Kubota TG1860 Problems And Their Solutions

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Kubota TG1860 Problems

kubota TG1860 Problems And Their Solutions

If you are a big driver, certain parts of the car may bother you. As the ride gets older, trouble can also occur. Today, I will talk about some of the most common problems with Kubota TG1860 problems and how to fix them.

(1) Diesel Engine Starting Failure in Cold

Use the correct seasonal diesel blends that Kubota recommends. Service or flush the whole coolant system if needed.

(2) Steering Failure

Check the tires and replace them if necessary. Lubricate the steering linkage. Contact the nearest Kubota dealer for service on a Kubota steering wheel that has been used too much.

(3) The Kubota TG1860 Won’t Start

Replace the battery and any broken connections. Open the shutoff valve and fix any broken fuel parts inside the car.

(4) Diesel Engine Overheats

Reduce the load on the engine or shift to a lower gear. Flush or replace the entire cooling system. Clean the radiator core and screen if they are dirty.

(1) Problem 1: Diesel Engine Starting Failure in Cold

Users of the TG1860 model said that this diesel engine was hard to start when it was cold.

These things can happen if you don’t use suitable diesel blends for the season or if the amount of biodiesel is more or less than what Kubota recommends.

This can happen if you last let the engine run a while before trying to start it.

It can happen when cooling systems need to be taken care of properly or when the level or quality of the coolant needs to be corrected.

It can occur if there isn’t enough starting aid, the cold start system is broken, the fuel injectors are dirty, or the switch is broken.


Winter blends have special additives that keep diesel in a liquid state when it’s cold, so you can start the engine quickly.

So, use the diesel blends that Kubota recommends for each season. Make sure that the amount of biodiesel is 20% (B20) or less.

Remember to let the diesel engine warm up before you use it.

Check the cooling system and the level of coolant. If you need to, add more coolant as well as change it.

You can fix or flush the coolant system if you need to.

Use the right tools to help the engine start, like glow plugs, intake pre-heaters, or block heaters.

Check the switch conditions, the cold start system, and the fuel injectors. If necessary, the broken parts should be fixed or replaced.

(2) Problem 2: Steering Failure

Another common complaint about the Kubota TG1860 mower is that the steering only sometimes works right when you use it.

Users have said the steering feels loose or shaky on one side. Some people even said that when they turned the key to start the car, the steering wheel sometimes pulled hard to the left against the stop.

These problems can happen if the steering fluid is low, if the hydraulic oil isn’t enough or is dirty, or if there are any leaks inside the car. It can happen if the tires on your mower get a little flat or low.

It can happen when there is no oil in the steering linkage. It could happen if the steering wheel is used too much.


Check the condition of the steering fluid first. Check the hydraulic oil to make sure it’s in good shape. If you need to, change the steering fluid and hydraulic oil.

Check to see if your mower’s tires might have low pressure or need to be inflated again. Change out the tires. Make sure the steering linkage is well-oiled.

If you abuse the steering wheel, you should go to your nearest Kubota service center for help because it’s a serious safety issue.

(3) Problem 3: The Kubota TG1860 Won’t Start

Sometimes, a Kubota TG1860 mower won’t start. Users said they could hear clicks or feel the mower turning, but it wouldn’t start as it was supposed to.

This happens when the transmission gear shift lever and the engine throttle lever are in the wrong place, the battery connections are corroded or loose, the battery voltage is low, or the internal battery is damaged.

A similar problem can happen if the fuel shutoff valve is not open, the fuel is dirty, or the level is low.

Problems with starting can be caused by the wrong thickness of the engine oil, a clogged fuel filter, a broken air intake filter, and blown fuses.


Verify to see if the shift lever for the transmission is in the right place and put it in neutral.

Put an engine throttle lever forward and move it to either full or half throttle. Check how the internal battery, cables, terminals, and voltage rate are doing now.

Change the battery and any connections that don’t work.Confirm the fuel condition, the fuel level, the shutoff valve, the fuel filter, the air intake filter, and the fuses.

Fill the gas tank with enough fresh gas, open this same shutoff valve, and replace all the fuel parts.

Test the thickness of the engine oil and, if necessary, put in the correct oil thickness.

(4) Problem 4: Diesel Engine Overheats

Several users said that the TG1860 diesel engine sometimes gets too hot, which hurts how well it works. Some users said the engine shut off completely at some point because it got too hot.

Most of the time, this happens when your diesel engine is overworked or doesn’t have enough coolant. The diesel engine could overheat if there are loose links or connections in the hoses or radiator.

