Most Common Kubota B2601 Problems – How To Fix?

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Kubota B2601 Problems

Kubota B2601 Problems – How To Fix?

Tractors are expensive pieces of equipment that are hard to replace so you may worry about problems. Still, you can avoid many headaches and trouble if you know how to solve the most common problems.

Here are some common issues and their fixes:

Problems Solutions
The engine doesn’t start Replace damaged part
Soot buildup Drain fuel & clean the fuel tank
Battery failure Check your engine
Overheating / Clogged air filter Clean air filters/vents regularly
Backhoe seating problem Check if there are no loose screws
Stiff treadle pedal Lubricate pedal
Quick tach loader leakage Seal fitting gaps

(1) Frequently Oil Changes Due To Soot & Clogs

Due to the soot in the engine, we found that you have to change the oil often.

Because of soot and clogs, the engine can break down completely. Most clogs and soot are caused by diesel and gasoline mixing up in the fuel tank. This makes the engine break down in the winter and when it’s cold.

Soot is a natural thing, but it can hurt or even break the engine if there is too much of it.

How To Fix?

To get rid of soot and clogs, you have to drain all the fuel and clean the fuel tank well. If the parking brakes are broken, you should also try to get them fixed or replaced.

(2) Engine Start-Up Issue

Most problems with Kubota B2601 happen when the engine starts up. More than half of the people who have used this have complained about it.

There could be more than one reason for this. Spark plug problems include a dead battery, broken safety switches, and a broken ignition key.

The problem could also be caused by dirt in the fuel filters. These cause clogs in the fuel tank, which stops fuel from getting to the engine as it should.

How To Fix?

Simple steps can be taken to fix broken parts. First, figure out if a part is broken. Then you can buy a new one and put it in its place. You can save money if you still have time for your replacement warranty.

Make it a habit to check the fuel tank often, preferably once every two months, to ensure there are no clogs or impurities in the fuel. If the fuel tank is clogged, drain it and clean it well. This should make things better.

(3) Battery Failure

Some users say that the battery is a big problem with the Kubota B2601. When the battery is bad, the engine sometimes starts and runs but can’t go more than a few meters.

One reason is that the engine mixes the gasoline, which makes it too thin. The fuel is either too thin or too thick. This puts more stress on the tractor’s carburetor and battery.

How To Fix?

Get your engine checked. Try consulting a professional as this is a technical issue.

(4) Backhoe seating Problem

The backhoe seat system on the Kubota B2601, which can be turned around, is often a problem. But since it’s a small vehicle, it makes sense that it has trouble connecting to a backhoe loader.

Aside from that, the problem with connecting the loader to the backhoe can be fixed by tightening a few screws.

(5) Overheating & Clogged-Up Air Filter

In Kubota B2601, the air filter often gets clogged. If there isn’t enough airflow, the engine and battery can’t cool themselves, which can cause problems with overheating.

Engine problems can also be caused by air filters that are clogged. They stop the right amount of gas from getting into the engine, so it can’t make enough power or start up.

Sometimes, the cooling fins get broken, which makes the overheating problem worse. If the problem isn’t fixed, the engine will be put under too much stress, and it could break completely.

How To Fix?

Make it a habit to clean your air filters and vents as often as you clean your fuel tank. If you see that the cooling fins are broken, get them fixed right away because they don’t cost much.

(6) Treadle Pedal Stiffness Issue

The treadle pedal system that sends signals to the hydrostatic transmission system often feels too stiff. You must push a little too hard, to the point where the pedal sometimes feels stuck.

When the pedal is pushed backward, it is hard to move it forwards again. With this kind of long-term use, knee pain and other problems were seen.

The two main reasons for this are problems with lubrication and bolts that are too tight.

How To Fix?

The fix is easy, which is good. First, put enough oil on the pedal to make it work well. This makes the pedal easier to use.

Next, loosen all the bolts and joints until they feel right. Ensure you stay within a reasonable distance, or the pedal will fall off.

(7) Connection Problem With The Quick Tach Loader

You may need to add suspensions or attachments to your tractor if it comes with something other than the ones you need. If you put the right attachments on the Kubota B2601, it quickly falls off. If the fittings are no longer tightly screwed, the seals around them may no longer close tightly.

