John Deere 1025R Problems And Their Solutions

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John Deere 1025R Problems

John Deere 1025R Problems And Their Solutions

(1) John Deere 1025R Starting problem

To figure out why the car won’t start, you first need to check the battery. Disconnect the opposing end of the battery for 20 minutes, then turn it back on. It could help the JD 1025R get going.

If the battery is fine, try turning off the PTO switch to see if the JD tractor will start. If this doesn’t work, move the selector to a different spot and try again.

And if the problem is clogged filters, you might be able to fix it by using a brush to clean the clogged parts.

(2) John Deere 1025R Rockshaft Problem

To lift cultivators, the rock shaft turns half a turn. When snap rings are loose or fall off, they can move the rock shaft. If the rock shaft falls off, the lift arms are also hurt.

The cost of replacing the rock shaft might be a little high, but it is best to have a professional or a mechanic do it. Because this is a dangerous job that won’t work right if it’s not done right.

(3) John Deere 1025R Electrical problems

If the headlights on your John Deere tractor don’t work, there may be a problem with how it is wired. The cranking motor on the JD 1025R tractor turns the energy in the batteries into mechanical energy by using electricity.

So, the tractor can’t be used when there is an electrical problem.


Tractors have electrical problems when their connections are loose or have bad batteries. So, you can try taking the battery out or getting new wires.

(4) John Deere 1025R Brake problems

If the brakes on your JD tractor make a squeaking sound or feel spongy, then something is wrong with them. Problems with the brakes are terrible.

If it isn’t fixed as soon as possible, it could cause an accident. Most of the time, this is caused by a brake leak.

You need to get new brakes and check how the brakes and clutches connect.

(5) John Deere 1025R Hydraulic problems

When your tractor’s hydraulics aren’t working right, you’ll be able to tell immediately. The broken hydraulic could make a lot of noise, get too hot, and move slowly. You could also have problems with clogged filters, burning fluid, or the wrong kind of hydraulic fluid.

The clogged filter should be cleaned often. Check for leaks and fix them if you find any. Also, make sure the amount of fluid in the tank is correct.

(6) John Deere 1025r Transmission Problems

Some people had the same problem when they had issues with their Z445 John Deere. Problems with the transmission can be so bad that the machine won’t move, even if the engine is running.

The good news is that you don’t have to hire a mechanic. Instead, you can fix the problem yourself. Well, that makes sense.

The problems with the transmission could be caused by the following;

  • Transmission oil low – The oil level is low when it is below the minimum level. You can fix that by putting in more oil.
  • Transmission oil cold –  The transmission oil needs to be a little warm for it to move better. So, if it’s cold outside, you should wait a few minutes for the oil to warm up.
  • Neutral shift lever position – The shift lever should be in either the high range or the low range. So, check to see if it is in the right place.

(7) John Deere 1025R PTO problems

Problems with the PTO clutch could be caused by a blown fuse, a wrong installation, or harmful use by the owner. It can also happen if the hoses or fittings are clogged, connections or ground are bad, or the solenoid is broken.

You can change the brakes on the PTO and clean the hoses. Check again before you put the fittings and connection in place.

You can hire a mechanic to fix the problem if you want to. Also, maintain and troubleshoot your John Deere 1025R tractor regularly to prevent issues.

John Deere 1025R FAQs


(1) How many hours will a John Deere diesel tractor last?

Keeping your tractor in good shape won’t need much-unplanned downtime before or after the mowing season. A small diesel-powered John Deere tractor usually lasts between 6,000 and 8,000 hours. The same is true for JD tractors with gas engines. On average, that’s between 6,000 and 8,000 hours.

(2) Are John Deere tractors any good?

John Deere tractors are some of the most dependable and long-lasting in the world. Some people even say that these tractors are the most reliable. Consumers’ opinions of a brand are essential, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be problems.

(3) Where are John Deere tractors made?

John Deere is made in America. The main office of the company is in Moline, Illinois. The company still makes different tractors in four US states: Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, and Wisconsin.


John Deere is one of the best tractor brands on the market, even though it has had some problems. And the same goes for other brands. So, I don’t think that choosing the John Deere 1025R tractor was mistaken.