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John Deere 4310 Price

john deere 4310

John Deere 4310 Original Price: $12,950 USD

John Deere 4310 key facts

  • Make: John Deere
  • Horsepower: 31.2 hp 23.3 kW
  • Fuel tank capacity: 10 gal or 37.9 L
  • Oil capacity: 25.2 qts or 23.8 L
  • Hydraulic tank capacity: 6.3 gal or 23.8 L
  • years made: 2002 to 2004

John Deere 4310 Serial Numbers

  • 2002: 130001
  • 2003: 230001
  • 2004: 330001

John Deere 4310 Specs

Make John Deere
Model 4310
Company Country United States
Production years From 2002  Until 2004
Tractor type Compact Utility tractor
Fuel diesel
Total build

Engine size 92 ci or 1.5 L
Number of cylinders 3 cylinders
Horsepower 31.2 hp or 23.3 kW
Power RPM 2600 (rpm)
Engine torque
Engine torque RPM
Fuel type diesel
Fuel tank capacity 10 gal or 37.9 L
Compression ratio 18.5:1
Oil tank capacity 4.5 qts or 4.3 L
Coolant tank capacity 6 qts or 5.7 L

Transmission system ePowrReverser
Transmission type power shuttle
Transmission gears 12 forward and reverse
Oil tank capacity 25.2 qts or 23.8 L

Hydraulic system open center
Number of valves 5
Pump flow rate 8.6 gpm or 32.6 lpm
Steering flow rate 5.3 gpm or 20.1 lpm
Hydraulic tank capacity 6.3 gal or 23.8 L
Hydraulic pressure 2500 psi or 172.4 bar
Hydraulic max flow 13.9 gpm or 52.6 lpm

Hitch control system
Rear hitch I
Rear hitch lift 2,200 lbs or 997 kg

AG front tires 5.00-15 (2WD)
AG rear tires 11.2-24
Weight 2,600 lbs or 1179 kg
Length 117 inches [297 cm]
Width 50 inches [127 cm]
Height 82.4 inches [209 cm] (fixed)
Wheelbase 68 inches [172 cm]
Ground clearance 13.4 inches [34 cm]
Turning radius 7.5 feet [2.3 m]

Number of batteries 1
Battery voltage 12 V
Battery cold cranking Amps 500
Electric ground force negative
Electric charging system alternator
Electric charging Amps 40 amps
Engine starter volts 12 V

Wheel drive 4×2 2WD
Steering system power
Braking system wet disc
Cabin type Two-post ROPS
Differential lock mechanical

PTO claimed power 27 hp or 20.1 kW
PTO clutch system
Rear PTO system independent
Rear PTO RPM 540 (rpm)
Front PTO system
Mid-PTO system optional
Mid-PTO RPM 2100 (rpm)
PTO fuel consumption

John Deere 4310 Problems With Solution

Starting Problems:

Solution: Check the battery connections to ensure they are clean and tight.
Test the Battery voltage using a multimeter; it should be within the Manufacturer’s recommended Range.
Inspect the starter motor and solenoid for any signs of damage or wear. Replace if necessary.
If the engine cranks but does not start, check the fuel system for any blockages or fuel supply issues.

Engine Overheating:

Solution: Ensure that the radiator and cooling fins are clean and free from debris. Clean them if necessary.
Check the coolant level and top up if needed.
Inspect the radiator hoses for any leaks or damage. Replace them if necessary.
Verify that the cooling fan is operating correctly. If not, check the fan belt tension and replace if needed.

Transmission Problems:

Solution: Check the transmission fluid level and ensure it is at the correct level. Top up if necessary.
Inspect the transmission for any signs of leaks.

Repair any leaks and replace damaged seals.
If the transmission is not engaging or shifting properly, check the clutch linkage adjustment.

Consult the operator’s manual for specific troubleshooting steps related to the transmission.

Hydraulic System Issues:

Solution: Inspect the hydraulic fluid level and ensure it is at the correct level. Top up if needed.
Check for any visible leaks in the hydraulic system.

Repair any leaks and replace damaged seals or hoses.
If The hydraulic system is not operating correctly, check The hydraulic pump and filter for any blockages or Damage.
Consult the operator’s manual for specific troubleshooting steps related to the hydraulic system.

Electrical Problems:

Solution: Inspect the wiring harness for any loose or damaged connections. Repair or replace as needed.
Check the fuses and relays in the electrical system. Replace any blown fuses or faulty relays.
If there are issues with lights or other electrical components, verify the voltage at the battery and connections.
Consult the electrical wiring diagram and the operator’s manual for further troubleshooting guidance.

John Deere 4310 Attachments

60″ Mower deck

Type: mid-mount John Deere 60 7-Iron
Cutting width: 60 inches
152 cm

72″ Mower deck

Type: mid-mount John Deere
Cutting width: 72 inches
182 cm

John Deere 420 Loader

Height (to pin): 87.6 inches
222 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket: 66.1 inches
167 cm
Dump reach: 30.3 inches
76 cm
Dump angle: 43°
Reach the ground: 53.6 inches
136 cm
Rollback angle: 23°
Breakout force (at pin): 2693 lbs
1221 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 1195 lbs
542 kg
Lift to full height (at 500mm): 895 lbs
405 kg
Raise time to height: 2.9 s
Bucket dump time: 1.6 s
Lowering time: 2.4 s
Rollback time: 2.2 s

John Deere 48 Backhoe

Backhoe type: John Deere 48 Backhoe
Weight: 1517 lbs
688 kg
Transport height: 81 inches
205 cm
2-Foot flat digging depth: 102 inches
259 cm
Reach from pivot: 133 inches
337 cm
Loading height: 82 inches
208 cm
Bucket Rotation: 180
Swing Arc: 180
Bucket force: 3730 lbs
1691 kg
Dipperstick force: 2435 lbs
1104 kg

