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Kubota TG1860 Problems

Kubota TG1860 Problems And Their Solutions

The TG1860 is probably one of your favourite Kubota tractors if you’re one of their fans. But occasionally, even the greatest Kubota tractors can experience issues. The TG1860’s most frequent issues are listed here, along with solutions.

(1) Diesel Engine Starting Failure in Cold:

Use the correct seasonal diesel blends that Kubota recommends. Service or flush the whole coolant system if needed.

(2) Steering Failure:

Check the tires and replace them if necessary. Lubricate the steering linkage. Contact the nearest Kubota dealer for service on a Kubota steering wheel that has been used too much.

(3) The Kubota TG1860 Won’t Start:

Replace the battery and any broken connections. Open the shutoff valve and fix any broken fuel parts inside the car.

(4) Diesel Engine Overheats:

Reduce the load on the engine or shift to a lower gear. Flush or replace the entire cooling system. Clean the radiator core and screen if they are dirty.

(1) Problem 1: Diesel Engine Starting Failure in Cold

Users of the TG1860 model said that this diesel engine was hard to start when it was cold.

These things can happen if you don’t use suitable diesel blends for the season or if the amount of biodiesel is more or less than what Kubota recommends.

This can happen if you last let the engine run a while before trying to start it.

It can happen when cooling systems need to be taken care of properly or when the level or quality of the coolant needs to be corrected.

It can occur if there isn’t enough starting aid, the cold start system is broken, the fuel injectors are dirty, or the switch is broken.


Special additives in winter blends protect diesel from solidifying in the cold, allowing for a speedy engine start.

Consequently, follow Kubota’s seasonal diesel mix recommendations. Make sure the biodiesel content is below 20% (B20). The diesel engine must be warmed up before use.

Verify the coolant level and state of the cooling system. Additional coolant may be added, and the fluid can be changed, if necessary.

The coolant system may be serviced or flushed if necessary.

Glow plugs, intake pre-warmers, and engine block heaters are all useful aids for getting the engine starte.

Make sure the switches are in working order and test the cold start system and fuel injectors. The damaged components should be repaired or replaced as need.

(2) Problem 2: Steering Failure

Steering issues are another frequent gripe people have with the Kubota TG1860 mower.

Report’s of loose or unstable steering on one side have been receive from customers. Some drivers have also complained that turning the key to start the vehicle causes the steering wheel to violently jerk to the left against the stop.

Any leaks inside the vehicle, low steering fluid levels, and low or filthy hydraulic oil, or low steering fluid levels might cause these issue. Having slightly low or flat tires on your mower might cause this.


The condition of the steering fluid should be check first. Verify the condition of the hydraulic oil. Alternately, swap out the hydraulic oil and steering fluid if needed.

Examine your mower’s tires to check whether they require air or are under-inflated. Tires should be swapped out. Check that the steering linkage is properly lubricate.

Abuse of the steering wheel is a major safety concern and should be addressed at the local Kubota service centre.

(3) Problem 3: The Kubota TG1860 Won’t Start

A Kubota TG1860 mower occasionally struggles to start. Users reported hearing clicks or feeling the mower revolve, but the mower wouldn’t start as it should.

This occurs when the battery connections are corroded or loose, the battery voltage is low, or the internal battery is broken. It can also occur when the engine throttle lever and transmission gear change lever are placed incorrectly.

If the fuel shutdown valve is closed, the gasoline is contaminated, or the level is low, a similar issue may arise.

The improper engine oil thickness, a blocked fuel filter, a damaged air intake filter, and blown fuses can all contribute to starting issues.


Check that the transmission shift lever is in the neutral position.

Move the throttle lever forward to either full or half throttle to activate the engine. Verify the current condition of the built-in battery, cables, terminal’s, and voltage rate. If the battery or the connections aren’t working, replace them.

Check the fuel level, cutoff valve, fuel filter, air intake filter, and fuses to make sure everything is in working order.

Refill the gas tank to the appropriate level with new gas, then open the cutoff valve and reinstall the fuel components.

Check the engine oil’s viscosity and, if require, replace it with a different grade.

(4) Problem 4: Diesel Engine Overheats

The TG1860 diesel engine becomes extremely hot, according to some users. Some consumers state the engine cut off due to overheating.

