KFC Near me now, Location, Address & Phone Number

Finding KFC near me will help you find a lot of useful information about your favorite restaurant. Many people have heard of KFC, and many of them eat at their restaurants. However, only a small number of customers know that KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. For those who don’t know, KFC is a chain of fast food restaurants that started in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. They are known for their fried chicken.

KFC Near Me

Based on sales and how they compare to other restaurants, KFC is the second largest chain of fast food restaurants. McDonald’s is in first place. According to data from 2015, there are about 20,000 KFC restaurants in 123 different countries.

When the first KFC restaurant opened in 1952, the chain’s history began.

Colonel Harland Sanders started selling fried chicken. He knew from the start that it could be a good idea for a franchise, and we can see that he was right. He decided to sell the company because he was getting old. He sold it to a group of investors in 1964.

In the middle of the 1960s, KFC opened its first restaurants outside of the United States. These were in the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Mexico, and Canada. In 1978, KFC also opened in China, which was a big step forward for the restaurant chain and for Asia as a whole. During its growth, KFC added new items to its menus, such as French fries, desserts, salads, and soft drinks. However, the company also went through some changes, such as being sold more than once to different groups of investors.

KFC Near Me Locations

You can use this map to find the closest KFC in your city. If you can’t find Kentucky Fried Chicken on this map, keep reading and we’ll show you other places to eat.


We already said that KFC is one of the biggest restaurant chains in the world, with locations in 123 countries. However, they are always working to improve their products and services, and experts say that it will continue to grow over the next few years, getting bigger and bigger. KFC is in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, North America, and Asia.

Around the world, there are about 20,000 KFC locations. The growth began in the United States, which now has 4,491 KFC restaurants, making it the second country with the most KFC restaurants. China is in the first place, with 4,593 places to visit. There are more than 9,000 places all over the world.

If you want to find a KFC near me Location in your city, you should know that you can do it quickly and easily on the internet.

It’s good to know that some KFC locations have a Drive-Thru, which is helpful when you’re in a hurry and can’t afford to waste any time.

So, if you want to find the KFC restaurant closest to where you are, you can go to Google and type “KFC Locations” into the search bar. Google might show you different results depending on where you live. Anyway, choose your country, enter the City or Zip Code, and you’ll get a list of all the KFC locations near the City you entered.

You can also click here and then click on the top-left button to bring up a pop-up window.

KFC Near Me Opening Hours

You already know how to use your current location to find the closest KFC restaurant, but you will definitely want to know the KFC Opening Hours. We said that there are about 20,000 KFC locations around the world, and it’s clear that some of them might have different hours than others. This is why it’s important to know when they open and when they close.

We’ve already told you how to find a KFC Location. Now, let’s say you want to know when the restaurant is open. After taking the steps above, you will need to find the KFC that is closest to you. After you’ve done that, click on the KFC point on the Map to see more information about that restaurant.

KFC Check Opening Hours

After you do that, you’ll be able to see more information about the chosen restaurant, including the KFC near me Opening Hours for every day of the week. Some KFC locations have a drive-thru, and you’ll be able to find out if the chosen KFC restaurant has this option. There are KFC restaurants that are accessible to people with disabilities, have free WiFi, and have baby-changing rooms. By clicking on the KFC point on the Map, you can find out all of these things.

KFC Near Me Delivery

KFC Delivery is only available in a few markets, but we hope that in the future they will start to offer delivery for more restaurants around the world. This could help the company grow again by bringing in more customers. The KFC Delivery would be great for people who work in an office and don’t have a KFC near them, so they can’t go buy a meal during their lunch break.

For the KFC locations that offer KFC Delivery, you can choose from the menu and then enter your name, mobile number, email address, and Delivery Address. After the order is done, you’ll get an Order ID, which is very helpful because it lets you check the status of your order. You can also use your phone number to check the status of your order.