How To Fix?

You can replace broken parts by calling your dealer or going to an auto supply store in the area. It would help if you also protected the hose section from preventing leaks since the hoses constantly rub against each other.

What Do the Customers Say?

Many users say they have been using the Kubota B2601 for years because it has great lifting power, is very efficient, is small, and can get the most work done with various implements and attachments. Unlike its competitors, this machine will last for a long time.

When they had problems, they called Kubota, and most of them got help while the warranty was still valid.

Starting Problems

Every machine, including the Kubota B2601, has the most common problem of the inability to start. Most of the time, it’s because the battery is dead or the engine is broken. It can also happen when the ignition switch is broken, or the air filter is dirty.

How To Fix?

When you need help getting your Kubota B2601 to start, you should first check the battery. If the battery is broken, you should fix it.

You can check your engine and fuel if this is not the case. If the gas tank is empty, the problem can only be fixed by putting more gas in it. But if neither of these fixes the problem, you can clean the fuel and air filters.

Issues with steering

Over time, the steering wheel might feel too loose, making it hard to drive, or too tight, making it hard to turn. You might also find that it pulls you to one side or makes you drift.

The first thing to check is the steering fluid, and hydraulic oil levels since these are both important parts of the steering system. You should also make sure nothing is leaking.

Next, make sure that all of the tires have the same amount of air pressure. If one corner of the tractor is slightly flat, the chassis will lean to that side, causing the compact tractor to move in that direction.

You should also ensure that the steering linkage has enough oil.

If none of the steps above fix the problem, you should take it to a qualified repair person at your nearest Kubota dealer, as it may be a problem you can’t fix yourself.

The spark plug is not functioning

Another common problem you might run into is not just with the b2601 but with almost every model in the line. The spark plug makes a small electrical current that lights the fuel in the engine, starting the combustion process.

If there is a dirty or corroded connection, it won’t be able to make the spark. They can sometimes break and need to be replaced.

These are very cheap, so you can buy new ones when they wear out.

The engine clicks when starting

Most of the time, the engine needs to get more power. You should check all the motor-to-battery connections to make sure they are working.

The next thing to look at is the voltage of the battery. If the battery was just charged, but it’s not putting out enough voltage, it may be broken and need to be replaced with a new one.

The engine cranks but cannot start

When you try to start the Kubota b2601 tractor, if you can hear the engine cranking, but it doesn’t fully start up, it may be because fuel isn’t getting to the cylinder.

The first thing to do is check the gas tank and ensure it’s full. The air and fuel filters are the next things to check. It might need more oxygen or fuel to get the right mix for combustion.

Once these are checked, move the throttle to idle, then half throttle, and start the Kubota b2601 compact tractor back up.

Cold weather prevents the tractor from starting

When tractors have been left in a cold place overnight, it’s pretty common for them to be hard to start.

You can use “winter blends” of fuel with special additives to help them handle the cold. Change to these during the winter to make it easier for the Kubota b2601 tractor to start up when it’s cold.

When you get the Kubota B2601 compact tractor to start, let it run at a low speed for 5 to 10 minutes. This will help the engine warm up and work better.

You can also use glow plugs, intake pre-heaters, and block heaters to help the engine start when the temperature is low.

If you are sure that the fuel is not the problem, you can also check to see if the fuel injectors are dirty and if any of the switches are broken.

Engine stalls

Most of the time, this is a problem with oil or fuel flow. Check the fuel/oil tank, hoses, and shutoff valve to make sure they can supply the system with fuel and oil.

If you have too much oil in the system, dirty fuel, or a clogged air filter, you should check your levels and clean the fuel system and filter as needed. Most of the time, black smoke will come out of the exhaust to show this.

It could also be that fuel got into the muffler or the fuel injection nozzle was dirty (commonly caused by poor, low-quality fuel). In this case, you should throw away the fuel, clean the mower, and put in new fuel.

Most of the time, white or light blue smoke comes out of the exhaust to show this.

What Is The Resale Value Of Kubota B2601?

Year New Price
Model 2021 $20,100
Model 2019 $19,500
Model 2016 $19,995

How Does Kubota B2601 Engine Work?

