Kubota Bx2380 Problems And Their Solutions

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Kubota Bx2380 Problems


Kubota Bx2380 Problems And Their Solutions

If you are a big driver, certain parts of the car may bother you. As the ride gets older, trouble can also occur. Today, I will talk about some of the most common problems with Kubota Bx2380 Problems and how to fix them:

which are as follows:

(1) Loader Problems

(2) The engine starts but Stops After Sometime

(3) Very Noisy

(4) Starting Problems

(5) Steering Box Problems

(6) PTO Problems

(7)Switch Problems

(8) Folding ROPS Problems

(1) Problem 1: Kubota Bx2380 Loader Problems

When putting the loader home on, one edge may keep coming off even though the other side is fine. The Kubota L4701 tractor has the same problem.

It’s just a slight problem with an attachment that’s easy to fix.

How To Fix?

You can solve this problem by using these suggestions.

  1. First, check for problems with the air/fuel filters, the fuel pump, the fuel lines, and the airlines.
  2. If the fuel line is clogged, you can clear it with high-pressure air.
  3. Now, look at the fuel filter. It would be better to replace the whole thing if it is filthy.
  4. Sometimes even a faulty fuel pump also can cause severe problems. So, ensure there is no air stuck inside the pump so it can work right.
  5. If there are no problems with the fuel system, the problem might be how the air flows through the engine. So, check the whole system and determine what’s wrong.
  6. Too much or not enough air can mess up the fuel pump as well as slow down the rate of combustion. Make sure the air filter seems to be clean as a result. You can employ the air compressor blow to get rid of dirt if it’s dirty.

(2) Problem 2: The engine starts but Stops After Sometime

If your engine shuts off suddenly after starting and right after starting, it is broken. This could be because the fuel injection timing is off or the fuel filter is clogged.

If the timing could be better, you have to fill up the gas tank whenever it runs out. This is a big part of why this problem happens so often.

How To Fix?

When refilling the fuel filter, you should do it the way the company that made it tells you to. They inform you how long you should wait between filling up your tractor’s fuel tank. Also, ensure that you clean the debris out of your fuel filter.

(3) Problem 3: Very Noisy

If one Kubota tractor has been making a lot of noise and bothering your neighbors, that is not normal, as they are made to work without making much noise.

How To Fix?

Most of the time, the loud noise is caused by insufficient engine oil and worn or damaged pistons. Your Kubota tractor won’t make noise again if you follow the instructions when adding oil and replacing pistons.

(4) Problem 4: Kubota Bx2380 Starting Problems

At least once in their lives, every user complained that their tractor wouldn’t start. It happens all the time. So, the answer is also straightforward.

If your engine doesn’t turn over, it could be because the fuel filter on your tractor is clogged. So, it needs to get more gas to turn over.

How To Fix?

Troubleshooting one fuel filter is all it takes to get your Kubota tractor to start again. If dirt or other things are getting stuck in it, clean it well.

Still, you could check the direct injection nozzles if that doesn’t fix the problem. If they’re blocked, you could clean them. But if they’re completely broken, this problem can only be fixed by getting new ones.

(5) Problem 5: Kubota Bx2380 Steering Box Problems

If your steering is shaky and your front wheels move all over, your steering box is broken. Also, you might feel resistance when you try to turn the wheel. During the rainy season, tractors often have this problem. This isn’t good for tractors.

How To Fix?

Problems with the steering box are easy to fix. All you need to do is keep your Kubota combine harvester in a garage or the shade. If water gets in, you can let the water out by taking the plug out of the weep hole.

(6) Problem 6: Kubota Bx2380 PTO Problems

If the PTO light on your Kubota tractor is always on or if the PTO shift won’t move, it means there is a problem. Problems with the PTO could be caused by a blocked nozzle or fitting, a terrible connection or ground, or a broken solenoid.

If the mechanical PTO isn’t working well, it might be because there isn’t enough air pressure, the cables are not lined up right, and there is too much backlash.

How To Fix?

First, check a clutch lever to figure out what’s wrong with the PTO. It could be broken or disconnected, making the clutch not work. If you fix the clutch lever, the problem might go away.

If it doesn’t, you can turn the PTO shaft by hand. It should be easy to turn when you move it in one direction. After that, keep changing gears until it works right.

(7) Problem 7: Kubota Bx2380 Switch Problems

We talked about how impaired the third function was, but some users have said that the tractor switch at the front of the pull handle has the same problem.

It seems to fall off when the tractor has been running without warning, so the purchaser must keep replacing it. Currently, the only real solution to this issue is to hope that Kubota will improve their designs in the future.

(8) Problem 8: Kubota Bx2380 Folding ROPS Problems

ROPS can be thought of as a must-have for tractor owners today since the tractor is the most common cause of death for agricultural workers.

Most people who have used this Kubota tractor have liked the ROPS system. Even so, some people have had trouble with the pins.

Pulling the connectors out when you fold the ROPS down is good, but it’s harder to get them back in place when you fold them back up.

Even though this isn’t a technical problem in the strictest sense, it’s something to pay close attention to because the ROPS system is so important.

One solution to this issue would be to make the hole again for the pin that won’t fit a little bit more significantly. Simple as pie.

