Kubota Z121S Problems and Troubleshooting

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Kubota Z121S Problems

Kubota Z121S Problems

Any zero-turn mower, whether it’s brand new or used, can have problems. And sometimes, those problems are caused by a machine or parts flaws. Other times, they are caused by poor maintenance or easy fixes.

Here are a few of the most common issues with the Kubota Z121 zero-turn mower, along with some general ideas for how to deal with them. There are also some common problems with tractors when used with such a zero-turn mower.

Which are as follows :

(1) Z121S Zero Turn Mower won’t start

(2) Engine problems

(3) Steering problems

(4) Engine overheating

(5) Z121s Tractor / Zero Turn Mower cranks but will not start

(1) Problem 1: Z121s Zero Turn Mower won’t start

Check out the list.

Check the gear-changing lever. It might need to be in the right place. Put the range gear shift into neutral and ensure the throttle lever isn’t in the forward position. Change the speed to either half or whole.

Confirm to see if the battery connection is loose or rusted. Check the connections, and if you need to, tighten them again. Check to see if the fuel-flow-stopping valve is shut.

Test to see if the fuel has gone wrong or if the level is off. You can empty the tank and fill it up again if you need to. Check to see if the oil in the engine is the right thickness. If it isn’t, change all of the oil in the tractor.

Check if the fuel filter is clogged, and clean it if it is. Check to see if the air filter on the engine’s intake is clogged. If it is clean or the filter elements need to be changed, do so.

Verify to see if any of these same fuses have blown, and if they have, replace some or all.

The engine won’t start if no one is in the driver’s seat. Make sure the pedal for the brake is in the right spot. Check to see if the PTO switches are set up correctly.

Check to see if the levers that move things are in the right spot.
Make sure that the critical switch is in the right spot.

(2) Problem 2: Kubota Z121s Engine problems

Either the engine won’t start, it won’t start quickly, or it starts but then stops working. Check these out:

There might be no flow of fuel. Check this same tank, hoses, shutoff valve, fuel filter, and power. Make sure that they are all working well and that none of them are leaking.

The smoke from the engine may be black. This could be because there is too much petroleum, a dirty air filter, or dirty fuel.

The smoke from the engine can be blue as well as white. This could be because there is fuel in the silencer, a clogged injector nozzle, wrong fuel, a broken thermostat, or old sediment in power.

(3) Problem 3: Kubota Z121s Steering problems

Most of the time, the steering feels flimsy or pulls to one side. Check the fluid in the steering. Check the level of the hydraulic oil and look for any leaks.

The tires might be a little low or flat. Check to see if the tire pressure is low, and if it is, replace any that need it. The steering linkage needs to be oiled.

If the steering wheel has too much play and none of the other things are different, you should go to the nearest Kubota car dealer for help, as this may be a severe safety issue.

(4) Problem 4: Kubota Z121s Engine overheating

Look at the list below:

The engine may have too much on it, or it may be asked to do too much in human terms. Reduce the weight or change to a lower gear.

The level of coolant may be low. Check to see if it needs to be refilled, and look at the hoses and radiator to ensure there are no loose connections or links.

There may be something blocking the flow of the coolant in the system. The most significant part is to flush out the coolant and replace it as needed.

The fan belt could be broken or just loose. It should be simple to check for signs of wear and any tension and replace as needed.
If the radiator core and screens are dirty, it may be enough to clean them to fix the problem.

(5) Problem 5: Z121s Tractor and Zero Turn Mower cranks but will not start

The fuel isn’t getting to a cylinder. Verify the fuel gauge, the valve that turns the fuel off, and the fuel filter. Look at the filter. It might be too chilly for the mixture of fuel and air to burn in the cylinder.

Move this same throttle back to idle, then back to half throttle, and try to start the engine again.

Kubota Z121S Troubleshooting

(1) Mower belt slipping

Look at the list below:

  • Switch out the tension spring
  • Change a hot mower belt.
  • unplugs the mower and cleans the deck
  • Clean any pulley that has junk in it.

