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Kubota KX033 4

Kubota KX033 4 Excavator Overview

Kubota Corp (Kubota), manufactures and sells products in the machinery sector and for water and environmental systems.

 It sells tractors, industrial machinery, machines, engines, air-conditioning equipment, and vending machines. Products for the water and environment sector include single-stack drain fittings and ductile iron pipes.

The company also offers ceramics, industrial castings, and spiral-welded steel tubes. The company provides financing, logistics, roofing, and siding materials, as well as financing.

The company has manufacturing facilities in several countries, including the USA, France, Germany, France, and China. It sells its products across Europe, North America, and Latin America. Kubota’s headquarters are in Osaka (Japan).

For more information, and service inquiries, contact your local Kubota dealer.

Kubota KX033 4 Price

Kubota KX033 4

KUBOTA KX033-4 mini (up to 12,000 lbs.) Excavators Price USD $55,000

Kubota KX033 4 Horsepower

Kubota KX033-4 amazing capability and thirst for performance: 24.8 HP.

Kubota KX033 4 Weight

Kubota KX033-4 Operating Weight: 7420 lbs.

Kubota KX033 4 Engine Oil Capacity

Kubota KX033-4 Engine Oil Capacity: 15.8 GPM (60 liters)

Kubota KX033 4 Dig Depth

The Kubota KX033-4 can dig to 12 feet (2 inches).

Kubota KX033 4 Features

  • A low sound level allows for more work in residential areas and increases operator comfort.
  • Compact size allows for greater productivity in small areas.
  • Operator fatigue is reduced when there’s more space for them to work, which in turn leads to increased productivity and comfort.
  • Increased versatility thanks to an increase in auxiliary hydro flow and standard diverter valve on the dipper arm.

Kubota KX033 4 Specifications


Type Interim Tier 4 Emission Level
Fuel Type Diesel
Cylinders 3
Model Kubota D1703M
Engine Net 23.9 HP
Engine Gross 24.8 HP
Displacement 1647 cc
Rated Speed 2200 rpm

Drive System

Max. Traction force 2763 kgf
Tumbler distance 1665 mm
Crawler length 2100 mm
Shoe width 300 mm
Ground contact pressure – Canopy 0.307 kgf/cm2
Ground contact pressure – Cab 0.321 kgf/cm2


Hydraulic Pump Capacity 39.6 variable x 2 / 20.9 Gear x 1 l/min
Aux hydraulic Flow 60 l/min
Max. Breakout force. Bucket 3694 kgf
Max. Breakout force. Arm 1756 kgf

 Boom/Stick Option (Hex) 1

Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth 7.34ft in
Max Digging Depth 10.54ft in
Boom Offset-Left 1.48ft in
Boom Offset-Right 1.35ft in
Max Digging Height 16.34ft in
Max.Dumping Height 11.59ft in
Maximum Dig Radius 205.91in

Swing System

Swing System Conventional Swing
Unit swing speed 8.9 rpm
Boom swing angle Left 70 degree
Boom swing angle Right 48 degree

Traveling speeds

Low 3 km/h
High 4.6 km/h


Length 4730 mm
Width 1550 mm
Max. Width 1550 mm
Height – Canopy 2480 mm
Height – Cab 2470 mm
Min. Ground Clearance 290 mm
Operating weight – Canopy 3365 kg
Operating weight – Cab 3511 kg


Blade Width 1550 mm
Blade Height 345 mm
Max. Lift above ground 365 mm
Max. Drop below ground 375 mm

Fluid Capacity

Fuel reservoir 46.9 l
Hydraulic oil reservoir 44.6 l
Hydraulic oil system 61 l
Engine oil 4.5 l

Kubota KX033 4 Review Video

Kubota KX033 4 Attachments

CMP Attachments can provide any high-quality attachment for your excavator. These attachments are available for the Kubota KX033-4

  • Grapples are available for many applications, including the 360-degree rotating Hydra; the Bypass to wood materials; Concrete Processor; Pipe Clamp Rotator.
  • Excavator buckets are customized for different utilities, including tilting, tilting, toothed, tilting, and grapple varieties.
  • Attachments are designed for specific projects, such as lifting booms and post-pounders, shears and rippers, or shears.
  • Plus, many more.

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Kubota KX033 4 FAQ

Q. How much can a Kubota kx033 4 lift?

Ans. A maximum bucket breakout force of 8,138 pounds.

Q. What is the Kubota kx033-4 excavator?

Ans. The excavator is designed for efficiency, built for stability, and created for comfort

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