Most Common Kubota L3901 Problems – How To Fix?

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Kubota L3901 Problems

Kubota L3901 Problems – How To Fix?

If you are a big driver, certain parts of the car may bother you. As the ride gets older, trouble can also occur. Today, I will talk about some of the most common problems with Kubota L3901 problems and how to fix them.

which are as follows:

  • Steering Problems
  • Engine Overheats
  • PTO Problems
  • Regeneration Problems
  • Shuts down unexpectedly
  • Radiator prescreens cannot be removed
  • Too small an area for the operator

(1) Problem 1: Kubota L3901 Steering Problems

If your tractor feels harder to steer than usual, that’s a red flag. This is a sign that there is a problem with the steering.

Power steering systems often have trouble with leaks. If the power steering goes out, the steering will not work. If something breaks a hydraulic pipe, this can happen.

How To Fix?

If the steering on your Kubota L3901 isn’t working right, you should get all the air out of the hydraulic system. You can also check Kubota L3901’s attachments if this doesn’t work.

If the oil tank is low, filling it up should fix the problem. Lastly, you need to replace your steering cylinders if they are broken.

(2) Problem 2: Engine Overheats

Several owners have said that the engine on their Kubota L3901 gets too hot.

Most of the time, the engine could overheat because the radiator isn’t getting enough air. Remember that when dust or other debris from the outside gets into the radiator, it slows down the airflow by blocking the way.

So, the engine is running to get too hot, and as time goes on, the heat gets too much to handle, which could cause one’s engine to shut off suddenly.

How To Fix?

The problem is easy to fix, though. All you must do is properly clean the radiator fins of any debris or dust that is already there. You can even blow them out with an air compressor.

(3) Problem 3: Kubota L3901 PTO Problems

If your tractor doesn’t move when the PTO is turned on, that means the PTO on your Kubota L3901 is broken. There are many reasons why you might have trouble with PTO.

This could happen if the bush porker shuts down without power being linked to the PTO. If this occurs, the PTO might need to be fixed.

How To Fix?

When you press the clutch, the car stops moving, so check the condition of the clutch first. If the clutch is broken, fix it or get a new one.

Control valves throughout PTOs can also cause trouble because of floating points. If the PTO’s control valve isn’t working right, you could do a test method to see if it is working correctly.

You may notice an RPM shift if your throttle valve seal has broken. If this happens, the valve on your Kubota L3901 needs to be changed.

(4) Problem 4: Kubota L3901 Regeneration Problems

Something is wrong if the regeneration light on your Kubota L3901 keeps flashing. This tractor must be refueled every hour, which is a huge problem.

And if you don’t do it, it won’t work right and will make too much heat, which is bad for the area around it.

How To Fix?

You have to raise the RPM until the light indicator stops flashing or until you figure out what’s wrong with the regeneration. You can also allow this same tractor to run in the therapeutic method for 15 minutes straight.

After that, the lights must stop flashing. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can talk to the dealer or the company that made the car.

(5) Problem 5: Shuts down unexpectedly

If one’s tractor starts up fine but stops running for no reason, there could be an issue with the fuel supply. This is a problem that a lot of tractors have. A tractor usually won’t start because the fuel filter is clogged, broken, or out of gas.

How To Fix?

Follow the directions in the manual to fill it out. This will resolve the issue of running out of gas. If that’s not the problem, users can sometimes take out the fuel injector to see if it’s still working or if dirt or other debris has clogged it up.

The fuel filter should be cleaned regularly, as suggested. If debris gets stuck in filters, it can damage them so much that they can’t be fixed. In this case, the fuel filter might need to be changed.

(6) Problem 6: Radiator prescreens cannot be removed

Small particles don’t get stuck in radiators because of prescreens. But if the radiator fan is broken or not working, it is hard to remove the radiator prescreen and pull out the fan to clean it.

This is a mistake that Kubota L3901 tractor makes by default. So, you can talk about this problem, but there needs to be a better way to fix it.

(7) Problem 7: Too small an area for the operator

A tractor needs a driver to move it around. And yet Kubota L3901 is difficult because they keep their users in a very crowded area.

If you are less than 6 feet tall, it won’t be a problem. But after that, it will become a problem, but there won’t be much that can be done to fix it.

Kubota l3901 Reviews

If you need a new tractor, look at the Kubota L3901. Many farmers and ranchers like to use this tractor, but what does it have to offer? Here are some of the best things about the Kubota L3901 and what people say about it.

This Kubota L3901 is a small tractor that can be used for many different tasks. It has a strong engine that can do a lot of different things.

This makes it a great choice for people who need a versatile machine. The hydrostatic transmission on the tractor makes it easy to drive.

