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Kubota 95-2s Specs, Hp, Weight, Prices & Overview

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About Kubota 95-2s

With the Kubota SVL95-2s, you can be the real boss on the job site. You have total control over the track loader thanks to the standard two-speed travel and the electronic torque travel management, which also ensures that you can easily navigate slanted ground and tight places.

With 96.4 horsepower and a towing capacity of 9,143 pounds, you’ll never doubt the SVL95-power. 2s’s

Kubota SVL90-2 price

Kubota 95-2s Price

The average prices of the Kubota Svl95, which depend on the model and the number of hours it works,  are listed below. 

Model Price
2016 Kubota SLV95 $45.000
2017 Kubota SLV95 $50.000
2018 Kubota SLV95 $55.000
2019 Kubota SLV95 $62.000
2020 Kubota SLV95 $68.000
2021 Kubota SLV95 $76.000

Kubota svl 97-2 Horsepower

Kubota svl 97-2 Horsepower is 94.04.

Kubota 95-2s Weight 

Kubota RTV-X900 weight is 11299 LBS.

Kubota 95-2s Oil Capacity

Kubota RTV-X900 Oil Capacity is 7.5 L (1.98 US gal .

kubota svl97-2 fuel capacity

kubota svl97-2 fuel capacity is 28.8 gal. (109 L).

Kubota 95-2s Features

Easy-opening Sliding Front Door :

When a cab enclosure is added, the cab door slides up and down to make getting in and out easier. Operators can pin the door open and keep working without closing it.

This means they don’t have to take the door off and put it somewhere where it could get lost or broken. No matter where the loader is, the front doors can be opened.

Load Sensing Closed Center Hydraulics With Parallel Loader Control Valve

With the help of the load sensing system, operators can operate the loader controls and drive circuits simultaneously. When you push, lift, and break ground at the same time, you get more done.

Electronic Travel Torque Management

With the electronic travel torque management system, you can do more work in less time.

By getting the most out of the hydraulics when pushing or moving heavy loads, the system keeps the engine from stalling and lets it start up again faster.

Electronic Travel Torque Management

To finish the job more quickly, change from low to high gear. One-way hydraulic self-leveling makes it possible to lift objects without manually adjusting the angle of the bucket or pallet forks, keeping them in a horizontal position.

Adjustable High Flow

With this system, the maximum flow setting for each hydraulic attachment can be set ahead of time by the owner/operator.

This helps keep attachment hoses and motors from getting damaged by too much force.

Available With Low-effort Hydraulics Pilot Controls

Work with confidence next to house walls and curbs. These hydraulic controls, as opposed to electro-hydraulic controls, offer the greatest feel and precision with no need for changes or settings.

When you think you’re going to move, move when you think you’re going to move, and stop when you think you’re going to stop.

Rugged Loader Arms Design

The strong and well-secured linkage between the loader arms can lift both radially and vertically.

Kubota 95-2s Specs


Manufacturer Kubota
Category Loaders
Subcategory Compact Track Loaders


Type of Operator Station  Open CAB / Closed CAB
Model V3800-TIEF4
Output (SAE J1995 gross)  96.4 HP (71.9 kW)/2400 RPM
Output (SAE J1349 net) 87.0 HP (64.9 kW)/2400 RPM
Displacement 230 cu in.(3769 cc)
Cylinders 4
Bore × Stroke 3.94 in. (100 mm) × 4.72 in. (120 mm)
Aspiration Turbocharged
Emission Certification Tier 4

Service Refill Capacities

Hydraulic system Hydraulic system
Hydraulic tank  10.1 gal. (38.1 L)
Fuel tank 28.8 gal. (109 L)
Operating weight (Includes operator weight 165 lbs.) 11299 lb. (5125 kg) / 11574 lb. (5250 kg)

Loader Performance

Rated operating capacity-35% tipping load Rated operating capacity-35% tipping load
Tipping Load  9143 lb. (4147 kg)
Breakout Force – Bucket 7961 lb. (3611 kg)
Breakout Force – Lift Arm 6742 lb. (3058 kg)
Lift Arm Path Vertical


Track Width (standard) 17.7 in. (450 mm)
Track Rollers 5 per side
Track Ground Contact Length 65.6 in. (1667 mm)
Travel Speed (high)  7.3 mph (11.7 mm)
Traction Force 12178 lb. (5524 kg)
Minimum Ground Clearance  11.5 in. (293 mm)
Ground pressure Standard 4.4 / 4.5 psi

Hydraulic System

Auxiliar Hydraulic Pressure 3553 psi (249.8 kg/cm2)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow (standard)  23.1 GPM (87.6 L/min)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow (high) 40.0 GPM (152 L/min)


Length of track on the ground 65.6 in. (1667 mm)
Track gauge 59.5 in. (1512 mm)
Length w/o bucket  123.5 in. (3137 mm)
Length w/bucket on ground 154.6 in. (3929 mm)
Height to top of the cab 83.3 in. (2116 mm)
Bucket hinge pin height at max. lift 128.5 in. (3264 mm)
Rollback angle at carrying position 27 deg.
Reach max. lift and dump 40.7 in. (1035 mm)
Ground clearance  11.5 in. (293 mm)
Departure angle 31 deg.
Max. dump angle 43 deg.
Vehicle width Standard track / Wide track  77.2 in. (1962 mm)
Width with bucket 80 in. (2032 mm)
Turning radius from the center-machine rear 127 in. (3220 mm)

Kubota 95-2s  Attachments

  • Grapple Bucket
  • Quick Coupler
  • Pallet Fork
  • Breaker
  • Cold Planer
  • Tiller
  • Tilt Attach


Kubota 95-2s Review Video 

Kubota 95-2s  Problems

I have a Kubota Svl 90-2 from 2015, and the problem I’m having is…

I have a 2015 Kubota svl 90-2, and the problem I’m having with it is that when I put the seat bar down and unlock the operator to use the machine, it always locks up when I move it, so I have to keep opening and closing the seat bar to use the machine.

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Kubota 95-2s FAQ

How much does a Kubota SVL95 2s weight?

ANS : Kubota SVL95 2s weight is 11,299 lbs.

How much does a Kubota SVL95 2s Displacement?

ANS: Kubota SVL95 2s Displacement 230 cu in. (3769 ccs).

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