John Deere 4310 features

  • Four-Wheel Drive (4WD): The 4310 comes equipped with four-wheel drive, delivering enhanced traction and performance, particularly in challenging terrain or when using implements.
  • Power Steering: The tractor is equipped with power steering, ensuring easy maneuverability and reduced operator effort.
  • Three-Point Hitch: The three-point hitch system enables the attachment of implements and offers a maximum lifting capacity of approximately 1,210 pounds (549 kilograms)
  • Rollover Protection System (ROPS): The tractor comes with a ROPS structure, providing operator safety in the event of a rollover or overturn.
  • Implement Compatibility: The tractor is compatible with a wide range of implements and attachments, including loaders, backhoes, rotary cutters, box blades, and more, increasing its versatility.
  • Differential Lock: It is equipped with a differential lock, allowing for improved traction and reduced slippage when operating on uneven or slippery terrain.
  • Instrumentation: The tractor features a clear and comprehensive instrument panel that provides important information such as engine RPM, fuel level, and warning indicators.
  • Lighting Package: The 4310 includes headlights and taillights, ensuring visibility and safety when operating in low-light conditions.
  • Easy Maintenance: The tractor is designed for ease of maintenance, with convenient access to filters, fluid checks, and routine service points.

John Deere 4310 parts

The John Deere 4310 is a compact utility tractor that may require replacement parts for maintenance or repairs. Here are some commonly needed parts for the John Deere 4310:


  • Engine oil filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Hydraulic filter
  • Air filter


  • Drive belt
  • PTO belt

Engine Components:

  • Starter motor
  • Alternator
  • Water pump
  • Thermostat
  • Gaskets and seals

Electrical Components:

  • Ignition switch
  • Solenoids
  • Wiring harness
  • Headlights and taillights

Hydraulic Components:

  • Hydraulic pump
  • Control valve
  • Cylinders
  • Hoses and fittings

Transmission and Clutch Parts:

  • Clutch disc
  • Pressure plate
  • Transmission gears
  • Seals and gaskets

Cooling System Parts:

  • Radiator
  • Fan belt
  • Fan blades
  • Coolant hoses

Steering and Suspension Components:

  • Steering cylinder
  • Tie rod ends
  • Ball joints
  • Shock absorbers

About John Deere 4310

A 2WD or 4WD compact utility tractor from the 4000 Ten Compact series is the John Deere 4310. From 2002 to 2004, John Deere produced this tractor in Augusta, Georgia, in the United States.

The John Deere 4310 tractor has a 1.5 L three-cylinder diesel engine and one of three transmissions: a hydrostatic transmission with infinite (3-range) forward and reverse, a power shuttle transmission with 12 forward and reverse gears and a partially synchronized transmission with 9 forward and 3 reverse gears.

The Yanmar 3TNE84 engine was used in the JD 4310 small utility tractor. This three-cylinder, Naturally Aspirated diesel engine boasts a displacement of 1.5 L, 1,496 cm2, (91.3 cuin’) cylinder bore, And 84.0 mm (3.31 in) and 90.0 mm (3.54 in) piston stroke.

The maximum power output for this motor measured 31.7 PS (23.3 kW; 31.2 HP) at 2,600 revs per minute.

Power steering, wet disc brakes, two-post ROPS or foldable ROPS (optional), and a 37.9 liter (10 US gal; 8.3 Imp. gal) fuel tank are all included with the John Deere 4310.

John Deere 4310 Review

The John Deere 4310, a compact utility tractor, was in production from 2002 to 2011. It is driven by a 32.2-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine and boasts features like a hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive capability, and a three-point hitch. With a lifting capacity of 2,600 pounds and a PTO horsepower of 23.5, it offers robust performance for its size.

The 4310 enjoys widespread popularity for several compelling reasons. It’s highly regarded for its reliability, durability, and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks. Moreover, its relatively affordable price tag positions it as a cost-effective choice for those seeking good value for their investment.

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John Deere 4310 – FAQs

How much oil does a John Deere 4310 take?

John Deere has a Yanmar 3TNE84 engine

How much can a John Deere 4310 Lift?

1195 lbs 542 kg

What is the horsepower rating of the John Deere 4310?

The John Deere 4310 is equipped with a 32 horsepower (hp) engine.

What type of fuel does the John Deere 4310 use?

The John Deere 4310 runs on diesel fuel.

What is the weight of the John Deere 4310?

The operating weight of the John Deere 4310 is approximately 2,410 pounds (1,093 kilograms).

What is the maximum lifting capacity of the three-point hitch on the John Deere 4310?

The three-point hitch on the John Deere 4310 has a maximum lifting capacity of approximately 1,210 pounds (549 kilograms).

What is the maximum towing capacity of the John Deere 4310?

The John Deere 4310 has a maximum towing capacity of approximately 4,700 pounds (2,132 kilograms).

 Does the John Deere 4310 come with a loader?

The John Deere 4310 can be equipped with a compatible loader attachment.
However, it may not come standard and could be an optional feature.

What is the maximum lift height of the loader attachment for the John Deere 4310?

The maximum lift height of the loader attachment for the John Deere 4310 is approximately 101 inches (256 centimeters).

How many gears does the John Deere 4310 have?

The John Deere 4310 features a 9 forward and 3 reverse gear transmission.

Does the John Deere 4310 have four-wheel drive (4WD)?

Yes, the John Deere 4310 is equipped with four-wheel drive for enhanced traction and performance.

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