worthwhile purchase.

You can mow your lawn in half the time with the tractor’s 54-inch blades. The tractor’s 54-inch blades are what attract buyers to this sturdy machine.

You’ll be amazed at how the Husq garden mower cuts through long grasses from the very first cut. The mower can cut through any type of grass. The mower also mulches well.

The Koehler motor allows for more power and a better mowing experience on the hill.

Husqvarna LGT2654 features very large rear tires. This gives you a better grip when driving through the garden.

You don’t need to worry about your tires cutting into the lawn. The tires are wider than normal and may soak wet but they make it easy to drive the lawn.

This garden is very easy to use. It takes only a few minutes to get the hang of it. Its simple controls are what I think explain its simplicity.

You’ll be able to see that the brake pedals are located above your feet. It might take some time to get used it but you will be able to use it within minutes.

Some reviewers found the chair’s backrest to be too straight and uncomfortable. After a few hours of driving the chair around, you will get used to it.

Because the chair has springs underneath, it is comfortable and will make your driving experience smooth.

The “straight” backrest will quickly be forgotten. You won’t feel the bumps or bounces while you drive through small hills and pits.

Its amazing engineering details are worth noticing. Its hydrostatic transmission is so amazing that you don’t need to stop to change speed.

This reduces the time it takes to change speed. The mower was designed by engineers and designers to make it easier to use. You can remove the deck by simply removing the clips.

It is also easy to adjust the deck’s height.

Because this tractor has plenty of leg space, tall people will have no trouble riding it around. The Husqvarna 54′” mower has additional features that are worth mentioning.

The tractor is protected from damage by a sturdy bumper at its front. The front headlines make it ideal for sundown mowing.


  • Its amazing engineering details deserve to be appreciated
  • Its hydrostatic transmission works well
  • This mower is easier to use, as you can remove the deck by simply removing the clips.


  • Fender mount transmission. It has received mixed reviews from some reviewers.
  • There are some grumbles about the center blade assembly
  • Because of their 54-inch size, some users are in a quandary about whether a fabricated deck is necessary.

Husqvarna lgt2654 Features

  • Powerful 762cc / 26HP Kohler V-Twin engine.
  • Hydrostatic transmission: The fender-mounted lever controls the speed and direction.
  • The control panel has a switch that allows you to engage the cutting blade with a simple pull.
  • It is easy to mount or dismount with the step-through seating area
  • It is easy to adjust the cutting height using the spring-assisted lever mounted on the fender.
  • Comfortable adjustable high back 15-inch seat.
  • The ergonomic steering wheel.
  • Air Induction Mowing Technology to achieve the best cut.
  • It is easy to wash the underside by attaching your Hose to the Wash Port.
  • Hour meter with service reminder.
  • Headlights.

Husqvarna lgt2654 Specification

General Specifications

Model Husqvarna LGT2654
Length 1,790 mm (70.5 in)
Width 1,440 mm (56.7 in)
Height 1,070 mm (42.1 in)
Wheelbase 1,210 mm (47.6 in)
Weight 248 kg (547 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity 15.0 liters (4 US gal.; 3.3 Imp. gal)
Battery 12V, CCA: 230A, Group U1R
Cabin type Open operator station


Engine model Kohler SV735
Engine type Four-stroke, air-cooled, inline
Cylinders 2
Fuel type Gasoline
Displacement 0.7 L, 725 cm2, (44.2 cu·in)
Bore and stroke 83.0 mm X 67.0 mm (3.27 in X 2.64 in)
Horsepower 26.4 PS (19.4 kW; 26.0 HP)
Starter Electric
Oil Capacity 1.9 L (2.01 US. qt, 1.67 Imp. qt.)
Oil change interval 50h
Spark plug Champion RC12YC
Spark plug gap 0.76 mm (0.030 in)

Transmission and chassis

Chassis 4×2 2WD
Steering type Manual
Transmission model Tuff Torq K46
Transmission type Belt-driven hydrostatic
Gears Infinite forward and reverse
Speed Forward: 8.4 kmh (5.2 mph) Reverse: 4.7 (2.9 mph)


Front tires Lawn/turf: 16.5×6.5-8
Rear tires Lawn/turf: 22×9.5-12

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Middle PTO type Independent with electric clutch
Middle PTO spped

Husqvarna lgt2654 Attachments

54″ Mower deck

Type mid-mount Husqvarna
Cutting width 54 inches
137 cm
Overall width 67.5 inches
171 cm
Cut height 1.5 to 4 inch
3 to 10 cm
Cut positions 7


We all love to mow our lawns and gardens at 4 inches or higher. This tractor is able to do exactly that.

The 54-inch tractor will cut down your mowing time by half and allow you to enjoy its amazing maneuverability.