Kubota Scl1000 Specs, Price, Weight, Review & Overview 2022

The SCL1000 is compact in size but packed with features and performance. The SCL1000 comes with a 9.8-inch track that is available on the compact, 36-inch machine.

With an impressive 24.8 horsepower, Kubota turbo-charged diesel engine this machine is equipped to take on all the tough jobs and materials. 

The machine is designed with cushioned boom cylinders for loaders and an adjustable suspension system for the platform the machine is designed to improve the comfort of its users for the highest efficiency.

Kubota Scl1000

Kubota Scl1000 Price

Kubota SCL1000 costs $45,000. I’m not a salesperson however, I did some research to help you! The price may differ based on various regions.

This cost is listed as what I have found to be the Kubota SCL1000 cost for the USA.

Kubota Scl1000 Features

  • 24.8 HP, turbocharged Kubota engine is quiet in operation, performs at high altitude, and doesn’t require DPF.
  • The hydraulic pump that is directly linked to the engine decreases maintenance.
  • Lift loader vertical arms go more and higher than other models, using a hinge pin width that is 84.7″ and an extension at 26″ (at a 45deg dump angle).
  • 1000 lbs. ROC together with 15 gpm of auxiliary hydraulic flow makes for an efficient and powerful utility loader that is compact and small.
  • Uses in zero clearance yards, with narrow track designs that are low impact (4.0 psi) lessening the risk of damage to landscaping or grass.
  • 4.9 mph Best in class travel speed

Kubota Scl1000 Specification


Brand Kubota
Engine Model No D902-T
Type Diesel, turbocharged, liquid
No. of Cylinders 3
Emissions Tier 4
Combustion Spherical type (E-TVCS)
Fuel Injection Pump Bosch MD type mini pump
Injection Nozzle Bosch throttle type
Firing Order 1-2-3
Compression Ratio 24:1
Rotation Counter-clockwise
Lubricating System Forced lubrication by trochoid pump
Lubricating Filter Cartridge type
Oil Pressure Indicating Electrical type switch
Starter Electric Starting
Fuel Diesel Fuel No.2-D (ASTM D975)
Rated Speed 2800 RPM
Max. Bare Speed 3850 RPM
Low Idle Speed 1250 RPM
US Metric
Horsepower 24.8 HP 18.5 kW
Displacement 54.8 cu in. 898 cc
Bore and Stroke 2.8×2.9 in. 7.2×7.4cm
Fuel Tank Capacity 7.8 gal 29.3 L
Oil Capacity 1.0 gal 3.7 L
Injection Timing 0.33 rad 19°
Injection Pressure 1991 psi 13.73 MPa
Starter 1.6 HP 1.2 kW

Engine Dimensions

US Metric
Length 17.1 in. 43.4 cm
Width 16.2 in. 41.2 cm
Height 21.4 in. 54.4 cm

Engine Weight

US Metric
Dry Weight 165 Ibs 75 kg


US Metric
Rated Operating Capacity – %35 Tipping 999 lbs 453 kg
Tipping Load 2857 lbs 1296 kg
Ground Pressure 4.0 psi 28 KPa
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow 15 gal 56.8 L
Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure 2800 psi 19.3 MPa
Angle of Departure 25.2°
Attachment Mounting System Common Industry Interface or 2 Lever Quick-Attach

Travel Speed

US Metric
Max. Travel Speed 4.9 mph 7.9 lkm


US Metric
Max. Hinge Pin Height 84.7 in. 215 cm
Length with Bucket 107.7 in 274 cm
Length without Bucket 84.9 in. 216 cm
Height 55.7 in. 141 cm
Width with Bucket 36 in. 91.4 cm
Max. Reach 26.0 in. 66.0 cm


US Metric
Track width 9.8 in. 24.9 cm
Ground Clearance 7.4 in. 18.8 cm

Kubota Scl1000 Attachments

  • Cl136L, cl142l, cl236l, cl242l, cl148h, cl248h Buckets,
  • Cpd12 forks,
  • Ctr10 Trenchers,
  • Csa10 Auger,
  • Br360 breaker mount,
  • Csr1048 Skid rake.

Kubota scl1000 Review

Final Words

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