(2) Streaking of grass uncut

See the list below:

  • Too fast of a ground speed
  • low engine speed
  • blades dull as well as damaged
  • Too much grass
  • debris throughout the mower deck

(3) Blades scalping grass

Check out the following:

  • Lowering height too much
  • Too quick of a turn
  • land with ridges
  • rough or even ground
  • The anti-scalp rollers are not set up right.
  • Bent blades

(4) Mower loads down the machine

Look at the list below:

  • low engine rpm
  • Too fast of a ground speed.
  • Things got stuck on the mower’s spindles.
  • low front deck

(5) The blade does not rotate

See the list below:

  • Check that the PTO system is usually working, and replace the mower belt if it’s broken.
  • Check to see if the PTO system is broken.

(6) Discharge chute plugged

Check out the following:

  • the Grass is just too wet
  • It’s too long.
  • Too low of a cutting height
  • RPMs are too low.
  • Too fast of a ground speed.

(7) Uneven cut

Look at the list below.

  • the mower doesn’t level
  • Too fast, great speed.
  • Blades dull
  • Worn or broken blades
  • low air in the tires
  • The anti-scalp rollers are not set up right.
  • The tire pressure needed to be set right.

(8) Excessive vibration

See the list below:

  • junk on the mower deck or even in the pulleys
  • damaged mower belt
  • damaged pulleys
  • pulleys not in the right place
  • Blades that don’t match up

Kubota Z121S Price

The Kubota Z121S is a zero-turn mower with a 42-inch deck and a 21.5-horsepower engine. It has an electric PTO and a hydrostatic transmission, which means it doesn’t have gears. The Z121S starts at $3,799 in price.

Kubota Z122R Will a new Carburetor make it run?? Will I ever learn???

How Many Hours Will a Kubota Zero Turn Last?

If you want to know how long this same Kubota zero-turn mower will last, it depends on a few things. The machine is expected to last for about 1,500 hours. But if you take care of it and keep it in good shape, it can last far longer.

How long your mower lasts will depend on how often you can use it, the type of terrain you use it on, and the way you take care of it. Often these experts agree that a residential user will probably only use the mower 50–75 hours per year.

Even though commercial users will use one’s mowers more often, 500 hours seems to be most likely an accurate estimate for a year’s worth of use.

So, if you use the Kubota zero turn mower approximately 50 hours a year and take good care of it, users can expect it to last at least 30 years.

Kubota Z121S Problems FAQs

(1) Is Kubota Zero Turns Good?

Some of the best mowers on the market are made by Kubota. They have a lot of different models to choose from, and each has its features and benefits.

Kubota’s zero-turn mowers are known for being strong, effective, and comfortable. They are an excellent choice for people who need a mower that works well and is reliable.

(2) How Do You Troubleshoot a Zero Turn Mower?

If your zero-turn mower is giving you trouble, there are some things you can try to figure out what’s wrong. First, make sure the oil level is complete by checking it. If the oil level is low, add so much until the entire line is reached.

Next, make sure the air filter is clean by looking at it. If it looks dirty, you should get a new one. Lastly, check to see if the spark plugs must be replaced.

If they are old or broken, you should get new ones. If you still can’t get one mower to work right, take it to a professional who can figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

(3) What Engine is in the Kubota Zd326?

A 26-horsepower Kubota diesel engine powers the ZD326 zero-turn mower from Kubota. This 3-cylinder engine is cooled by liquid and has a vertical, in-line design.

It has plenty of torque and horsepower, even for the most challenging mowing situations. The engine also has Kubota’s exclusive Datatype Valve Timing (VVT) scheme, which makes the most power and uses minor gas.

Final Thoughts

👉 A zero-turn mower like the Kubota Z121S is made for home use. It has a Kawasaki engine with 21 hp and a 42-inch deck. The mower also has Kubota’s Hydrostatic Transmission, making it easy to use.

👉 But the Z121S has been known to experience a few problems, such as the deck vibrating, the engine cutting out, and transmission problems.

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