John Deere gt235 Specs, Price & Review 2022

John Deere gt235 Specs, Price, Features, Review & Attachments

A 2WD lawn and garden tractor from the GT200 series is the John Deere GT235. From 1999 until 2005, John Deere produced this tractor in Horicon, Wisconsin, in the United States.

One of two engines—the Kawasaki FH580V V-twin gasoline engine (from 2003 until the end of production; serial number 090000) or the Briggs & Stratton 350777 V-twin gasoline engine—and a hydrostatic transmission with an infinite number of forward and reverse gears are included with the John Deere GT235.

A 1000 Watt continuous generator system at 120V was available on the GT235E model (2002–2003).

John Deere gt235


John Deere gt235 Price

Original Price: $2,799.00 USD

John Deere GT235 Serial Numbers

1999 010001
2000 025001
2001 040001
2002 060001
2003 070001
2004 110001
2005 130001

John Deere gt235 Specs


Engine Model Kawasaki FH580V
Engine Type 4-stroke vertical V-twin air-cooled gasoline engine
Number of Cylinder 2
Cylinder Layout 90 deg V-Twin
Piston Displacement, (cc) 35.7 (585)
Engine Bore, in (mm) 2.92 (74.0)
Engine Stroke, in (mm) 2.69 (68.0)
Engine Power, Hp (kW) 17.0 (12.7)
Rated Engine Speed, rpm 3600
Maximum Torque, Nm (ft-lb) 37.8 (27.9)
Torque Speed, rpm 2400
Compression Ratio 8.5:1
Direction of Rotation Counterclockwise facing the PTO Shaft
Fuel System Type Carburetor
Carburetor Type Float type with the fixed main jet
Fuel Pump Type Pulse Pump
Governor Type Flyweight all-speed governor
Air Cleaner Dual stage element, dry type
Lubricating System Type Pressurized
Oil Filter Type Dual element
Ignition System Type Transistorized-fly wheel magneto
Spark Plug Champion RCJ8Y
Spark Plug Gap, in (mm) 0.030 (0.76)
Ignition Coil Air Gap, in (mm) 0.0079-0.0158 (0.20-0.40)
Valve Clearance (Cold), in (mm) 0.0040-0.0059 (0.10-0.15)
Fuel Tank Capacity, gal (L) 2.8 (10.5)
Oil Capacity, qts (L) 1.8 (1.7)


Engine Model Briggs and Stratton 350777 Vanguard
Engine Type 4-cycle V-twin OHV vertical shaft air-cooled gasoline engine
Number of Cylinders 2
Displacement, (cc) 34.75 (570)
Cylinder Bore, in (mm) 2.83 (72.0)
Piston Stroke, in (mm) 2.75 (70.0)
Rated Engine Power, hp (kW) 18.0 (13.3)
Rated Engine Speed, rpm 3600
Idle Speed, rpm 1750
Cylinder Sleeve Cast Iron
Fuel System Type Carburetor
Carburetor Type Float-feed, side-draft
Governor Type Mechanical
Fuel Pump Integral type
Lubrication System Full pressure lubrication with spin-on oil filter
Air Cleaner Dual-Clean, a paper element with a foam pre-cleaner
Cooling System Forced air
Ignition System Magnetron Electronic
Spark Plug Type Champion RC12YC
Spark Plug Gap, in (mm) 0.030 (0.762)
Armature Air Gap, in (mm) 0.008-0.012 (0.20-0.30)
Intake Valve Clearance, in (mm) 0.004-0.006 (0.10-0.15)
Exhaust Valve Clearance, in (mm) 0.004-0.006 (0.10-0.15)
Fuel Tank Capacity, gal (L) 2.8 (10.5)
Oil Capacity, qts (L) 1.8 (1.7)


Electrical System Rating, Volts 12
Charging System Alternator, 15A
Starter Type Electric
Number of Batteries 1
Battery CCA 500
Electric Ground Negative


PTO Operational Type Independent
PTO Clutch Electric
PTO Speed, rpm 3000


Transmission Model Tuff Torq K71
Transmission Type Belt-driven hydrostatic
Number of Forwarding Gears Infinite
Number of Reverse Gears Infinite
Cruise Control Standard
Oil Capacity, qts (L) 4.9 (4.6)
Maximum Forward Speed, mph (kph) 7.0 (11.3)
Maximum Reverse Speed, mph (kph) 4.0 (6.4)


Drive Wheels 2WD 4×2
Steering Configuration Front steer
Steering System Manual sector and pinion
Brakes Type Wet disc
Front Tires 16×6.50-8
Rear Tires 23×10.50-12


Wheelbase, in (mm) 49 (1240)
Length, in (mm) 72 (1820)
Height, in (mm) 43.6 (1100)
Overall Width, in (mm) 41.7 (1050)
Weight, lbs (kg) 570 (258)


Mower Deck Type Mid-mount
Number of Blades 3
Cutting Width, in (mm) 48 (1215)
Cutting Height, in (mm) 1.0-4.0 (25-102)
Blade Engagement Electric
Deck Drive Belt
Lift System Mechanical


Snowblower Type 1-stage, front-mount
Clearing Width, in (mm) 42 (1060)
Clearing Height, in (mm) 16 (405)
Lift System Mechanical
Weight, lbs (kg) 175 (79)


Blade Type Front-mount
Width, in (mm) 46 (1160)
Height, in (mm) 17 (430)
Lift Height, in (mm) 5 (125)
Lift System Mechanical
Angle Manual

John Deere GT235 Review

John Deere GT235 Attachments

48″ Mower deck

Type mid-mount John Deere
manual lift
Cutting width 48 inches
121 cm
Cut height 1 to 4 inch
2 to 10 cm

John Deere gt235 Problems

  • The Engine Won’t Start
  • The Tractor Isn’t Running Well at High RPMs
  • The Mower Deck Doesn’t Engage Properly
  • The 3-Point Hitch Won’t Lower
  • The Battery Drains Idle

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John Deere gt235 FAQ

What size battery does a John Deere GT235 take?

12 V 35 AH

What year was the John Deere GT235 made?

2002 and 2003

What engine is in gt235?

John Deere gt235 has a Briggs & Stratton 350777 engine