The L3901’s cab is also roomy, comfortable, and well-made. Customers like that the Kubota L3901 can be used for many different tasks. This tractor can do many things, such as mowing, tilling, and hauling.

It’s a good choice for people who want one machine that can do everything. Another thing people like about the L3901 is its comfortable cab. This tractor has a lot of space, and the controls are easy to reach.

Kubota l3901 clutch problems

If your Kubota L3901’s clutch is giving you trouble, you’re not alone. The clutches on many Kubota tractors have been giving their owners trouble, and this model seems to have this problem more than others. A few different things could cause the problem.

One possibility would be that the release impact needs to be in the right place. The hurl arm bushing could also be worn out. Another possibility is that the pilot component is worn out.

No matter what caused it, your tractor’s clutch isn’t working right. This can make it extremely difficult to use one’s machine.

If the clutch on your Kubota L3901 is giving you trouble, you should take it to a qualified repair company and have them look at it. They should be able to figure out what’s wrong and get your tractor running again quickly.

Kubota l3901 Electrical problems

This is a big problem that could affect many different parts of the tractor.

If the tractor doesn’t start, it could be because of a problem with a spark plug. This makes a small amount of electricity that lights the fuel on fire and starts the combustion process.

If dirt or dust gets stuck in the spark plug, it won’t be able to make a spark, and the tractor won’t start.

These are easy to replace and don’t cost much. You can do it yourself without the help of a Kubota dealer. It would help if you moved both edges of the spark plug to get it out of the engine so you can put in a new one.

You might also see rust or dirt in the spark plug and want to try to clean it. It’s simply not worth it because the parts are so cheap. Just get a new one to ensure your Kubota tractor works as well as it can.

Engine Abruptly Shuts Down After Starting

This is a problem that most Kubota tractor designs, including L3901, have.

Several owners say that the tractor starts up fine, but the engine shuts off suddenly and without warning in the center of their work.

A tractor engine usually shuts off abruptly in the middle of its work because it is out of fuel or because an internal part like the fuel pumps, air filter, fuel lines, and air filters fails.

How To Fix?

Most of the time, it’s because there needs to be more fuel in the tank, so check the fuel level in your tractor’s tank and fill it up if necessary.

If your tractor isn’t running out of gas, you should check to see if the fuel pumps, filters, and lines are working right or if any of them are clogged or broken. If there are any broken or clogged parts over there, you should replace them.

Also, examine the air filters to see if they are clogged and replace them if they are.

Sometimes Engine Does Not Crank

Even though it’s a common problem for tractors and mowers to have engines that won’t start or take too long to start, it’s still annoying when it happens.

Most owners say that if they take care of and maintain the engine of their L3901 tractor, it works well most of the time. However, sometimes, the engine starts acting on its own and won’t crank.

This error often happens when your tractor’s battery is dead or when the rechargeable batteries cables have a problem, like a loose connection or a lot of dirt and corrosion.

How To Fix?

The problem is easy to fix, though. If your car is hard to start, you must check the condition of the battery and the battery cables as soon as you notice it.

If the battery is broken or dead, you should replace it immediately, and if one of the cables seems loose at the connection, you should tighten it.

Also, if dirt and corrosion are to blame, use a professional cleaning fluid to clean them thoroughly.

While there, remember to use an Ohm measuring device to ensure your tractor’s safety switches are reading the right voltage.

Kubota l series problems

Farmers and ranchers often choose tractors from the L-series by Kubota. But they have problems just like any other tractor. Here are a few of the most common problems that Kubota l-series tractor owners have told us about:

Transmission problems

Kubota L-series tractors also often have problems with the transmission. These problems can be as small as slipping or as big as the transmission not working.

Hydraulic problems

The most common problem that Kubota L-series farm equipment owners have is with the hydraulics. These problems can be as small as a leak or as big as the hydraulic system not working.

 Problems with the cooling system

A lot of Kubota L-series tractors also have problems with their cooling systems.

2021 Kubota l3901 Reviews

Kubota has been known for a long time to make tractors that last and are of high quality. The L3901 isn’t any different. It’s a machine that can do many jobs on a farm or ranch.

The L3901 does everything, from plow fields to hauling hay. The L3901 tractor from Kubota has a diesel engine made by Kubota that’s also known for being reliable. The engine is good for the environment and meets the latest EPA rules.

It also gets good gas mileage, so you’ll save cash at the gas station. The L3901 tractor has a comfortable cab that is roomy and has plenty of airflow. The controls are simple to use, and the tractor has an up-to-date GPS.

If you’re looking for a new big rig, you should put the Kubota L3901 at the top of your list. It’s a beautiful device that will work well for years to come.

