Husqvarna z560 Review, Specification & Price 2023

Is Husqvarna Z560 Zero Turn Mower a powerful robust powerhouse that is designed to boost commercial mowing efficiency as well as performance to the top of the line?

Prepare to propel your productivity and your business to a high level of efficiency. You can rely on this mower for the long haul because it is constructed to resist the abuse of constant mowing.

With a powerful Yamaha engine and easy-to-serviceability, you can also count on lower downtime.

It is part of the Husqvarna Z500 zero-turn series, the Z560 is designed to be comfortable, with the most cushioned seating and an easy ride that will bring you returning to your vehicle after a long day at work regardless of what the terrain can throw at you.

Hills. Dips. Dives. Bumps. Uneven terrain. It has incredible traction, allowing you to move through any obstacle without falling off or slowing.

You can cover more ground in less time, With speeds of up to 10 Miles Per Hour. Cut crazy quickly, and then move on to get the job completed.

Husqvarna z560

Product Highlights

Premium seat

Cushions with firm bolstering give you all-day comfort while protecting your legs and back from pain and aches. The sturdy double-tone vinyl covers are able to be replaced in case of damage.

Automatic parking brake

The Z500-series comes with a brand-new parking brake that is patent-pending and automatically turns off or activates as you move the levers of the steering to the left or right.

Large fuel capacity

It’s time to fill it up. This machine holds twelve gallons fuel that can be used for cutting all day long.

LED fuel gauge

Be aware of the amount of fuel left by using an automotive-style led fuel gauge. It’ll also notify you when your tank is empty.

Husqvarna z560

The product is a little scratch that is less than 3 inches across the deck. The product has never been utilized in any way and still comes with an entire warranty by the manufacturer.

The product has not been used to cut grass or given to any person prior to it being sold to you. This product doesn’t have any bends, dents, or breaks.

Husqvarna z560 Features

  • Kawasaki FX801V Engine
  • The engine is equipped with 25.5 gross HP.
  • Tanks for fuel have a capacity of 12 gallon
  • up to 12 mph in the forward direction speed and 6 miles reverse
  • 60″ Fabricated cutting deck
  • 1.0″ from 5.0″ Cutting height
  • Grease-able spindles made of cast aluminum
  • Deck lifts operated by foot
  • Dimensions and drive train for lawnmowers.
  • Back tires measure 24 x 12″ in dimension.
  • Front caster tires measure 13x 6.5-6″
  • Hydro-Gear ZT4400 Transmission

Husqvarna z560 Price

Huqvarna z560 price is $10,399.95

Husqvarna z560 Specification


Productivity 5.8 acres/hr
Speed forward max 12 mph
Speed forward min 0 mph

Cutting Deck

Cutting width 60 in
Cutting deck type 7-gauge fabricated
Cutting methods Collect/Mulch/Side discharge
Cutting deck material Steel
Deck thickness 7 gauge
Cutting height steps 16
Blade engagement Electric clutch
Clutch rating 250
Blades 3 pcs
Blade-tip speed 18,500 fpm
Anti-scalp wheels 6
Nose roller No
Deck lifting system Manual, hand operated
Powder-coated cutting deck Yes
Spindle/mandrel type Cast iron
Greasable mandrels Yes
Deck Wash Port No
Cutting height, min (approximate) 1 in
Cutting height, max (approximate) 5 in


Base machine, length 81 in
Base machine, height 46 in
Base machine, width (chute down) 74 in
Base machine, width (chute up) 63.75 in
Weight 1,309 lbs
Base machine, height (ROPS down) 46 in
Base machine, height (ROPS up) 73 in
Tire size, front Width 6 in
Tire size, front Diameter 13 in
Tire size, front Diameter wheel 6.5 in

Drive System

Transmission type Hydrostatic
Transmission manufacturer Hydro-Gear
Pump displacement 16 cm³
Fan-cooled pumps Yes


Motor/engine manufacturer Kawasaki
Engine name FX Series
Power output 31 hp
Cylinder displacement 61 cu.inch
Cylinders 2
Engine cooling Air
Air filter type Heavy-Duty Canister Style
Power/fuel type Gasoline
Engine lubrication type Full pressure with oil filter
Oil filter Yes
Fuel tank volume (with reserve) 12 gal (US)
Fuel tank location Side (Dual)


Seat material Vinyl
Seat spring Yes
Seat back height High
Hour meter type Yes
Cup holder Yes
Hinged armrests Standard
Seat type Premium, suspension

Its Husqvarna Z500 series zero-turn mower is the most advanced design focused on durability, productivity, and cutting quality.

Offering extreme comfort, high speeds on the ground and greater traction contribute to an outstanding mowing performance.

The industrial strength of the design ensures an extended and durable maintenance life for commercial mowers. The careful design process ensures unbeatable ease of serviceability.

Husqvarna z560 – FAQs

What is the Husqvarna Z560?

The Husqvarna Z560 is a professional-grade zero-turn riding lawn mower designed for heavy-duty commercial use.

What type of engine does the Husqvarna Z560 have?

The Husqvarna Z560 is powered by a Kawasaki FX Series V-Twin engine.

What is the cutting width of the Husqvarna Z560?

The cutting width of the Husqvarna Z560 is 60 inches.

What is the cutting height range of the Husqvarna Z560?

The cutting height range of the Husqvarna Z560 is 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

Does the Husqvarna Z560 have a hydrostatic transmission?

Yes, the Husqvarna Z560 features a commercial-grade hydrostatic transmission for smooth and precise control.

Does the Husqvarna Z560 have a high-back seat?

Yes, the Husqvarna Z560 features a premium high-back seat with armrests for comfortable operation.

What is the fuel tank capacity of the Husqvarna Z560?

The fuel tank capacity of the Husqvarna Z560 is 13.4 gallons.

Is the Husqvarna Z560 compatible with bagging and mulching attachments?

Yes, the Husqvarna Z560 is compatible with both bagging and mulching attachments for versatile grass disposal options.

Does the Husqvarna Z560 have a roll-over protection system (ROPS)?

Yes, the Husqvarna Z560 features a foldable ROPS for improved operator safety.

Is the Husqvarna Z560 suitable for uneven terrain?

Yes, the Husqvarna Z560 features a heavy-duty fabricated deck and large wheels for smooth operation on uneven terrain.

Does the Husqvarna Z560 have a warranty?

Yes, the Husqvarna Z560 comes with a 4-year limited warranty.

Can the cutting deck be easily adjusted on the Husqvarna Z560?

Yes, the cutting deck on the Husqvarna Z560 can be easily adjusted with a foot pedal for quick and precise cutting height changes.

What is the maximum speed of the Husqvarna Z560?

The Husqvarna Z560 has a maximum speed of 10 mph.

Does the Husqvarna Z560 have headlights?

Yes, the Husqvarna Z560 features bright LED headlights for improved visibility during early morning or late evening mowing sessions.