Kubota M5 091 Problems ( Everything You Need To Know )

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Kubota M5 091 Problems

Kubota M5-091 Review

M5-091 Review This Kubota M5-091 is a beautiful mid-size tractor for folks who require more power than a smaller tractor but wouldn’t need the size and weight. This Kubota model has 91 horsepower and includes 4wd, making it ideal for challenging work.

Kubota’s innovative Variable Hydraulic Transmission (VHT) makes it easy to use even for novice tractor drivers. The VHT gearbox has three speeds—low, medium, and high—so you can tailor it to the task. Power steering lets you change direction fast without stopping the tractor.

The Kubota M5-091 is a powerful mid-size tractor with an easy-to-use transmission. Its versatility makes it ideal for agricultural and construction applications. If you need a new tractor, check out all the Kubota M5-091!

Kubota M5091 Transmission Troubleshooting

(1) Transmission is making noise

Nasty backlash or gears that are worn out. Install the new gears and make sure the backlash is correct. Shift forks are broken or worn down.

Shift forks should be replaced. The splines on the shaft are broken or worn. Change the shaft. Transmission oil is insufficient.

Add oil to the housing of the transmission. Bearings that are worn or broken. We need to change the bearings—transmission oil contamination. Switch out the oil.

(2) Hard Shifting

Gear shift linkage that is worn or rusty. Change the linkage that moves the gears—misaligned or worn clutch. The clutch needs to be fixed or changed. Shift forks are broken or worn down. Switch the shift levers. The mechanism for changing gears is broken. Parts that are broken must be replaced.

There needs to be more oil pressure and a low transmission fluid level. I was checking the transmission fluid level and adding more if needed clogged transmission oil filter elements (if fitted).

The transmission filter should be cleaned or changed, and the stuck relief valve should be. As needed, change the relief valve.

(3) External oil leaks

Gaskets or seals are worn out. Replace seals or gaskets that are worn. The transmission fluid level is too high. Drain off the extra liquid.

Kubota M5091 Steering System Troubleshooting

(1) The steering wheel has too much free-play

Most wear is on the steering column rod or coupling. Change the broken part. The problem is with the hydraulic steering pump.

Check this same steering pump and, if it needs to be, replaced it. The assembly of the steering linkage is worn out or loose. Check and make changes as needed.

The control valve for the power steering is broken or worn out. Check and change as necessary.

(2) Stiff steering

Steering system air. Exhale clogged steering filter. Fix or replace the steering filter—more steering fluid. Fill the steering fluid appropriately.

The power steering valve is broken. You can fix or replace the steering control valve—a broken hydraulic steering pump. Replace the steering pump.

You are steering a blocked pump control valve. Replace and clean your control valve broken or misassembled steering column. Rebuild or replace the steering column—uneven tire pressure.

Change tire pressure. Unadjusted toe-in. Toe-in properly. Steering cylinder leaks. Worn piston rods or cylinder seals.

(3) The tractor is pulling to the left or right

The control valve for the power steering is worn or broken. Check and make changes as needed. The steering cylinder has been damaged. The steering cylinder needs to be changed or fixed.

Not adjusted toe-in. Correctly set the toe-in—loose as well as worn steering linking components. Check and make changes as needed.

The bearings in the front wheels are worn or set up wrong. Correctly adjust or replace the bearings—uneven tire pressure. Fill the tires upright.

Kubota M5091 Engine Troubleshooting

(1) The engine starts hard or doesn’t start

Fuel filter plugging. Replace the filter element—the atmosphere in the fuel system. Bleed fuel system. Fuel injection nozzles blame. Spray nozzles should be cleaned or replaced. The fuel injection pump has been broken. Replace or fix the pump that injects fuel.

(2) Diesel shuts off while driving

The timing is off on the fuel injection pump. Set up the way it’s told—dirty fuel filter. Change the element of the filter. The engine needs to warm up more. Start the car’s engine.

(3) Diesel starts and stalls immediately

The fuel filter was plugged in. Fix the filter or get a new one—fuel injection pump harm. Put in a new compressor or fix the old clogged filter element. The air filter needs to be taken care of.

(4) Engine overheats

The radiator core is dirty, or the radiator cap is broken. The clean radiator as well as replaced cap. There needs to be more coolant in the system.

Fill up the coolant and look for any leaks. Fan belt that is broken or worn. Change the fan belt—low oil level in the engine. Put oil in the crankcase of the engine.

(5) Poor engine power

The fuel injectors are broken or dirty. You can change the injection nozzles—dirt in the lines or hoses that carry fuel if you need to. Clean the fuel lines and hoses. The air cleaner is not plugged in. Clean it or get a new one—damaged cylinder-head gasket. Change the gasket on the cylinder head.

(6) Strange noises from the engine

The engine has yet to warm up. Get to the right temperature—more oil in the engine. Check the oil level and add more if needed—incorrect fuel injection timing.

Change the timing of the fuel injection pump in the right way. The pistons are broken or worn out. Have the pistons changed? The connecting rod is broken or out of place. Connecting rods must be replaced or put in the right place.