Kubota l3901 complaints

A Kubota L3901 is a great pick if you’re looking for a new tractor. Yet there are always just a few problems with just about any equipment. Among the most common problems only with Kubota L3901 tractor are the following:

1. The engine needs more power.

2. The transmission only lasts for a short time.

3. The PTO needs more power.

4. It takes a lot of work to drive the tractor.

5. It could be a better job of painting.

Even though these complaints are valid, you shouldn’t let them stop you from thinking about Kubota L3901 tractor.

It’s a great tractor that will last for a long time. With proper care, your machine will last for years without giving you any trouble.

Kubota l3901 price

Kubota L3901 Tractor Pricing Popular Kubota models include the L3901 tractor. It’s a versatile agricultural or ranch machine.

The L3901 is an easy-to-use compact tractor. It also is a durable tractor. 2WD and 4WD Kubota L3901 tractors are available.

2WD models cost $21,500, 4WD models $23,500. Cabs and untabbed L3901 tractors are available. Cab models cost $26,500, and non-cab models $24,500.

Kubota diesels power the L3901 tractor. Four-cylinder, 39-horsepower engine. L3901 tractors have hydrostatic transmissions.

Two-range transmission. The two-stage clutch on the L3901 tractor. Category 1 3-point hitch on L3901 tractor.

#52 Complaints About The Kubota L3901 Tractor After 80 Hours of Use

Kubota L3901 problems: Are they a deal-breaker?

A great tractor is the Kubota L3901. Many people have used it for years, and even though it has some problems, these problems are not unique to an l3901 and can, for the most part, be avoided with proper care and maintenance.

Because of this, we are fine recommending this same Kubota L3901. It is a reliable, powerful, and flexible machine that is praised for its ease of use and its many features. A good way to spend your hard-earned cash!

Kubota l3901 Attachments

The powerful Kubota L3901 tractor can handle a range of accessories. The L3901 can haul huge loads, move goods about your property, or add tractor accessories. Popular L3901 attachments include the following:

Loader: The loader moves stuff about your property and loads and unloads trucks.

Backhoe: Ideal for ditches, pits, and other excavations.

Mower: The mower attachment keeps lawns and pastures tidy.

Snowblower: Clear your driveway and sidewalk with the snowblower attachment. The tiller attachment breaks up soil and prepares seedbeds. Kubota L3901 handles any attachments.

Farms and ranches benefit from this powerful and versatile tractor.

Kubota L3901 Problems FAQs


(1) How many hours do Kubota tractors last?

There is no clear response to this question because it depends on many things, such as how well the tractor is taken care of, what kind of Kubota tractor it is, and how it is used.

But, with proper upkeep and maintenance, these Kubota tractors can often operate for a few thousand hours. For instance, this same Kubota L2501 tractor is supposed to last 3,500 hours.

(2) How much will a Kubota L3901 lift?

Kubota’s L3901 small tractor excels in performance, durability, and comfort. It has a class 1, 3-point hitch, hydrostatic gearbox, 4-wheel drive, and a 39-horsepower Kubota diesel engine. The L3901 has a mid-mount PTO with a Kubota front loader and backhoe attachments.

What does the L3901 lift? L3901 ball ends can lift 1,814 pounds (819 kg). This can easily lift most tractor equipment and attachments.

The L3901 can perform many property tasks. Its strong engine, hydrostatic gearbox, and 4-wheel drive can handle anything. This Kubota L3901 is a great small tractor for various applications and durability.

(3) Is Kubota L3901 Tractor A Good & Reliable?

There is no doubt that the Kubota L3901 is a good and trustworthy tractor. It has everything you need, like a rain 4-cycle engine with 33–37 hp, HST Transmission, a wonderful hydraulic system with a lifting capacity of up to 650 kg, tires with great handle and traction, and a full tank that allows you to work all day with one full load.

Overall, based on its power and how it can be used, the Kubota L3901 is versatile, durable, and comfortable.

(4) How many hours can a Kubota engine last?

This same answer to this question depends on several things, such as the type of Kubota motor, how it is used, and how often it is serviced. But on ordinary days, a Kubota engine will last between 2,000 and 3,000 hours before it needs major replacement or repairs.

Final Words

➡ If you like Kubota tractors, the Kubota L3901 might interest you. This tractor is popular because of its low price and features, but you should be aware of some Kubota L3901 problems.

➡ For one thing, a Kubota L3901 has limited power, so it may not be able to do some of the harder employment on your farm.

➡ Also, the Kubota L3901 has some problems with its reliability, so if you want a more reliable tractor, you should look at something else.

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