The Kubota B2601 is powered by a D1105 three-cylinder engine with an E-TVCS (three vortex combustion system) that makes the best fuel use.

The engine helps give the car the power and torque it needs. The engine can make up to 25.5 horsepower, which is a lot of power for mowing, and 19.5 horsepower of Power take-off at 2800 rpm. The fuel tank on the tractor can hold up to 6.1 gallons.

Kubota b2601 discontinued

With a heavy heart, we have to say that the Kubota b2601 will no longer be made. This reliable machine has been a mainstay in Kubota’s lineup for many years, but it is no longer made.

We know that many of our customers will be disappointed by this, but we hope you will continue supporting Kubota as we make new and better products.

What John Deere is comparable to Kubota B2601?

You can compare these two brands of equipment in a few different ways. John Deere and Kubota make many products in the same categories, so it’s easy to find similar models.

When it comes to size, John Deere has a few more options than Kubota when it comes to sub-compact tractors. Regarding horsepower, the entry-level sub-compact tractor from John Deere is similar to the B2601 from Kubota.

But Kubota’s line of sub-compact tractors, the B2650, has more horsepower and is similar to John Deere’s 2 Series line of sub-compact tractors. Both John Deere and Kubota tractors have a wide range of options and attachments that can be added to them.

John Deere’s John Deere Connect and My John Deere platforms, on the other hand, give you a few more ways to connect than Kubota does.

Kubota has a remote monitoring system called Kubota Telematics, but it is less powerful than John Deere Connect.

What are the problems with Kubota tractors?

Kubota tractors have been said to have several problems. Some owners have said that the tractor won’t start, and others have said that the engine won’t keep going. People have also said that the brakes need to be fixed.

The tractor sometimes tipped over when going up or down a hill.

How much does a B2601 Kubota cost?

Between $23,000 and $25,000, he buys a B2601 Kubota tractor. The B2601 Kubota is in the middle to the upper end of the price range for sub-compact tractors at this price range. The B2601 Kubota is a versatile tractor used to mow, till, and plow, among other things.

It also has features that make it a good choice for people who want a tractor that can do more than just basic lawn care.

#81 Kubota B2601 Throttle Problem and Fix!

How much weight can a Kubota B2601 pull?

If you mean the Kubota B2601 tractor, the most it can pull with its drawbar is 1,814 lbs. This means it can pull behind it a plow, harrow, or another tool that weighs up to 1,814 lbs.

The actual weight the tractor can pull will depend on the ground, how much the tractor weighs, and other things.

Kubota b2601 problems: Are they a deal-breaker?

The B2601 has gotten good reviews and is a reliable model that can handle anything you throw at it. But the number of problems this Kubota tractor can have might make people want to avoid buying it.

After looking closely at all the problems this Kubota tractor has, we can confidently say it is a great compact tractor with no major flaws.

Most modern tractor models have these problems and are easy to fix with regular maintenance and care.

Kubota B2601 Problems FAQs


(1) What’s the engine type of Kubota B2601?

It’s a 26 HP 3-cyc diesel D1105 type engine.

(2) What’s the lifting capacity of Kubota B2601?

The tractor can lift an average weight of up to 430 kg or 948 lbs.

(3) Is Kubota B2601 made in America?

Yes. Kubota is a company based in the U.S. The B2601 tractor is part of the B series, made in Texas, USA.

(4) What’s the cooling system of Kubota B2601’s engine?

The 26 HP engine is cooled by water. Liquid cooling is a much better way to keep things cool on the job site than air ducts.

(5) How can I fix the spark plug issue in Kubota B2601?

The spark plug is the main part of the engine that makes the gasoline burn. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to get a new one.

(6) Where is Kubota made?

Kubota is a Japanese company based in Osaka that was established in 1890.


➡ If you’re considering buying a Kubota B2601 tractor, you should know about some of the most common problems owners have had with it.

➡There are problems with the engine, electrical, and hydraulic systems. Even though Kubota tractors are often considered reliable, machines can have problems now and then.

➡ If you already know about possible problems, you can better decide whether the B2601 is the right tractor for you.

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