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John Deere 318g

John Deere 318g Price

John Deere 318G $51,567.00USD1

John Deere 318g Width

John Deere 318g width is 1.6m

John Deere 318g Lift Capacity

John Deere 318g lift capacity is 883 kg

John Deere 318g Horsepower

John Deere 318g engine produces a 45600 Watts / (45.6 kW) c

John Deere 318g Weight

John Deere 318g weight is 6,542 lb.

John Deere 318g Key Fact

  • Rated Operating Capacity: 883 kg (1,945 lb.)
  • Gross Horsepower: 48.5 kW (65 hp)
  • Net Horsepower: 45.6 kW (61 hp)
  • Operating Weight: 2970 kg (6,542 lb.)

John Deere 318g Features

  • John Deere has a wide range of attachments that can make your machine more useful.
  • The updated, large cab gives you all-day comfort and makes it easy to do your job.
  • With EH Controls, you can get more done.
  • Small frame machines are easy to move, so they can do good work in tight spaces.
  • Features that make it easier to move on and between job sites.


The swing-out rear door makes it easy to get to daily service checkpoints and cooling system parts from the ground.

Both the hinged back door and the hydraulic cooler swing open, making it easy to get rid of trash and clean out the core.

Spin-on oil and fuel filters are mounted behind the back door and can be changed quickly.


This skid steer is easy to pull behind a pickup truck because it weighs 6,542 pounds and has tie-downs in the front and back.

The two-speed option gives you faster transport speeds, which can help you get more done.

Cab & Controls

Optional joystick controls, air conditioning, and ride control give this higher-performance model’s cab the comforts that operators are used to.

An option for LED side lighting makes it even easier to see from all sides.

The optional rearview camera lets the operator see what’s going on behind the machine on the job site.


The EU Stage IV/Final Tier 4 (FT4) diesel engine has a lot of power and torque.

With auxiliary flow rates, you can use a wider range of attachments.

Large coolers get rid of more heat, so they can keep working even in harsh, high-load situations. A belt-driven cooling fan attached to the engine works well and reliably.

John Deere 318g Specs


Lift Geometry Vertical
Fleet Management Yes
Precision Guidance No
Proximity Guidance No


Engine Manufacturer Yanmar
Engine Model 4TNV86CHT
Emission Rating Tier 4 / Stage IV
Aspiration Turbo
Displacement, ltr (Inches³) 2.1 (128)
Rated Speed, rpm 2600
SAE Net Power, kW (hp) 45.6 (61)
SAE Gross Power, kW (hp) 48.5 (65)
Max. Gross Torque, Nm (lbf / ft) 207 (153)
Drive Chain Rating [ANSI] 80 – HD
Tire size – Standard 10 – 16.5


Length – No Bucket, mm (inches) 2630 (103)
Length – With Bucket Foundry, mm (inches) 3240 (127.6)
Width – No Bucket, mm (inches) 1600 (62.9)
Overall Height, mm (inches) 1960 (77.2)
Ground Clearance, mm (inches) 180 (7)
Wheelbase, mm (inches) 1050 (41.5)
Rear Departure Angle, Degrees 22.3
Height to Hinge Pin, mm (inches) 3050 (120)
Dump Angle, Degrees 42
Dump Height – Maximum Foundry, mm (inches) 2400 (94.3)
Reach – Max Dump Height Foundry, mm (inches) 860 (34)
Rollback – Ground Level, Degrees 30


Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 71 (19)


Rated Operating Capacity – Foundry, kg (lbs) 883 (1945)
Tipping Load – Foundry, kg (lbs) 1766 (3890)
Axle Torque – Maximum, Nm (lbf / ft) 6459 (4764)
Speed – Maximum, kph (mph) 11.1 (6.9)
Speed – Maximum Option, kph (mph) 16.3 (10.1)
Breakout – Lift Foundry, kN (lbf) 23.3 (5250)
Breakout – Bucket Foundry, kN (lbf) 26.6 (6000)
Hydraulic Power, kW (hp) 24.729 (33.1)
Pump Output, lt/min (gallons (US) / min) 63 (17)
System Pressure, bar (PSI) 237.87 (3450)


Operating Weight – Foundry, kg (lbs) 2970 (6542)

John Deere 318g Reviews Video

John Deere 318g Attachments

  • Augers & Trenchers
  • Brooms
  • Cutters, Shredders, & Mulchers
  • Hammers


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John Deere 318g FAQ

How much can a John Deere 318g lift?

John Deere 318g Rated Operating Capacity – Foundry, kg (lbs) is 883 (1945) and Breakout – Lift Foundry, kN (lbf) is 23.3 (5250)

How much does a John Deere 318g weight?

John Deere 318g width is 1.6m

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