Kubota bx2380 Reviews

People who have used and reviewed the Kubota BX2380 give it high marks because of its size, flexibility, and price. Kubota’s answer to the market for subcompact tractors is this machine, and it doesn’t disappoint.

This tractor has the power as well as features that many small farmers, as well as hobbyists, want. It has a 23 hp diesel engine, 4-wheel drive, and a hydrostatic transmission.

A BX2380 is also Kubota’s least expensive tractor, which makes it an excellent choice for people on a tight budget. The above machine is a great deal, with a base price of over $15,000.

And because Kubota is known for making good products that last, you can be sure that this tractor will serve you for many years.

If you’re looking for a small tractor, you should put the Kubota BX2380 on your list. Finding something better in terms of power, features, and price is hard.

Third Function Problems

If you bought a phone with a third function already installed, you might be one of the people who have been disappointed by it. Even though the BX2380 is generally excellent, the third function must live up to the hype.

The third function’s electrical connection isn’t perfect, and some connector pieces aren’t even tied together right, so they move around.

Even though some dealers use cheap parts, you would expect this from something other than an approved Kubota dealer.

In this situation, there isn’t much to do except get in touch with Kubota and see if they can do anything to compensate for it.

Throttle lever Problems

This is another thing that doesn’t matter, but we still want to mention it because you wouldn’t expect such flaws from a costly – like the Kubota BX2380.

Some people have claimed that the cruise control lever is a smidge of a rebel. For example, when you pull it down, it goes back up right away.

This is likely because the tension on the throttle lever wears down with time.

To fix it, you can use a spanner to turn the lever a few times until it starts to work again.

How many hours will a Kubota diesel last?

The engines made by Kubota are made to last. If you take care of your Kubota diesel engine, it can last for a very long time. But how long your engine lasts depends on many things, like how you utilize it or how well you take care of it.

If you employ your Kubota engine in a high-stress situation, like building or farming, it will only last for a short time, as used in a lower-stress case, like running a generator.

This happens because high-stress applications wear out an engine faster, which can cause it to break down too soon. In the same way, if you don’t take care of your Kubota engine properly, it will only last for a while.

This is because regular maintenance keeps things from getting worn out and helps find and fix problems already when they cause a lot of damage.

So, how long is the life of a Kubota diesel engine? It depends on many things, but if you use and take care of your Kubota engine well, it can last for a long time.

How long will a Kubota BX last?

Kubota BX tractors have been made to be strong and last long. If you take care of your Kubota BX tractor, it can last for a long time. Here are some things you can do to make one Kubota BX tractor last longer:

  •  Keep an eye on the oil level and change it when necessary.
  • Make sure the gas tank is complete and clean to prevent rust and corrosion.
  •  Grease the joints and fittings often to keep them smooth.
  •  Check the tires often and ensure they have the proper air.
  •  When not using the tractor, put it somewhere dry and out of the way. One Kubota BX tractor will last for a long time by doing these simple things.

5 Things I Hate About My Kubota BX2380

Kubota BX2380 problems: are they a deal-breaker?

They’re not because Kubota makes tools and machines to last many years, even if problems arise.

Many of the problems you might have with the above tractor are problems that many models have and are easy to fix at home.

So, if you require a lawn tractor, a garden tractor, or even a smaller tractor to go with a more powerful mower, a Kubota BX2380 won’t let you down.

Kubota Bx2380 Problems FAQs


(1) Is Kubota BX2380 efficient enough?

The Kubota BX2380 is among the best small tractors on the market. It’s great for getting things done quickly and easily and doesn’t require the user to go anywhere.

In addition, this machine has a high-quality, reliable engine that ensures it works well. If you continue to have questions, you can look at BX2380 specs to help you buy confidently.

(2) How much does a Kubota BX2380 cost?

A subcompact tractor, the Kubota BX2380, costs about $19,000. It has a diesel engine with 21.5 horsepower and a transmission that works with water. It has a three-point hitch and a 54-inch mid-mount mower deck.

(3) How much horsepower does a BX2380 have?

The BX2380 has a Kubota diesel engine with three cylinders and 26 hp. This engine gives the BX2380’s loader, backhoe, and other attachments a lot of power.

(4) Is there a drive-over deck on the Kubota BX2380 tractor?

The mower decks on the Kubota BX series of tractors are designed to be easy to lift over. These decks are easy to put together and take apart.

To do that, you have to let go of the rear wheel springs attached to a 40-degree ramp. The second step is to go over the deck.

(5) Is Kubota a Good Brand?

The best compact, as well as sub-compact tractors on the market, are made by Kubota. Their diesel engines seem reliable and will last longer if correctly cared for.

 (6) Is the Kubota BX2380 4-wheel drive?

Yes. Kubota says all four BX8 Series tractors, including the BX2380, have good grip and four-wheel drive.

Final Thoughts

➡ Even though they have a few common problems, Kubota tractors are an excellent choice for lawn equipment. Even the finest tractors can have problems, so Kubota is not wrong just because it has had some.

➡ As long as users know how to solve the problems, they are easy to fix. If you troubleshoot one’s tractor often and follow the maintenance and troubleshooting instructions in the manual, you will have fewer problems.

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