Kubota kx121-3 Price, Specs, Reviews, Lifting Capacity & Features 2023

Kubota kx121-3 Price, Specs, Reviews, Features

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kubota kx121-3 specs

Kubota kx121-3 Mini Excavator Key Facts

kubota kx121-3 specs

  • NET POWER: 42 hp
  • POWER MEASURED @: 2200 rpm
  • MAX TRAVEL SPEED: 5 km/h
  • GROUND CLEARANCE: 330.2 mm
  • lifting capacity: 3667 lbs(1660 kg).
  • engine oil capacity: 16.9 gallons or 64 liters
  • hydraulic oil type: Liquimatic HV 46

Kubota kx121-3 Mini Excavator Price

kubota kx121-3 specs

Kubota kx121-3 Mini Excavator Price: $45,999 (Approx)

kubota kx121-3 for sale

  1. This 2006 Kubota KX121-3 excavator with 545 hours is offered for $49,900 and in good condition – ideal for someone seeking a reliable yet cost-effective excavator solution.
  2. 2006 Kubota KX121-3 with 39,900 hours for $39,900 is another good value option with excellent working conditions but with higher hours than its previous machine. It may suit anyone searching for an economical excavator but does not mind having more work done on it over time.
  3. This 2014 Kubota KX121-3 with 4275 hours can be found for $29,000 and is in good condition, having low hours for its age. This excavator would make an ideal solution for someone seeking an economical yet reliable excavator under warranty.

When purchasing a Kubota KX121-3 excavator for sale, it’s essential to consider several key factors. These include:

  • Year: The age and condition of an excavator will have an effect on its price and condition.
  • Hours: An excavator’s total hours can serve as an accurate indication of its condition.
  • Before purchasing, an excavator it should be carefully examined to ensure its condition remains acceptable.
  • Warranty: Being covered under warranty should be one of the primary factors when making an excavator purchase decision.

Prior to making a purchase, it is crucial to compare prices from various sellers.

Kubota kx121-3 Specs

MAKE Kubota
NET POWER 42 hp / 31.3 kw
POWER MEASURED @ 2250 rpm /
DISPLACEMENT 134.1 cu in /   2.2 L
OPERATING WEIGHT 9063 lb /  4110.9 kg
FUEL CAPACITY 16.9 gal /   64 L
HYDRAULIC PUMP FLOW CAPACITY 25 gal/min /   94.6 L/min
Swing Mechanism
GROUND PRESSURE 4.4 psi /  30.4 kPa
MAX TRAVEL SPEED 3.1 mph /  5 km/h
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 1
SHIPPING HEIGHT OF UNIT 8.2 ft in /  2494.3 mm
SHIPPING LENGTH OF UNIT 16.7 ft in /  5090.2 mm
MAX DIGGING DEPTH 11.5 ft in /  3505.2 mm
MAX REACH ALONG GROUND 18 ft in /  5476.2 mm
MAX CUTTING HEIGHT 17.8 ft in /  5418.6 mm
MAX LOADING HEIGHT 12.8 ft in /  3888.7 mm
WIDTH TO OUTSIDE OF TRACKS 5.6 ft in /  1699.3 mm
HEIGHT TO TOP OF CAB  ft in /  mm
GROUND CLEARANCE 1.1 ft in /  330.2 mm

kubota kx121-3 mini excavator attachments

  • Digging buckets: Digging buckets are one of the simplest types of attachment, used for digging and loading materials. Available in a range of sizes and shapes to meet various applications, they make for an efficient attachment solution.
  • Rake riddle buckets: These attachments are used for raking and riddling aggregates. Their tines help break apart materials into their constituent parts for sorting by size.
  • Uni-tusk buckets: These attachments are versatile utility buckets designed to fulfill various tasks such as digging, loading, and transporting materials. Their curved design enables easy scooping up material while the flat bottom makes loading onto trucks or trailers simpler.
  • Grading beams: Grading beams are used for leveling surfaces by scraping material away or pushing it in its place. Their flat blade can help smooth surfaces to an exact finish.
  • Ripper Teeth: These attachments are used for digging through tough materials like rock and concrete with ease, thanks to a series of sharp teeth designed specifically to break up this material.

Kubota kx121-3 Mini Excavator Review Video

concrete breaker for kubota kx121-3 mini excavator

  1. Compatible Attachment(s): Before selecting your concrete breaker attachment for use with the Kubota KX121-3 mini excavator, ensure it satisfies its specific hydraulic flow requirements and weight limits.
  2. Hydraulic System: Before attaching the concrete breaker attachment to your Kubota KX121-3, make sure that it has sufficient hydraulic power. Both flow and pressure requirements should comply with manufacturer specifications.
  3. Attachment Installation: When attaching the concrete breaker, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions for correct installation. Generally, this involves attaching it to an excavator’s hydraulic arm and using the mounting hardware provided to securely fasten it in place.
  4. Safety Measures: Safety must always come first when operating a concrete breaker attachment, so ensure all necessary precautions are observed, such as wearing protective equipment such as safety glasses, gloves and hard hats. Also, familiarize yourself with its controls and operation before beginning.
  5. Operating Guidelines: Make sure that you understand the operating guidelines for the concrete breaker attachment, including proper positioning, angle of attack, and pressure requirements in order to effectively break concrete without harming either itself or your excavator.
  6. Maintenance: For optimal performance of the attachment and longer lifespan, follow manufacturer recommendations regarding inspection, lubrication and maintenance to maintain it in top shape.
  7. Training: If you are unfamiliar with operating a concrete breaker attachment, be sure to seek proper instruction from either its manufacturer or an accredited instructor. Being aware of its features will help ensure the safe and effective operation of this piece of machinery.
  8. Before choosing to use a concrete breaker attachment, take time to evaluate the specific job site conditions. Take into account factors like ground stability, proximity to other structures, and any buried utilities which might be affected.
  9. Consulting Experts: For any issues or inquiries related to using a concrete breaker attachment on a Kubota KX121-3, it is wise to reach out directly to either its manufacturer or a Kubota dealer for guidance and support based on their experience and knowledge.

