John Deere Agroman 5036C 35 HP Tractor Price, Specs & Features 2022

John Deere Agroman 5036C (35 HP) Price, Specs, Review, Features, Images

John Deere Agroman 5036C (35 HP) Price Specs Details & Reviews

Hello Deere Lovers, are you planning to buy a suitable tractor for a small area land like 4 to 6-acre land, then, let me tell you that, today, I am here with an article detailing new tractor the John Deere Agroman 5036C.

In this article, you can check about Price, Specifications, features, engine details, manual, attachments, transmission, hydraulic system, brakes, wheels and tires, dimensions and weight, accessories, etc details of John Deere Agroman 5036C with Price.

So, let us join with me and learn all quick facts about the new Agroman tractor, 5036 C, 35 Hp tractor from John Deere.

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John Deere Agroman 5036C (35 HP) – Parts & Specification

It is the shortest powered tractor from its manufacturer with a maximum power output of 35 HP. However, it is the #Best tractor for those small growers, who possess only small land for farming and work, about less than 3 to 4 acres land.

The 5036C tractor from John Deere is loaded with 35 HP engine having 2100 RPM engine to keep you smiling even during the longest days. Especially, the engine power & hydraulic capacity to take on hard-to-handle chores.

John Deere 5036C 35 HP Tractor – Key Features & Quick Facts

Check out all key features of 5026 C tractor from the Deere’s.

  • 2 WD, 4 Stroke, 35 HP and 3 cylinders power engine.
  • High fuel tank capacity of 45 Liters.Coolant Cooled.
  • Lifting capacity of 1100 kg at the lower link ends.
  • 8 Forward with 2 Reverse gears in the Collarshift gearbox.
  • Single Plate Dry type Twin Plate and Wet Clutch transmission system.
  • Manual and power Steering with Oil Immersed Braking system.
  • Draft Control 3 point hitch.
  • Coolant based Cooling system.
  • Canopy, Canopy Holder, Bumper, Drawbar, Tow Hook, Mechanical QRL (Quick Raise and Lower) and Wagon Hitch as additional accessories.
  • Rollover protection system (ROPS), Adjustable front axle with a deluxe seat and seat belt.

John Deere 5036C Tractor – Parts, Specifications, & Attachment Details

John Deere Agroman 5036C (35 HP) Price Specs

Check out all the parts details including Engine, transmission system, electrical system, fuel tank capacity, lifting capacity, weight and dimension details in the following table: –

5036C Engine
Drive 2 WD
Engine 4-Stroke
Horse Power 35 HP
Number of Cylinders 3
Rated RPM 2100
Air Cleaner Dry
Colling System Dry Type, Coolant Cooled With Overflow reservoir
5036C Transmission
Clutch Single Plate Dry
Twin Plate Wet Clutch
Gearbox 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
No of Splines 6
Brakes Oil Immersed Brakes
Steering Type Power/ Manual Steering
5036C Hydraulic System
Lifting Capacity 1100 KG at lower link ends
3 point linkage category 2 Automatic Depth & Draft Control
5036C Dimension and weight
Total Weight 1730 KG
Wheel Base 1870 mm
Overall Length 2825 mm
Overall Width 1740 mm
Ground Clearance 375 mm
Turning Radius With Brakes 2815 mm
5036C Fuel Tank & Electrical System details
Fuel Tank Capacity 45 Liters
Battery 88 Ah,12 Volt Battery,40 Amp Alternator
Starter Motor 2.5 KW

John Deere Agroman 5036 C Reviews & Manual Details

The 5036 C 35hp utility tractor is manufactured by the world’s largest tractor manufacturing company, The John Deere Tractors. In fact, They made this tractor in such a way that it is considered as the best for those small farmers with minimum investment.

John Deere Agroman 5036C (35 HP) Price

The 5036 C has a 4-stroke Engine, with 35hp engine power and 3 cylinders. It is also loaded with Coolant based cooling system with an overflow receiver. which offers a great performance for heavy-duty work on long hours working.

Its Transmission system is featured with single plate clutch, 8 forward with 2 reverse gears in collar shift gearbox to provide a smoother transmission during the long working hours. It is also loaded with oil-immersed braking system to offers a great riding experience to the controller. In fact, all these featured combinedly provide a great performance control to the driver with great working efficiency.

When it comes to the steering and driving experience, in this model, there is an availability of both steering, power steering and manual steering. It has large enough tires, which provides less slippage during the working hours on any field operation with better grip.

It is also loaded with number of additional accessories. The addition accessories list includes Canopy, Canopy Holder, Bumper, Drawbar, Mechanical QRL (Quick Raise and Lower) Adjustable front axle, Tow Hook, Wagon Hitch, Rollover protection system (ROPS) with deluxe seat & seat belt. In addition to this, it is also featured with Mobile Charger, Bottle Holder naturally aspirated to offer more ease and comfort to the operator.

John Deere 5036 C 35 HP Tractors Price

$ 4632.00 US Dollar

John Deere is well known for manufacturing the world’s best tractors in their class at a very low value. The price of deere’s 5036C 35 hp tractor is $ 4632.00 US Dollar.

Final Words

So, this is all about John Deere 5036 C 35hp Tractors including Price, specifications, engine details, transmission, electrical system, technical specifications, hydraulic system, key features, brakes, wheels and tires, dimensions and weight, additional accessories etc.

Overall John Deere 5036C 35hp utility tractor is the perfect tractor with lots of additional features with great performance and working experience. The main advantage of purchase this model is, as it offers lots of features at a very low tractor price.

I hope that this post about John Deere Agroman 5036C (35 HP) Specs, Manual, Attachments & Engine Details will be helpful in learning all key specs and features with it 5036C price to buy in the USA. However, if you still have any queries regarding this post or model, then please let us know by commenting below. So, that we can help you.