John Deere Gator Tx 4×2 Specification, Price & Review ❤️

John Deere Gator Tx 4×2 Specification, Price & Review

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John Deere Gator Tx 4x2

About John Deere Gator Tx 4×2

Gator T Models were created to meet customer needs by more effectively aligning the unique attributes of individual models with segment-specific customer requirements.

  • Work capability that is best in class
  • For greater stability, a wider stance is recommended
  • The cargo box of the highest quality


Manufacturer John Deere, John Deere TX Gators
SKU TX Gator


Engine Power 15.5 HP
Displacement 675 cc
Cylinders 1
Air Filter Heavy Duty Canister
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Delivery System Direct Injection
Cooling System Air Cooled
Starting System Electric Key Start
Fuel Capacity 5.2
Transmission Continuously Variable (CVT)
Drive Wheels Rear Wheel Drive
Turning Radius 12.00 ft
Differential Lock Yes
Ranges 2
Forward Speed 20
Reverse Speed 19.4


Power Steering No
Fuel Gauge Yes
Front Bumper Standard


Tow Hitch Optional
Cargo Box 45″ L x 52″ W x 12″ D
Payload 1000 lb
Towing 1000 lb

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Engine Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Residential Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Commercial Warranty 1 Year Warranty


Wheelbase 72.5
Length, Overall 109.6
Width, Overall 60
Height, Overall 47.6


Front Tire Size 22×9.50-10
Rear Tire Size 24×10.50-10 HPAP
Front Blade Yes
Cab Enclosure Optional
Volts 12 V
Alternator 16.6 AMP


Brake Type All-wheel hydraulic disc
Parking Brake Rear mechanical disc, hand operated


Ground Clearance 5.7″
Travel 10.6″
Front Suspension Independent with Adjustable Coil Overs
Rear Suspension Independent with Adjustable Coil Overs

Engine features

The engine features several reliability and performance characteristics.

  • For greater efficiency and fuel economy, use an overhead valve.
  • Full-pressure lubrication system
  • Standard on the Gator TX 4X2 is an oil filter.
  • Remote intake for single-element replacement air cleaner
  • Spark-arresting muffler with a large capacity
  • Large 18.9 L (5 U.S.) fuel consumption gal.) fuel tank; Fuel consumption at half load is approximately the same as for average speed:
  • Gator TX4X2: 1.3 L/hr (0.35 U.S.gph).
  • EPA compliant

Precision-engineered drive system

  • A continuously variable clutch system transfers power from the engine to a transaxle.
  • The transaxle transmits power directly to the rear axle.
  • These are the key elements of the drive system:
  • Variable-speed drive
  • The engine rotates the drive clutch.
  • The clutch drives the transaxle.
  • There are many speeds to choose from (0 km/h up to 32 km/h [0mph to 20mph]).
  • The operator increases speed without shifting, so there is no need to shift.
  • To avoid going downhill or in difficult conditions, adjust the speed of the load.
  • How variable-speed drives work:
  • The spring-loaded clutch closes as the engine speeds increase. Weights are forced out by centrifugal force to close the clutch.
  • The belt will ride up to the maximum diameter of the clutch as the clutch closes and force open the clutch.
  • The speed of the transaxle’s transmission is increased by the belt running in the narrowest diameter of the clutch.
  • The clutch can sense different loads, such as mud, hills, etc. The driven clutch adjusts the drive speed up or down to compensate for changing loads.
  • This ensures that the engine rpm remains constant at the constant throttle position.
  • Transaxle
  • For reliability, the transaxle has oil in it and is completely enclosed.
  • For quiet operation, helical gears can be used.
  • Differential design reduces turf scuffing during turns because the inside wheels turn faster than the outside ones.
  • The transaxle has traction assist (differential locking) built in.
  • Locks the rear drive wheels together
  • Increases traction in difficult spots
  • An interlock safety device is installed to prevent the ignition of the engine.
  • Housings for heavy-duty rear axles

John Deere Gator Tx 4×2 Review


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415 kg 915 lb