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Husqvarna yt42dxls: This Husqvarna Lawn Tractor is capable of covering big areas while providing a comfortable ride. The gearbox is hydrostatic and has selectable forward and reverse speeds.

Additionally, you may utilize the pedal-operated locking differential to increase traction on steep slopes and damp grass. Alternatively, you may establish a consistent speed with cruise control.

All-day comfort is provided by the chair’s high back, step-through design, and headlamps. Using the fender-mounted height adjuster, you can also pick between six various cutting heights ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches.

Husqvarna yt42dxls


Husqvarna yt42dxls Features

25HP/725cc Kohler KT740 V-Twin 4-Cycle OHV Engine

  • The Kohler KT740 is a V-twin engine with a 725cc displacement. It has a 25-horsepower output and is designed with an overhead valve (OHV). This engine is typically used in lawn and garden machinery such as riding mowers and mini tractors. For increased durability, it has a cast iron cylinder liner and a heavy-duty crankshaft.
  • The KT740 also includes an oil cooler to assist extend engine life. Is there anything more you want to know about this engine?

Feel The Differential

Differentials are mechanical components utilized in the drivetrains of automobiles, trucks, and tractors. It permits the vehicle’s drive wheels to rotate at different speeds, which is required for turning. Traditional rear-wheel drive vehicles connect the drive wheels to the drivetrain via a differential.

The inside wheel must travel a shorter distance than the outside wheel when the vehicle turns. If the wheels were locked together and incapable of rotating at different speeds, the inside wheel would drag and the vehicle would be unable to turn smoothly.

Differential action describes how the differential permits the wheels to rotate at various speeds. The gears within the differential are configured such that when one wheel slows, the other wheel speeds up, allowing the vehicle to turn smoothly.

Therefore, “Feeling the Differential” refers to the sensation of the drivetrain allowing the wheels to rotate at various speeds and maintaining the vehicle’s stability and control throughout a turn.

Some automobiles, particularly older ones or certain four-wheel drive vehicles, may be able to “feel the differential” if something is wrong with a mechanical component or if you are exceeding the vehicle’s limits during extreme driving circumstances or in bad weather.

Top Notch Tuff Torq® K46 Transmission

1. Research the Tuff Torq® K46 transmission: Start by studying the Tuff Torq® K46 online. Search for reviews, specs, and more.

2. Compare the K46 to comparable transmissions to identify its pros and cons.

3. Review and comprehend the K46 installation process.

4. Compare the K46’s cost to similar transmissions.

5. Consider Top Notch’s K46 warranty. Consider whether the warranty is enough.

42-Inch, Fabricated (Welded) Steel 2-Blade Mower Deck

The purpose of this item is to add yard boundaries through landscaping. Cast iron housings for the blade spindles and 10-gauge Clear Cut(TM) powder-coated steel are used in its construction. It is perfect for use in yard barriers because of its strength and longevity.

Husqvarna yt42dxls Specification


Engine Brand Kohler
Displacement(cc) 725cc
Fuel Capacity 3 gallons
Power 25 HP
Cylinders 2

Drive System

Drive Type Hydrostatic
Speed Forward (min, max) 0-5.5 mph
Speed Reverse (min, max) 0-2.4 mph
Wheel Height (front/rear) 15 X 6 inches, 20 X 10 inches

Cutting Deck

Cutting Deck Material Steel
Cutting Width 42 inches
Cutting Methods Collect/Side discharge/Mulch
Cutting Height Steps 6
Blades 2
Deck Lift System Manual
Cutting Height (min-max) 1.5-4 inches


Seat Back Height high
Lights Headlights
Hour Meter yes


Length (in.) 69.25 inches
Width (in.) 43.5 (chute up)
56.6 (chute down)
Height (in.) 45 inches
Weight (lbs.) 560 lbs.


Residential Warranty 3 years

Drive System

Transmission Type Tuff Torq

Cutting Deck

Cutting Deck Type Fabricated

Husqvarna yt42dxls Price

Price: $1,929.00


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