Husqvarna st224p Review, Specification & Price ❤

Although husqvarna is Not The first name that comes to mind when thinking About Snowblowers They Have built a great variety Of options for The consumer.

Husqvarna ST224

Husqvarna ST224p Overview

The Husqvarna ST224p is specifically designed to clear heavy snow. It’s the ideal snow blower to have if you reside near a place where snowstorms are regular year after year. 

It comes with the capacity of a 24” Clearing width as well as an intake height Of 23 inches. The machine is capable of processing many tons of snow within a relatively short duration Of time using its 808cc husqvarna engine.

Dependable 208cc 4-cycle Engine

A 4-cycle engine 208cc powers the ST224P and generates 6.3HP which is more than enough to run a small two-stage. It can handle 14-16 inches of light snow and 10 inches of snow that is heavier. 

12-inch Steel Auger

The husqvarna ST224p can throw a lot of snow, with a clearing width Of 24 inches and a depth of 23 inches. A small quantity of 14-16 inches is ideal here. however, I’ve Heard that when drift cutters are hooked to the, it May take more than 2 feet. ribbon augers may perform a Great job of removing snow from the ground.

Husqvarna ST224p Review

Built to handle The Most difficult snow in The Harshest of Conditions. Its Husqvarna ST224p is a feat of engineering because it can take on everything your throw it at. It is self-propelled and has heated handles that keep your hands warm even when the temperatures are Frigid.

Husqvarna has a reputation for high quality. In the realm of power equipment, the husqvarna brand should be first on your shopping list. If you’re unsure of which brand of product to buy simply go for husqvarna and it’s the best investment you can Make.

It’s true that I’m not employed by husqvarna but you cannot argue with a Company That has been in existence since 1689. This isn’t a mistake. husqvarna has been in existence for over 325 Years.

Review Summary

Husqvarna ST224P is intended For homeowners who have a large number of hard surfaces That must be Maintained Clean of snow. It has a lot of Power and easy handling owing to the multiple speed levels and even Power steering.

It Outperforms other low visibility Work Lights Due to its Smart design. Husqvarna goods are well regarded. This machine is ideal for homeowners In locations with a range of snow kinds and uncommon significant snow storms (18″+).

Husqvarna st224p Features

Starting Method Recoil and Electric
Speed/s  6 Forward and 1 Reverse
Power Steering Yes
Chute adjustment Remote (180° turning radius)
Headlight Yes (2 LED)
Heated handgrips Yes

Husqvarna ST224p Specification

Weight 196.6 lbs
Blower type Two-stage
Working width 24 inch
Auger diameter 30.5 cm / 12 “
Number of impeller blades 3
Engine manufacturer LCT
Cylinder displacement 208 cc
Net power at preset rpm 4.7 kW @ 3600 rpm
Horsepower 6.3 hp / 4.7 kW
Gross Torque    9.5 lb-ft
Fuel tank volume (with reserve)  0.69 gal.
Transmission type Friction  Disc
Transmission steps forward 6
Transmission steps reverse  1
Tire size 380 mm / 15 “
Handle height adjustment 4 steps
Base machine, length  58.5 inch
Base machine, width  24 inch
Base machine, height  40.5 inch
Sound pressure level at operators ear  88.4 dB(A)
Sound power level, measured  99 dB(A)
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)  105 dB(A)
Vibrations handle  5.74 m/s²


In terms of dependability, the majority of husqvarna components are long-lasting. Their engines are well known for their long-term dependability. The belt on this model snapped due to a flaw. This was fixed in their 2015 model. Be aware of this if you’re reading prior reviews on this model.

Husqvarna Manufactures the same Motorcycle but Without Power Steering and at The same price (about 100 dollars). The model is known as the ST224 (Note that The letter P has been added to indicate the Power steering).

I’d suggest it to physically healthy younger folks looking to Save Money. In any event I feel the power steering expenditure is well worth it in the long run. this is Especially true given that this model is significantly bigger and heavier than comparable 24 inch variants.

Husqvarna st224p FAQs

What is the engine power of Husqvarna ST224p?

Husqvarna ST224p is powered by a 208cc Husqvarna engine, which provides ample power for clearing heavy snow.

What is the clearing width of Husqvarna ST224p?

The clearing width of Husqvarna ST224p is 24 inches, which allows for efficient clearing of large areas.

Does Husqvarna ST224p have a two-stage system?

Yes, Husqvarna ST224p features a two-stage system, which includes an auger that breaks up snow and a fan that blows it out of the chute.

What is the throwing distance of Husqvarna ST224p?

The throwing distance of Husqvarna ST224p is up to 30 feet, which allows for the efficient clearing of large areas.

Does Husqvarna ST224p have heated handles?

Yes, Husqvarna ST224p features heated handles, which provide added comfort during cold weather use.

Does Husqvarna ST224p have power steering?

Yes, Husqvarna ST224p features power steering, which makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Husqvarna ST224p?

The fuel tank capacity of Husqvarna ST224p is 0.71 gallons, which allows for longer run times between refueling.

Does Husqvarna ST224p have LED headlights?

Yes, Husqvarna ST224p features LED headlights, which provide added visibility during low-light conditions.

What type of tires does Husqvarna ST224p have?

Husqvarna ST224p features large, heavy-duty tires with aggressive treads, which provide excellent traction in snowy conditions.

Can Husqvarna ST224p handle wet snow?

Yes, Husqvarna ST224p is designed to handle wet snow with ease thanks to its powerful engine and efficient two-stage system.

Is Husqvarna ST224p easy to operate?

Yes, Husqvarna ST224p is designed for easy operation with intuitive controls and easy-access maintenance points.

What is the warranty period of Husqvarna ST224p?

Husqvarna ST224p comes with a 3-year limited warranty for personal use or a 1-year warranty for commercial use.

Can Husqvarna ST224p be used on gravel surfaces?

Yes, Husqvarna ST224p can be used on gravel surfaces thanks to its adjustable skid shoes, which allow for easy adjustment of the auger height.

Does Husqvarna ST224p have a remote chute deflector and rotation control?

Yes, Husqvarna ST224p features a remote chute deflector and rotation control, which allows for easy adjustment of the snow chute direction and angle.