John Deere Tractor Problems And How to Fix Them

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John Deere Tractor problems

John Deere Tractors are Good And Generally Considered Reliable

Even though these are the most common problems with John Deere tractors, it doesn’t mean they happen very often. John Deere models are known to last long if they are well taken care of. Also, there are ways to figure out what’s wrong.

John Deere gives its customers information on how to fix problems. The company gives a list of common problems and the solutions they offer.

On the list of common problems are things like unevenly cut grass, belts that slip, and minor engine problems. John Deere also says that problems with the lights and the batteries are standard.

Still, most people know that John Deere tractors are reliable. Also, John Deere is the most popular tractor brand in North America.

So, these are the most common problems with John Deere tractors, even though they don’t always break down or need repairs often.

John Deere Transmission Problems says that many John Deere tractor owners have problems with the transmission. Farmers Weekly also shows data like this.

The results show that the clutch pack wears out on the 6620 series transmission when the tractor does a lot of heavy work. Also, since the 3050 is an older model of John Deere, it often needs a transmission rebuild.

John Deere transmission problems

One of the most common problems with John Deere tractors is that they need to be fixed. Also, a lot of vibration seems to shake, loosen, and possibly break or wear down moving parts, which means they need to be fixed.

Owners also say that the warranty doesn’t last long enough to cover many common repairs and maintenance that need to be done over time.

Also, John Deere is known to change its suppliers often. This means that parts become old very quickly. John Deere models that aren’t even that old can sometimes be hard to get service for.

Are John Deere Tractors Reliable? says that John Deere tractors are some of the best and most reliable on the market. Some people even say that these tractors are the most reliable. But no matter how trustworthy a brand gets in the eyes of its customers, problems will still happen.

No machine is just perfect. So there will be problems with some John Deere tractors. We looked through all of the problems that John Deere owners have told us about to make this list of the most common problems with John Deere tractors.

Do Some Tractor Models Have More Problems Than Others?

Farmers Weekly talked to a longtime John Deere expert about John Deere tractors and asked him about their most common problems.

Farmers Weekly says that an expert has seen more problems with the John Deere 6030 Series tractor than with other models.

Problems with the brakes, the Canbus connector, and the water pump are all things that need to be fixed on these tractors.

He has also seen a lot of problems with the 7930 and 6930 series of John Deere tractors. It seems that the 7930 has a lot of trouble with the power-take-off (PTO) shaft drive loss.

The Farmers Weekly interview also said that the 6930 series engines are often rebuilt.


➡ John Deere is one of the most well-known brands of tractors. At the market, that bright green and yellow tractor is an icon.

➡ The brand makes machines that are of high quality and last a long time. The problems above are things that often go wrong with John Deere tractors.

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