(7) When the engine stops idling

The setting for low idle speed needs to be corrected. Make the right changes. More room between the valves. Get it changed. The problem is with the fuel injection pump. Put in a new compressor or fix the old one.

(8) Low oil pressure

More oil. Oil is needed—oil pump failure. Fix or get a new one. Able to plug engine oil filter. Customer support or change motor oil filter element.

Kubota M5091 Hydraulic System Troubleshooting

(1) The hydraulic system got too hot

The type of hydraulic fluid needs to be corrected. It is essential to use the right kind of fluid. It contaminated hydraulic fluid.

Change hydraulic fluid air in the hydraulic system. Seep atmosphere from the hydraulic system—faulty relief valve. Replace the relief valve.

(2) The pressure of the hydraulic fluid is low

There needs to be hydraulic fluid. As needed, add water. The hydraulic oil filter seems to be complete. If you need to, replace the filter element and clean it.

Hydraulic piping has been leaking. Look for leaks in the system and fix them. A hydraulic control valve needed to be set up right.

Fix things right. The hydraulic pump still needs to be fixed. Change or fix the oil pump for the hydraulic system damaged hydraulic cylinder. Repair or replace the hydraulic cylinder.

(3) Hitch either doesn’t go up or goes up very slowly

Hydraulic pump malfunction. Repair or replace the hydraulic oil pump. The primary relief valve would be defective. The relief valve should be changed.

The block for the hydraulic spool valve is broken. Fix or change the valve. The hydraulic cylinder has been broken. Change out or fix the hydraulic cylinder.

There needs to be hydraulic fluid. As needed, add a water filter element for dirty hydraulic oil. If you need to, replace the hydraulic chamber or have it serviced with too much weight on the hitch. There should be less to do.

(4) You can’t drop the hitch, or it drops too slowly

The hydraulic cylinder has been broken. Put in a new cylinder or fix the one you have. A hydraulic control valve needed to be set up right.

Fix things right; the worn cross shaft of the hitch. Switch the shaft out. The hitch was not adjusted. The three-point hitch needs to be changed.

(5) Jerky hitch drop or lift

Hydraulic oil that was tainted. Change hydraulic oil faulty hydraulic pump. Replace or repair the hydraulic fluid pump. There is air stuck in the hydraulic system.

Let the air out of the system’s faulty hydraulic shaft valve. Fix or replace the hydraulic valve broken hydraulic cylinder. Replace or repair the hydraulic cylinder.

Kubota M5091 Electrical System Troubleshooting

(1) I can’t charge the battery

The connections between the wires are loose or rusted. Tighten or fix the connections between cables. Battery clamps that need to be fixed.

The clamps on the terminals need to be changed. The battery is broken. I need to change the battery. The belt is old or too loose. Replace the belt, as well as adjust the belt tension.

(2) Slowly, the starter turns

Low capacity of the battery. The battery has run out, so charge it. The battery won’t stay charged. Fix or replace the battery: cables that aren’t connected or wrong terminals. Connect the wires in the right way or switch the terminals.

(3) The starter won’t work

The battery is dead or broken. Charge the battery or get a new one. The wiring harness either needs to be connected or connected correctly.

Check the wiring harness and hook up the wires as needed. Voltage is low in the battery. Fill the battery up. The starter motor broke down. The starter needs to be changed.

Kubota M6S 111 Problems

Kubota’s M6S 111 tractor is a workhorse but has some problems. Some of the most common problems that owners have reported are problems with the engine, the car getting too hot, and electrical problems. Problems with the Engine:

Some M6S 111 owners have said that their engines have been acting up. Kubota says that if your tractor’s engine is giving you trouble, you should take it to an authorized dealer for service. Overheating:

The M6S 111 can get too hot, especially on hot summer days. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge on your tractor, and stop working if it gets too hot. Electrical Problems:

The M6S 111 also often has problems with its electrics. Again, Kubota says that if your tractor has electrical problems, you should take it to a dealer authorized to fix it.

Kubota M5-091 Vs M5-111

It has taken a long time to decide between both the Kubota M5-091 as well as the M5-111. Both tractors are good in their ways, but which is best for you? Here’s a quick list of the good and bad things about each model to help you decide:

Pros: The M5-091 is less expensive than the M5-111. It’s easier to move in tight spaces because it’s smaller.

Are Kubota Tractors Reliable?

Kubota has been making tractors for more than 100 years and is known for being reliable. They are just so reliable that they are often used in farming, where they can’t afford to break down. Many people who own Kubota tractors say that their machines have also run trouble-free for thousands of hours.

You can do a few things to keep your Kubota trying to run well for many years to come. First, stick to the maintenance schedule throughout your owner’s manual. This will help ensure that your tractor’s essential parts are well-oiled and serviced.

Second, you should only use Kubota’s parts when repairing or maintaining. If you use aftermarket parts, your warranty may be voided, which could cause problems in the future.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask one local Kubota supplier for help if you have questions about how to use or take care of your tractor.