This happen’s when your diesel engine is overworked or lacks coolant. Loose hoses or radiator connection’s can cause diesel engine overheating.

A clog in the cooling system can stop or alter its flow. The engine overheat because the cooling system failed.

The same problem can cause by a damage or loose fan belt, a filthy radiator core, or a screen.


Initially, check to see that your engine is not overwork.

Examine the coolant’s state, Add the right amount of coolant.

Check for any potential links or loose connection’s in the radiator and the hoses. If necessary, repair or replace them.

Either cleanse the entire cooling system or replace it if you see any blockages.

Clean the radiator core and screen thoroughly if they appear to be filthy.

Examine and, if necessary, replace the fan belt that is broken and loose.

What are some of the most common problems with the Kubota TG1860?

If you enjoy Kubota tractors, the TG1860 is probably one of your favourites. But occasionally issues arise with even the best Kubota tractors. Here are some of the most typical problems with the TG1860 and solutions for them.

Kubota TG1860 Engine problems

The engine is the beating heart of any tractor, and the TG1860 is no exception. Your TG1860’s engine may be having issues as a result of a filthy air filter, defective spark plugs, or insufficient engine oil.

You need to checking the engine oil level, change the spark plugs, and clean or replace the air filter in order to resolve this issues.

Kubota TG1860 Transmission problems

Another essential component of the tractor is the gearbox, which occasionally has issues as well.

Your TG1860’s transmission issues might be brought on by a bad clutch, insufficient transmission fluid, and issues with the gearbox itself.

You’ll need to repair the clutch, checking the transmission fluid level, and have the transmission examine by a skill mechanic to solve this issues.

Kubota TG1860 Hydraulic problems

The lift system of the tractor relies on the hydraulic system, which might be a source of trouble if it fail’s.

In the event that your TG1860 is experiencing hydraulic issues, check for leaks, check the level of the hydraulic fluid, and inspect the hydraulic pump.

A professional mechanic inspection of the hydraulic system, and maybe some additional hydraulic fluid, should resolve the issues.

Kubota tg1860 Hydrostatic Problems

The hydrostatic transmission on a Kubota TG1860 hydrostatic lawn tractor could malfunction at some time.

The most frequent issue is when the tractor slows down or stops when the information starts to leak. A transmission may occasionally even start making sounds.

There are certain remedies you may take if you have any of these problems. First, check to see if the transmission fluid level is full. Add extra liquid if the level is low to see if that corrects the issue.

The next step is to check the transmission filter for cleanliness and determine if the fluid level is appropriate.

You ought to acquire a new one if it has been halted. If nothing of these solutions solves the issue, you should start taking your tractor to a competent repair facility, such as a Kubota dealer.

Kubota tg1860 Transmission Rebuild kit

If you own a Kubota TG1860, you know it is a formidable machine. But even the most durable machines need to be fixed up every so often. You’ve reached the right place if you need a transmission rebuild kit for a Kubota TG1860.

At Heavy Duty Transmissions, humans focus on Kubota TG1860 transmission reconstruction kits. We have everything you need to get your Kubota TG1860 back up – and – running like new.

You can choose from a wide range of parts and kits, so you’re sure to find the right one for your needs.

If you don’t know which rebuild kit suits your Kubota TG1860, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to assist our customers in finding the parts they need.

Kubota tg1860 Hydrostatic Transmission

An 18.0 HP gasoline engine powers the hydrostatic transmission garden tractor made by Kubota, the TG1860. The tractor feature’s an endless number of forward and reverse gears hydrostatic transmission. The mid-mount PTO on the tractor may also be activate and disengaged via a lever on the dash.

The middle of the rear axle houses the PTO shaft, which powers the wheels on the back. The three-point hitch on the tractor features the receiver for the rear hitch in the middle of the rear axle.

The PTO drives the tractor’s back wheels, and the front wheels may be turne to steer. A 3.5 gallon fuel tank is available for the TG1860.

Kubota tg1860 Transmission For Sale

Kubota released the TG1860, a garden tractor featuring a hydrostatic gearbox.

