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Kubota kx91 3 Specification, Horsepower, Lift Capacity, Weight, Prices & Overview

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Kubota Kx91 3

Kubota Kx91 3 Price New

The Kubota Kx91 3 old model price – $44,100 to $50,500 

Kubota Kx91 3 Horsepower

Kubota has a D1703-M-E3 diesel engine producing 28.5hp.

Kubota Kx91 3 Dig Depth

Kubota Kx91 3 Excavator has a Max Digging Depth – of 10.5 ft (3 m)

Kubota Kx91 3 Lifting Capacity

Lifting capacity with bucket breakout force is 8,059 lbs

Kubota kx91-3 Years Made

Kubota Kx91 3 made in (2002 – 2005)

Kubota kx91-3 Weight

Kubota Kx91 3 weight is 7110 lbs

Kubota Kx 91 3 Specs


Brand Kubota
Model D1703-M-E3
Type 4 cyl Diesel water-cooled
No. of Cylinders 3
Emission Regulation Tier 4
Aspiration Naturally aspirated
Combustion Indirect injection
Fuel system In-line pump
Aftertreatment DOC + DPF
Rated Power 2250 RPM
Torque Power 1800 RPM
Specs US Metric
Gross Power 29.6 HP 22.1 kW
Net Power 28.3 HP 21.1 kW
Displacement 91.47 cu in. 1499 cc
Bore and Stroke 3.43×3.64 in. 8.7×9.2 cm
Dimension US Metric
Length 22.6 in. 57.4 cm
Width 18.9 in. 48.1 cm
Height 25.3 in. 64.3 cm


US Metric
Max. Traction Force 5600 lbs 2540 kg
Max. Digging Height 195.2 in. 496.0 cm
Max. Dumping Height 139.2 in. 353.5 cm
Max. Digging Depth 125.4 in. 318.6 cm
Max. Vertical Digging Depth 109.8 in. 279.0 cm
Min. Turning Radius with Swing 56.7 in. 144.0 cm
Min. Tail Turning Radius 51.6 in. 131.0 cm
Ground Pressure 4.8 psi 32.8 kPa

Hydraulic system

US Metric
Pump Capacity (variable x2) 10.9 GPM 41.4 LPM
Pump Capacity (gear x1) 5.5 GPM 20.9 LPM
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow 16.4 GPM 62.3 LPM

Kubota Kx 91 3 Weight

US Metric
Operating Weight – Rubber with Canopy 7110 lbs 3225 kg
Operating Weight – Rubber with Cab 7330 lbs 3325 kg
Operating Weight – Steel with Canopy 7297 lbs 3310 kg
Operating Weight – Steel with Cab 7518 lbs 3410 kg


US Metric
Length 187.4 in. 476.0 cm
Width 61.0 in. 155.0 cm
Height 97.0 in. 244.0 cm


US Metric
Crawler length 78.7 in. 200.0 cm
Shoe width 11.8 in. 30.0 cm

Kubota Kx91 3 Review video

Kubota kx91 3 Problems


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Kubota Kx91 3 FAQ

How much does a Kubota KX91-3 weight?

Kubota Kx91 3 weight is 7110 lbs

What year is a KUBOTA KX91-3?

Kubota Kx91 3 made in (2002 – 2005)

How many tons is a Kubota KX91-3?

Kubota Kx91 3 is (3.2 – 3.4 TONNE) 

How much can a Kubota KX91 3 Lift?

Kubota Kx91 3 lift capacity is 8,059 lbs

What is the horsepower of a Kubota KX91 3?

The Kubota Kx91 3 engine produces a 70HP

What size is a KX91 3?

The Kubota Kx91 3 Overall Length is 15′ 7″ and its Overall Height is 8


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