Kubota Def Quality Sensor

The DEF Quality Sensor from Kubota is a great way to keep track of how good your DEF fluid is. This sensor will tell you when it’s time to change one fluid and help you figure out what’s wrong with one’s DEF system if you’re having trouble.

The sensor is simple to set up and use, and any Kubota tractor would benefit from having it.

Five things I don’t like about the 2018 Kubota M5091 / M5111

If you own a Kubota, you may have had problems with your Kubota M5 091. Here are some of the most common complaints from owners:

1. Leaks of hydraulic oil: It is the most common problem with Kubota M5 091.

This same hydraulic system moves all the tractor parts, so any leaks can be nasty. If you see hydraulic oil leaking, you should fix it as soon as possible.

2. Problems with the engine. Some owners have said the engine has problems, including stalling and not firing correctly.

If you’re having these problems with your tractor, it’s best to take it to a competent mechanic, so they can figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

3. Problems with the transmission. Another common problem with Kubota M5 091 is problems with the transmission. Some of these problems are when the gears slip or don’t engage properly.

If your transmission is acting up, you should have a professional look at it as soon as possible.

4. Tire wear: Many Kubota M5 091 owners say that their tires wear out too quickly. This is probably because the tractor’s load and its attachments make the tires work harder.

Kubota M5 Forum

Kubota M5 Forum, This same Kubota M5 series is a line of small tractors that can be used in agriculture and business. Both two-wheel drives and four-wheel drive versions of the M5 series are available, and the Kubota V3 diesel powers both.

This same V3 diesel engine has a 2.8-liter engine size and can make up to 74 horsepower. Tractors in the M5 series come with a 12F/12R shift in power transmission that has 12 forward gears as well as 12 reverse gears as standard. The transmission also includes a cooler for the oil and an oil filter on the outside.

The M5 series of Kubota tractors can lift to 1,600 pounds and pull up to 3,500 pounds. This same tractor seems to be 108 inches long overall and 60 inches wide depending on whether it comes with a ROPS or a canopy, the height of a tractor changes.

The tractor has a 15-inch ground clearance and a turning radius of 11 feet 9 inches.

Final Words

👉 Kubota M5 091 owners know this tractor has issues. Every day, a new issue arises. This tractor always breaks down, whether the engine stalls or the hydraulics fail.

👉 Kubota has fixed most of these flaws, but they need to catch up. Owners become furious. What are some frequent Kubota M5 091 issues?

👉 Owners complain about the power. When working, the engine stalls often, which is frustrating. Hydraulic concerns have also plagued owners.

👉 The hydraulic lift seems to malfunction, making it hard to raise and lower equipment. The Kubota M5 091 tractor has several issues, but these are the most common. Other complaints include transmission and electrical issues.

👉 Kubota may always need help to resolve these difficulties. Owners are fed up and may search elsewhere for their next tractor.

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Kubota M5 091 Problems FAQs

How Much Does a Kubota M5 091 Weigh?

About 10,200 pounds is how much the Kubota M5 091 weighs. It’s a 4WD tractor with a diesel engine with 90 horsepower. It is 189 inches long and has 106 inches between its wheels.
This same tractor is 79 inches wide and it is 104 inches tall.

How Many Horsepower is a Kubota M5?

This same Kubota M5 is a tractor that came out at the start of the 1990s. It is run by a diesel engine that has about 85 horsepower.

What are some common problems with the Kubota M5 091 tractor?

Some common problems reported by users include hydraulic issues, transmission problems, and engine overheating.

What should I do if I experience hydraulic problems with my Kubota M5 091?

Make sure the hydraulic fluid level is at the proper level first by checking it. If the level is appropriate, a malfunctioning hydraulic pump or valve may be the cause, which a Kubota expert should check out.

How do I diagnose transmission problems in my Kubota M5 091?

Symptoms of transmission problems may include difficulty shifting gears or slipping out of gear. A Kubota technician should diagnose and repair any issues with the transmission.

What can cause the engine to overheat on my Kubota M5 091?

A number of things, including low coolant levels, blocked radiators, and broken water pumps, can contribute to overheating. Overheating may be avoided with routine maintenance and inspections.

How often should I service my Kubota M5 091?

Kubota recommends servicing the tractor every 200 hours or annually, whichever comes first. However, more frequent maintenance may be required in harsh operating conditions.

Can I use any type of hydraulic fluid in my Kubota M5 091?

No, Kubota recommends using only genuine Kubota hydraulic fluid to ensure proper performance and prevent damage to the hydraulic system.

How do I check the engine oil level in my Kubota M5 091?

To check the oil level, use the dipstick on the engine’s side. Before inspecting, make sure the tractor is level and the engine is switched off.

What should I do if I notice smoke coming from the engine of my Kubota M5 091?

Smoke may indicate a number of problems, including an obstructed air filter, a broken fuel system, or engine damage. As soon as you can, get the tractor inspected by a Kubota professional.