kubota kx121-3 parts

  1. Engine: The Kubota D1105 engine powers the KX121-3. This four-cylinder diesel engine produces 47 horsepower.
  2. Hydraulic System: The KX121-3 uses a hydrostatic transmission powered by its engine and uses hydraulic fluid for moving its arm, bucket, and other components.
  3. Excavator Arm: The excavator’s arm is the primary mechanism that moves the bucket. Attached to the chassis of an excavator, this component can be extended or retracted as required to access different areas.
  4. Bucket: An excavator’s bucket serves to dig and move materials. Attached to the end of its arm, its size, and shape can be customized for different tasks.
  5. Other Components: The KX121-3 contains various other parts that are integral to its operation and should be well maintained for the smooth running of the machine, including its chassis, cab and controls. All three should be treated as essential elements.

kubota kx121-3 parts diagram

kubota kx121-3 parts diagram

kubota kx121-3 parts diagram 1

kubota kx121-3 problems

  • Hydraulic Leaks: Hydraulic leaks can occur on any excavator, though they’re more prevalent among older machines like the KX121-3. Causes for hydraulic leaks could include worn seals, damaged hoses and malfunctioning valves.
  • Engine Issues: The KX121-3 is powered by a Kubota D1105 engine, which tends to be reliable but may develop issues over time. Some of the more common engine issues include clogged air filters, spark plug issues and worn bearings.
  • Transmission issues: The KX121-3 utilizes a hydrostatic transmission, which is generally reliable but can develop issues if they aren’t regularly serviced and maintained properly. These transmissions typically experience issues related to low fluid levels, worn seals and malfunctioning valves as examples of problems encountered when properly cared for.
  • Electrical Issues: The KX121-3 features multiple electrical components, such as its starter, alternator and battery. Over time these can develop issues; among the more frequent issues are dead batteries, failed alternators or burnt-out starters.

Here are a few helpful hints for keeping your Kubota KX121-3 running smoothly:

  • Perform routine maintenance: For optimal operation of the Kubota KX121-3, regular maintenance should be performed to keep it operating at peak condition. Referring to your owner’s manual will help establish an appropriate maintenance schedule.
  • Use the correct fluids: The Kubota KX121-3 requires specific oils for its engine, hydraulic system and transmission to operate efficiently. To guarantee smooth running of this machine it is crucial that all necessary fluids are used.
  • Operate Your Machine Correctly: The Kubota KX121-3 is a highly capable machine, so its operation must be managed with caution and avoided overloading or operating it under adverse conditions.
  • Storing Your Machine Appropriately: When storing the Kubota KX121-3, it is vital to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for storage to avoid damage to the machine and maintain optimal condition for future use.


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Kubota kx121-3 Price – FAQs

What year is the Kubota Kx121 3?

The year of Kubota Kx121 3 2005 to 2017

What replaced the Kubota Kx121 3?

If you wanna replaced the Kubota Kx121 3 then you can replace it with KX040-4 Compact Excavator

How much weight can a Kubota Kx121 3 Lift?

The Kubota Kx121 3 can lift up to 1660 kg (3667 lbs) weight

How much horsepower is a Kubota kx121 3?

The Kubota Kx121 3 with a V2203-M engine model has a 42 hp  net power

Where can I buy the Take Kubota KX121-3?

You can buy the Take Kubota KX121-3 from authorized Take Kubota dealerships or authorized equipment dealers that carry Take Kubota products.

How can I find the nearest Take Kubota dealership?

You can visit the official Take Kubota website and use their dealer locator tool to find the nearest authorized dealership.

Can I purchase the Take Kubota KX121-3 online?

Some authorized dealerships may offer online purchasing options. Check the Take Kubota website or contact dealerships directly for more information.

Are there any specific requirements to buy the Take Kubota KX121-3?

When purchasing the Take Kubota KX121-3, typically necessary documentation includes identification, business (if applicable), and payment information.

What are the specifications of the Take Kubota KX121-3?

The Take Kubota KX121-3 compact excavator boasts XYZ horsepower (specific number to be determined based on available information), as well as an operating weight (specific number determined based on available information).

Can the Take Kubota KX121-3 be equipped with different attachments?

Yes, the Take Kubota KX121-3 is designed to accommodate various attachments such as buckets, thumbs, augers, and more, allowing for versatile applications.

What is the digging depth of the Take Kubota KX121-3?

The Take Kubota KX121-3 has a maximum digging depth of XYZ feet (specific number to be determined based on available information).

What after-sales support is provided for the Take Kubota KX121-3?

Take Kubota dealerships typically offer maintenance and repair services for the equipment they sell. They can provide information about service plans, spare parts availability, and technical support.

kubota kx121-3 years made?

The year of manufacture for the Kubota KX121-3 is from 2005 to 2017.