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 John Deere 85G Specs, Weight, Price, Review, Horsepower, Features

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John Deere 85G Key – Features

  • John Deere 85G Mid-Size Excavator
  • Net Power: 42.4 kW (56.9 hp)
  • Max. Digging Depth: 4.51 m (14 ft. 10 in.)
  • Operating Weight: 8729 kg (19,244 lb.)

85G John Deere Specs, Price Weight, & Review

John Deere 85G Price New

Price: $131,202.00 USD (2022)

John Deere 85G Horsepower

John Deere has an 85G diesel engine that produces: 56.9 HP

John Deere 85G dig depth

The maximum digging depth of is John 85G Deereis 4.51 m (14 ft. 10 in.) 

John Deere 85G Weight 

Operating Weight: 8729 kg (19,244 lb.)

 John Deere 85G Features

☛ Engine

The EPA Stage IV engine FT4/EU utilizes field-tested cooling exhaust gas Recirculation (EGR) to reduce NOX and also an engine particulate filter for diesel and a catalyst for oxidation of diesel to reduce the amount of particulate matter.

The viscous fan constantly adjusts speed in order to provide effective cooling. Reduces the amount of noise and energy consumption also

☛ Controls

Ergonomic, short-throw pilot levers give you more control with less effort.

☛ Productivity

The engine’s performance and the flow of hydraulic fluid are perfectly balanced, so the way it works is predictable.

With two work modes, you can choose the best way to dig for the job.

  • Power gives a good mix of speed and gas mileage for normal use.
  • Economy slows down the top speed and saves fuel.The reduced tail-swing configuration gives the 85G more flexibility, so it can move quickly and work well in and around crowded areas.

The independent swinging boom makes it possible to work close to curbs, parallel to buildings, or next to traffic.

☛ Visibility

Large expanses of side and front glass, small front cab posts, large tinted overhead hatches, and many mirrors allow for virtually unlimited visibility all around.

☛ Serviceability

Large hinged doors allow for easy access to all service items. For added convenience, checkpoints, filters, and lube banks are all grouped together.

 John Deere 85G Specification


Engine model 4TNV98C-WHBW
Engine make Yanmar
Net hp 56.9


Max dig depth 14′ 10″ ft/in
Reach @ ground level 24′ 9″ ft/in
Boom swing, right/left 60° / 60° deg
Bucket digging force 10,476 lbs
Arm (stick) length used for dimensions & forces 6′ 11″ ft/in
Max depth of vertical wall 13′ 3″ ft/in
Dump height 16′ 8″ ft/in


Transport height 8′ 7″ ft/in
Tail overhang over side — in
Transport length 22′ 5″ ft/in
Transport width 7′ 9″ ft/in


Bucket capacity, SAE heaped min-max 0.40 – 0.66 cu ft


Operating weight 19,244 lbs
Operating weight 8.73 metric tons


Total flow of main pumps, implement & swing 53 gpm
Max relief valve pressure — psi

John Deere 85G Attachment

Our various excavator attachments include the following:
● Hydra grapple
● Bypass grapple
● Concrete grapple
● Ripper
● Tilt coupler
● Post pounder
● Shears
● Packer wheels
● Tilt bucket
● Dirt bucket
● Grapple bucket

John Deere 85G Review

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 John Deere 85G– FAQS

Q.1  What does a John Deere 85g excavator weigh

✍️ Operating Weight: 8729 kg (19,244 lb.)

Q.2 How much is a John Deere 85g?

✍️ $109,500. Deere 85g excavator. Fast and simple onsite, low fixed-rate financing is offered. Trucking is available everywhere.

Q.3 How much weight can a John Deere 85g lift?

✍️ John Deere 85g Lifting Capacity

Load Point Height Over Front Over Side
3.0 m (10 ft.) 4506 lbs 2044 kg 3572 lbs 1620 kg
1.5 m (5 ft.) 5773 lbs 2619 kg 3332 lbs 1511 kg
Ground Line 2992 lbs 6597 kg 3143 lbs 1426 kg
–1.5 m (–5 ft.) 6322 lbs 2868 kg 3087 lbs 1400 kg