The tractor includes a cast-iron front axle, hydraulic transmission, an 18 HP Kubota diesel engine, among other features that make it a solid option for gardeners. The tractor also comes equipped with a rear PTO and a 60-inch mid-mount mowing deck.

A versatile tractor like the Kubota TG1860 can handle a variety of tasks in the garden. Given that it feature’s a hydrostatic transmission and a cast-iron front axle, it is simple to use. The tractor has a rear PTO that can run a variety of attachment’s.

For gardeners looking for a tractor that can perform a variety of tasks and endure for a very long period, the Kubota TG1860 is a great option.

Kubota tg1860 Reviews

The Kubota TG1860 is one lawn tractor you may consider if you’re shopping for a new one. It’s not surprising that many homeowners pick this well-liked tractor because it is well-known for being dependable and functioning effectively. But what are people’s opinions about the TG1860?

To assist you in learning more about this tractor, we have included some Kubota TG1860 evaluations. A strong tractor that can do a lot of yard work is the Kubota TG1860.

It is a great option for big yards because of its 60-inch deck and 18-horsepower engine.

It is simple to manoeuvre past obstacles with the TG1860 because to its comfortable seat and narrow turning radius. People are astonish by the Kubota TG1860’s capabilities. Many claim that it is a strong tractor that can handle any task and is simple to use.

Even some reviewers claimed the TG1860 is the best lawn tractor they’ve ever bought.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy lawn tractor that performs well, the Kubota TG1860 is a solid option. Thanks to its 60-inch deck and 18-horsepower engine, it can handle any task you throw at it.

Additionally, they adore how simple it is to move around and use. Therefore, if you’re shopping for a new tractor, the TG1860 should be at the top of your list.

Kubota tg1860 Transmission oil

The gearbox of a Kubota TG1860 garden tractor has to be properly lubricat. The transmission is a sealed device, thus there is no dipstick to monitor the same oil level in it. But there is a fill plug on the side of the transmission casing.

The transmission has a fluid capacity of around 1.2 quarts. According to Kubota, the gearbox should utilise Super UDT hydraulic fluid. You may get this fluid from a Kubota dealer nearby. It is manufactur specifically for Kubota equipment.

You might also use excellent quality hydraulic fluid just for the transmission, although it could not offer the same level of protection as Kubota Super UDT fluid.

Remove the fill plug and dump the old oil into a suitable container to change the transmission oil. After that, remove the drain cap from the transmission case’s bottom and allow all the oil to pour out.

Reinstall the plugs after cleaning them. Fill the gearbox with fresh oil through the fill plug hole until it begins to flow out of the drain plug hole. Reinstall the fill plug to complete the process.

What Majority of the Users Feel About The Kubota TG1860?

The Kubota TG1860 is a popular choice for lawn and garden maintenance, according to most users. Some consumers claime their mowers had serve them well for more than eight to 10 years.

Kubota TG1860 Problems FAQs


Q. What might lead to Kubota TG1860 hydrostatic transmission issues?

Ans. There are a few potential issues if your Kubota TG1860 hydrostatic transmission is giving you problems. First, check a transmission fluid level to make sure it is full. Add extra fluid if necessary to fill the line if it is low.

Check the transmission filter after that. Clean it up if it’s unclean, or get a new one. Last but not least, make sure the hydrostatic pump is operating properly.

Take the tractor to a Kubota dealer or even a certified repair facility if you’re still experiencing issues so they can diagnose the issue and fix it.

Q. What can cause deck problems with the Kubota TG1860?

Ans. 2004 launched the Kubota TG1860 garden tractor. It had an 18-horsepower engine and a 42-inch mowing deck, a Japanese-made tractor imported to the U.S.

Popular tractor TG1860 had mowing deck issues. Spindle bearings, pulleys, or belts might cause deck difficulties. Decks can rust and degrade.

Regular tractor maintenance prevents these difficulties. This includes inspecting pulleys, belts, and spindle bearings. Clean the tractor so the deck can run smoothly.


Although the TG1860 lawn tractor from Kubota is a well-like model, it is not without issues. The transmission sliding, the deck not engaging, and the engine stalling are common problems. But most of these problems are small and can happen with any vehicle of the same type over time.

The good news is that the NHTSA hasn’t heard of any significant problems or accidents with this Kubota model, and all of them can be solve.


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