This can happen if a clog in the cooling system blocks or changes the flow of the cooling system. So, the cooling system couldn’t keep the engine from getting too hot during operation.

A broken or loose fan belt, a dirty radiator core, a screen, or a loose or broken fan belt can all cause the same problem.


First, check to see if your engine is too complete.

Check the level of coolant.Put in the right amount of coolant.check the radiator and hoses to see any loose links or connections.

If they need it, fix or replace them.If you see a blockage inside the cooling system, you can flush it or replace it.If the core and screen of the radiator look dirty, clean them well.

Check the fan belt and replace it if it is loose or broken.

What are some of the most common problems with the Kubota TG1860?

The TG1860 is one of your favorite Kubota tractors if you like them. But sometimes, even the best Kubota tractors have problems. Here are some of the TG1860’s most common issues and how to fix them.

Kubota TG1860 Engine problems

The heart of any tractor is its engine, and the TG1860 is no different. If the engine in your TG1860 is giving you trouble, it could be because of a dirty air filter, bad spark plugs, or not enough engine oil.

To fix this problem, you must clean or replace an air filter, change spark plugs, and check the engine oil level.

Kubota TG1860 Transmission problems

The transmission is another essential part of the tractor that can sometimes go wrong.

If the information on your TG1860 is acting up, it could be because the clutch is broken, the transmission fluid is low, or there is a problem with the transmission itself.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to get a new clutch, check the transmission fluid level, and have a qualified mechanic look at the transmission.

Kubota TG1860 Hydraulic problems

The hydraulic cylinder makes the tractor’s lift work; if it needs to be fixed, it can also cause issues.

If the hydraulics on your TG1860 is acting up, it could be because of a leak in the hydraulic system, a lack of hydraulic fluid, or a problem with the hydraulic pump.

A qualified mechanic will need to check the hydraulic system for this problem to be fixed, and you may have to add hydraulic fluid to the system.

Kubota TG1860 Electrical problems

The electrical system makes the tractor’s lights work; if it’s not working right, it can also cause problems. Electrical problems with your TG1860 could be caused by a bad fuse, loose wires, or a problem with the electrical system itself.

Kubota tg1860 Hydrostatic Problems

If you have a Kubota TG1860 hydrostatic lawn tractor, the hydrostatic transmission may give you trouble at some point.

The most common problem is when the information starts to slip, which slows down or stops the tractor. In some cases, a transmission might even begin to emit noises.

If you have any of these issues, there are some things you can try to fix the problem. First, make sure the transmission fluid level is complete by checking it. If the liquid level is low, add more and see if this solves the problem.

If the fluid level is acceptable, the next step is to examine the transmission filter and ensure it’s clean.

If it’s stopped, you should get a new one. If neither of these fixes works, you should start taking your tractor to something like a Kubota dealer or even a qualified repair shop so the problem can be found and fixed.

Kubota tg1860 Transmission Rebuild kit

If you own a Kubota TG1860, you know it is a formidable machine. But even the most durable machines need to be fixed up every so often. You’ve reached the right place if you need a transmission rebuild kit for a Kubota TG1860.

At Heavy Duty Transmissions, humans focus on Kubota TG1860 transmission reconstruction kits. We have everything you need to get your Kubota TG1860 back up – and – running like new.

You can choose from a wide range of parts and kits, so you’re sure to find the right one for your needs.

If you don’t know which rebuild kit suits your Kubota TG1860, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to assist our customers in finding the parts they need.

Kubota tg1860 Hydrostatic Transmission

The TG1860 from Kubota is a garden tractor with an 18.0 HP gasoline engine and a hydrostatic transmission. The transmission on the tractor is hydrostatic and has an infinite number of forward and backward gears.

The tractor also has a PTO in the middle that can be turned on and off with a lever on the dashboard.

A PTO shaft is in the middle of the rear axle. The PTO drives the rear wheels. A tractor has a three-point hitch, and the center of the rear axle is where the rear hitch receiver is.

The PTO drives the tractor’s back wheels, and the front wheels can be turned. The fuel tank on the TG1860 can hold 3.5 gallons.

Kubota tg1860 Transmission For Sale

The TG1860 from Kubota is a garden tractor with a hydrostatic transmission that came out in 2004.

The tractor is a good choice for gardeners because it has a cast-iron front axle, a hydrostatic transmission, and an 18 HP Kubota diesel engine, among other things. A 60-inch mid-mount mower deck, as well as a rear PTO, are also on the tractor.

