Kubota KX057-4 Specs – Kubota KX057-4 Compact Excavator ❤ 2022

Kubota KX057-4 Specs

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kubota kx057-4 specs

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Kubota KX057-4 Engine

Engine make: Kubota
Engine model: V2607-CR-E4
Net hp: 47.6

Kubota KX057-4 Weight

Operating weight (metric tons): 5.5
Operating weight (lbs): 12,200

Kubota KX057-4 Bucket

Bucket capacity, SAE heaped min-max (cu ft): 3.0 – 8.5

Kubota KX057-4 Hydraulics

Total flow of main pumps, implement & swing (gpm): 39.4
Max relief valve pressure (psi): 3,980

Kubota KX057-4 Performance

Arm (stick) length used for dimensions & forces (ft/in): 6′ 0″
Max dig depth (ft/in): 12′ 9.6″
Max depth of vertical wall (ft/in): 5′ 7″
Reach @ ground level (ft/in): 20′
Dump height (ft/in): 13′ 9″
Boom swing, right/left (deg): 55° / 70°
Bucket digging force (lbs): 11,177

Kubota KX057-4 Dimensions

Transport length (ft/in): 18′ 1.3″
Transport height (ft/in): 8′ 4.4″
Transport width (ft/in): 6′ 5.2″
Tail overhang over side (in): 2.6″

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Kubota KX057-4 FAQ

How much does a Kubota KX057-4 weight?

The Kubota KX057 -4 weight is Rubber Tracks: 12,620 lbs. (5,725 kgf) canopy; 12,820 lbs. (5,815 kgf) cabSteel Tracks: 12,840 lbs. (5,825 kgf) canopy; 13,040 lbs. (5,915 kgf) cab (includes 175 lbs. operator’s weight)

How much can a Kubota KX057-4 lift?

The Kubota KX057 -4 can lift up to 11,177 lbs