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John Deere L120 Problems

John Deere L120 Problems and Their Solutions

You can list some things that could make the device’s health worse. Everything might be more accessible if you know which problems can be solved.

(1) Dropping Energy While Mowing

It’s a shame that it loses energy, speed, and power after a few hours of running. Through this mowing method, users can see what a concerning matter of use fact is.

How to Fix?

First, we must figure out that if there is pressure to cut too much grass, it’s load power. Research shows that when this happens, the mechanism doesn’t change the load to match the potential energy.

The second time, we’ll see how good the grass is from our point of view. The customer must pay back a little more if there is a lot of grass.

It will stay there when we mow a tiny patch of grass for the third time.

(2) Smoke Appears from The Covered Side

Most of the time, people have trouble with smoke coming from under the motor mower. Also, nothing seems to blow up or get too hot in the engine. In this situation, the people around them become scared and traumatized.

To solve the problem, users need to know a few tricks to make their lives easier.

How to Fix?

First, we need to turn off the switch as soon as possible because the more current that goes through it, the hotter it will get. Since there will be too much current, the engine will break down.

Second, we need to keep the machine from letting heat into the air so that the broken engine or wire can at least get close to the stage before.

Most of the time, the accident wasn’t caused by the discharge breaking or being blocked by trash. We can fix it by taking off the engine’s cover. If you do this and the problems still happen, there must be something wrong with the blades.

With the help of a professional mechanic, it might be better to change the tool.

(3) Starting Trouble

So far, one thing is getting around. There are many reasons not to move forward, even after pedaling the tractor. The carburetor gets dirty, and the pulling thread moves.

Sparking and igniting inside the mechanism sometimes make the system stickier. Users must be aware of this condition to deal with and avoid these problems. We can use the following ideas to get the tractor up and running well:

How to Fix?

First, we need to fix the diesel, which is where the power comes from. If the diesel is old, the first thing to do is to replace it. Then we should empty the pot. After that pouring, the job is to get new diesel.

Second, we need to figure out how much oil there is. If it looks dark or almost black, the fuel is wrong.

(4) Rough Cutting

When it starts up at full speed, the device cuts too quickly. Since the blades are not sharp enough, cutting is not an ideal process.

Ultimately, the whole thing will be thrown away, and users will lose money. The problem keeps coming back because the pressure on the tires that drive the tractor is not the same everywhere.

Also, the wheels of the product can’t be set up correctly. It can only cut grass that is one-third as tall as the whole.

How to Fix?

We need to check the wheels and tires and try to keep the balance between them so that it runs smoothly and quickly.

Then check to see if the broken system is on the right track. If the result is terrible, we have to call mechanics to fix the problem.

For the mission to go better, you must use a sharp blade.

(5) Excessive Vibration

When you turn on the engine, the noise and vibration are too much to handle. When the blades get out of hand, they make a noise.

Since vibration causes sound, it isn’t enjoyable for the users. Aside from this, the prospect is also caused by the gadget’s destructive belt.

You can often see debris on the mower deck, which is why it makes such a loud noise. When sheaves move from where they should be, the noise gets louder.

How to Fix?

First, we need to check the engine to see if it’s in good shape. If it shows us a red light, we have to change it.

Second, we need to check to see if the mower has anything attached. For example, the cutter connected to the three-sided hike can change how the blade moves.

By now, the blade may be bent and out of balance. We need to split PTO to get rid of the situation. Using the idea can cut down on too much noise.

Lastly, if we don’t find out why we’re having trouble, we’ll soon have to talk to the person who sold us the tractor.

(6) Various Kinds of Engine Problems

We did a lot of research and came up with a big book on tractor engine problems. The engine won’t do anything. Sometimes it’s hard to get going.

There seems to be room for fuel. Depending on the quality of the fuel, the service will get better or worse. The fuel lines are where the fuel goes from the tank to the engine.

So, if those lines aren’t cleaned, it will indirectly affect how well the engine works.

How to Fix?

When the tractor doesn’t start, it’s because the engine is broken. So we must change what we put into it, which is fuel.

We have to put the carburetor exactly where it needs to be.

Another is to check how well the mechanism’s filter works and make it work again by cleaning the strainer by hand.


Research shows that there are more and more problems when it comes to the tractor and the load. If the electric device gets broken, many different ways to fix it are listed above.

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