A Kubota TG1860 is a flexible tractor that can do many jobs around the garden. It is easy to drive because it has a hydrostatic transmission; thus, the cast-iron front axle makes it very durable. The tractor also includes a rear PTO that can power many different attachments.

The Kubota TG1860 is an excellent choice for gardeners who want a tractor that can do many different jobs and lasts a long time.

Kubota tg1860 Reviews

If you’re looking for a new lawn tractor, the Kubota TG1860 might be one you think about. This popular tractor has been known for being reliable and working well, so it’s no surprise that many homeowners choose it. But how do people feel about the TG1860?

We’ve put together some Kubota TG1860 reviews to help you learn more about this tractor. The Kubota TG1860 is a robust tractor that can do a lot of work around the yard.

It has an 18-horsepower engine and a 60-inch deck, making it an excellent choice for large yards.

The TG1860 also features a comfortable seat and a small turning radius, making it easy to move around obstacles. People are impressed by what the Kubota TG1860 can do. Many say it’s a powerful tractor that can do any job and is easy to drive.

Some reviewers have even stated that the TG1860 is the lawn tractor they have ever owned.

The Kubota TG1860 is a good choice if you want a lawn tractor that works well and is reliable. It can do any job you give it, thanks to its 18-horsepower engine and 60-inch deck.

And customers love how easy it is to use and move around. So, if you’re looking for a new tractor, you should put the TG1860 at the top of your list.

Kubota tg1860 Transmission oil

If you have a Kubota TG1860 garden tractor, the transmission needs to be well oiled. There is no dipstick to check this same oil level in the transmission because it is a sealed unit. On the side of the transmission case, though, there is a fill plug.

About 1.2 quarts of fluid can fit in the transmission. Kubota says that Super UDT hydraulic fluid should be used in the transmission. This fluid is made especially for Kubota machines and can be bought from a Kubota dealer near you.

You could also use a good quality only those hydraulic liquid in the transmission, but it may not protect as well as the Kubota Super UDT fluid.

To change the transmission oil, take out the fill plug and pour the old oil into the a suitable container. Then, take out the drain plug from bottom of transmission case and let all the oil drain out.

Last, clean the plugs and put them back in. Fill the transmission to new oil through the hole for the fill plug until it starts to leak out of the hole for the drain plug. Put the fill plug back in, and you’re done.

#27 Kubota TG1860 Power Steering Reset

What Majority of the Users Feel About The Kubota TG1860?

Most people who have used the Kubota TG1860 say it is an excellent choice for lawn and garden care. Some users said they had used their mowers for more than eight to ten years, and they still worked well.

Kubota TG1860 Problems FAQs


(1) What can cause hydrostatic transmission problems with the Kubota TG1860?

If your Kubota TG1860 hydrostatic transmission is giving you trouble, there are a few things that could be wrong. First, make sure a transmission fluid level is complete by checking it. If the fluid level is low, add more until the entire line is reached.

After that, check the transmission filter. If it’s dirty, clean it or get a new one. Lastly, check this same hydrostatic pump to see if it’s working right.

If you’re still having problems with the tractor, take it to a Kubota dealer or even a qualified repair shop so they can figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

(2) How much Horsepower does a Kubota TG1860 produce?

At 3,000 rpm, it can make 18.2 PS (13.4 kW; 18.0 HP).

(3) What is the overall weight of a Kubota TG1860?

About 435 kg is how much a Kubota TG1860 weighs.

(4) What can cause deck problems with the Kubota TG1860?

2004 launched the Kubota TG1860 garden tractor. It had an 18-horsepower engine and a 42-inch mowing deck, a Japanese-made tractor imported to the U.S.

Popular tractor TG1860 had mowing deck issues. Spindle bearings, pulleys, or belts might cause deck difficulties. Decks can rust and degrade.

Regular tractor maintenance prevents these difficulties. This includes inspecting pulleys, belts, and spindle bearings. Clean the tractor so the deck can run smoothly.

(5) What engine is in a Kubota TG1860?

It is put together with a Kubota D722E Engine that has three cylinders.

(6) How much oil does a Kubota TG1860 take?

A Kubota TG1860 requires 3.2 qts 30 wt oil.

Final Thoughts

➡ Tractorbynet.com gave the Kubota TG1860 4.6 out of 5 stars, but customers also brought up some common problems that need to be fixed.

➡ But most of these problems are small and can happen with any vehicle of the same type over time.

➡ The good news is that the NHTSA hasn’t heard of any significant problems or accidents with this Kubota model, and all of them can be fixed.

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