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Kubota LA344 Specs, Price, weight

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Kubota LA344 Specs

About Kubota LA344

This Kubota LA344 loader was specifically designed to work with Kubota BX1880 and BX2380 tractors. The loader features a double-acting buckets and hydraulic lifting Cylinders.

The front end of the Kubota LA344 loader has a lifting capacity (at bucket pin) of 335 kilograms (739 lbs) to a maximum height of 1795 millimeters (70.7 in) and a the force to break out is 640 kg (1407 pounds).

The clearance of the bucket for dumps that has a 45-degree maximum dump-angle is 1316 millimeters (51.8 inches).).

The estimated cycle times are 3.3 seconds for raising to maximum height and 2.7 seconds for the fully dump the bucket.

The Kubota LA344 is equipped with 48″ (1220 millimeters) bucket of material that is standard with a the capacity to heap at 0.17 cu.m (6 cu.ft).

Kubota LA344 Price 2020

2020 Kubota LA344 Price: $3,227.00 USD

Kubota LA344 weight

Kubota LA344 weight: 217 kg (478 lbs)

Kubota LA344 Specifications

Compitible Tractor

Tractor model Kubota BX1880, BX2380
Wheel base 1400 mm (55.1 in.)
Front tires 16×7.5-8
Rear tires 24×12-12
Rated flow 14 L/m (3.7 gpm)
Maximum pressure 12.8 MPa (1850 psi)


Loader Model Kubota LA344
Net weight (Approximate) 217 kg (478 lbs)
Boom cylinder bore 40 mm (1.57 in.)
Boom cylinder stroke 326 mm (12.8 in.)
Bucket cylinder bore 65 mm (2.56 in.)
Bucket cylinder stroke 196 mm (7.7 in.)

Standard Material Bucket

Bucket Type Pin On
Width 1219 mm (48.0 in.)
Depth 491 mm (19.3 in.)
Height 465 mm (18.3 in.)
Length 538 mm (21.2 in.)
Bucket Capacity (Struck) 0.14 m3 (4.9 cu.ft.)
Bucket Capacity (Heaped) 0.17 m3 (6.0 cu.ft.)
Weight 60 kg (132 lbs)

Loader Dimensions

Max. lift height (To bucket pivot pin) 1795 mm (70.7 in.)
Max. lift height under level bucket 1652 mm (65.0 in.)
Clearance with bucket dumped 1316 mm (51.8 in.)
Reach at max. lift height (Dumping reach) 642 mm (25.3 in.)
Max. dump angle 0.79 rad (45 deg)
Reach with bucket on ground 1398 mm (55.0 in.)
Bucket rollback angle 0.52 rad (30 deg)
Digging depth 134 mm (5.3 in.)
Overall height in carrying position 981 mm (38.6 in.)

Operating Date

Lift capacity (Bucket pivot pin, max. height) 335 kg (739 lbs)
Lift capacity (500 mm forward, max. height) 231 kg (509 lbs)
Lift capacity (Bucket pivot pin, 1500 mm (59 in.) height) 372 kg (820 lbs)
Lift capacity (500 mm forward, 1500 mm height) 268 kg (591 lbs)
Breakout force (Bucket pivot pin) 640 kg (1407 lbs)
Breakout force (500 mm forward) 449 kg (987 lbs)
Bucket rollback force at max. height 484 kg (1064 lbs)
Bucket rollback force at 1500 mm (5.9 in.) height 567 kg (1249 lbs)
Bucket rollback force at ground level 557 kg (1227 lbs)

Cycle Times

Raising time 3.3 sec.
Lowering time 2.5 sec.
Bucket dumping time 2.7 sec.
Bucket rollback time 2.3 sec.

Kubota LA344 Review Video


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Kubota LA344 FAQ

Q. Why choose the Kubota la344 loader?

Ans. It’s easy to operate and maintain, which makes it ideal for applications that require high performance. This Kubota LA344 Loader has the first Swift-Tach front loader with quick-attach in the marketplace. Simple hydraulic mechanisms attach and removes from the front loading device.

Q. Which la344 for bx2380?

Ans. The LA344″S” has the quick attach for your bucket/implement. The quick attach is not necessary if you do not plan on using other implements (like pallet forks). My BX2380 was just purchased last week.


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