Massey Ferguson 1135 Problems And Troubleshooting

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Massey Ferguson 1135 Problems

Massey Ferguson 1135 Problems

If something fails, tractors are expensive and hard to replace. However, learning how to solve the most frequent issues will help you save a lot of hassles and difficulties. Here are some common Massey Ferguson 1135 problems and solutions.

These are as follows:

(1) Transmission Problems

(2) Steering System Problems

(3) Engine Problems

(4) Hydraulics Problems

(5) Electrical Problems

Massey Ferguson 1135 Transmission Problems With Troubleshooting

(1) Gears are hard to shift

Broken or worn gear linkage for a shift. Install a New shift linkage. The Clutch wears out or is not adjusted. The Clutch must be chang or Modified. Worn or bent gear shift forks. Forks for shifting need to be Replaced.

(2) Transmission fluid leaking

Seals and gaskets degenerate. Replacement seals or gaskets are required. The gearbox is filled with too much fluid. Draining the extra fluid is essential.

(3) Transmission is excessively noisy

Broken gears or improper backlash. Replace the bags, or adjust the backlash properly—broken or bent shift forks. Replace the shift forks. Shaft splines have worn or damaged. Shafts need replacement.

The transmission’s fluid level is low. Replace any Broken or worn bearings and Refill the information housing with the Appropriate liquid level. Replace any Worn-out Bearings. It has dirty transmission oil. Change the oil.

(4) Lack of transmission oil pressure

A sufficient flow of transmission fluid is Required. The Appropriate fluid amount must be poured into the gearbox housing. A clogged transmission oil filter is Possible (if installed). Your transmission’s oil filter needs to be Replaced or serviced.

Massey Ferguson 1135 Steering System Problems With Troubleshooting

(1) Steering is hard

The hydraulic steering system has an airlock. The air has to be Bled. The steering filter is filthy. Steering filter element replacement. Low steering fluid level.

Check the steering fluid level and add more if Necessary. The control Valve for the power steering might be worn out or broken. If required, Fix or replace the steering control valve—A broken Hydraulic Steering Pump.

Look for any Hydraulic problems with the steering pump, and replace it if required. Repair the valve that controls the steering pump since it may be damaged or not working Correctly. Check the steering column as well for any damage or poor fitment.

There seems to be a Difference in tire pressure. Make sure the Tires are filled Appropriately. A bad toe-in may be to blame. To suit, Adjust the wheels. Check for worn seals or a Broken piston rod and Repair as necessary.

(2) Tractor is pulling to right or left

A problem with the power steering valve has been detecte. When it wears out, replace it immediately. There’s damage to the Cylinder that controls steering. Correct the toe-in or Replace the steering cylinder.

Verify that the toe-in is set Properly. The linkage that controls the steering seems either worn or loose. Joints. The steering linkage needs to be Fixed or Replaced.

The bearings on the back wheels are either broken or improperly fitted. Make the necessary changes or get new ones. The tire’s air pressure is uneven. Raise or lower the pressure in the tires.

(3) Steering wheel free play is excessive

The steering column shaft or coupling is wearing the most. Change defective components. The steering pump is damaged. Install the new pump for steering.

The steering linkage is Worn out or loose. Make Careful to Change it As necessary. The Power steering Control valve has been Broken or worn. If Require, Replace or Repair the steering Control Valves.

Massey Ferguson 1135 Engine Problems With Troubleshooting

(1) Engine stops suddenly during operation

The fuel injection pump’s timing was Unwittingly set. Fuel filter priming must be adjuste to meet Specifications. It’s time to Change out the filter media. The Temperature of the coolant is insufficient. Bring it to the Minimum Desired Temperature.

(2) Engine overheating

Radiator fins that are damaged or clogged, or a radiator cap. Clean or replace the radiator cover. Fix engine coolant. Check for leaks and refill the cooling system. Fan belt is broken. Engine oil shortage—replace. Check and apply oil as required.

(3) Engine knocking sound or abnormal noise

The car hasn’t even warmed up yet. Start the car and Let it run at normal temperature. A top-off of the motor oil is in order. In order to fill the crankcase, Motor oil is use. There might be a Problem with the fuel pump’s timing, Which would need to be Adjuste.

Adjust fuel injection pump timing for Piston wear or Score. Replace pistons. Damaged or misaligned connecting rod. Replace or Align the connecting rod.

(4) Engine stalls after starting

The gasoline filter has develop some sort of obstruction. Repair or replace the filter; There is damage to the fuel injection pump. There is a need for repair or replacement. The air cleaner has to be serviced since it is contaminat.

(5) Poor engine power

Fuel injection nozzles could be worn out or damaged. Inspect the injection nozzles and Replace them if needed. Fuel lines or hoses could be blocked.

Fuel lines and hoses should be repaired. The air filter element is Clogged. Element for cleaning the air. The cylinder head gasket is leaking. Gaskets should be changed.

(6) Engine stops when idle

Incorrect adjustment of Slow idle rate. Normalize the low idle speed—incorrect valve Clearance. Adjust the valve clearance. The fuel injection pump isn’t functioning correctly. Replace or Repair the injection pump.

Massey Ferguson 1135 Hydraulics Problems With Troubleshooting

(1) Hydraulic fluid pressure is low

Hydraulic oil is Running low. Refill filthy hydraulic fluid using hydraulic oil filter components. Replace or service the hydraulic filter. The hydraulic lines have a leak. Locate and Fix any leaks in the system.

(2) Hitch fails to drop or drops slowly

The hydraulic cylinder might be damaged. The Hydraulic cylinder should be Repaire or replaced. The hydraulic control valve does not need to be adjusted. You must Replace the worn hitch cross shaft. Replace the misaligned hitch with a New one. The three-point Hitch must be modified.

(3) Hydraulic system overheats

The hydraulic fluid use should be Change. The Appropriate fluid should be use. A polluted Hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid should be Replaced. The hydraulic system may contain Air. The hydraulic system has been thoroughly bled.

(4) Hitch does not raise or raises very slowly

The hydraulic pump is broken. The primary relief valve on the hydraulic oil pump has to be replaced or repaired. Switch out the relief valve. Damaged is the hydraulic spool valve. Hydraulic valve replacement or maintenance.

An unreliable Hydraulic valve. Low hydraulic oil levels in the Hydraulic cylinder should be replaced or fixed. Oil must be Added. There is a blockage in the hydraulic oil filter. With a significant strain on the Hitch, Fix or Replace this filter. Reduce the burden.

(5) Hitch lower or lift is jerky

The hydraulic oil is filthy now. A broken hydraulic pump needs Its hydraulic oil changed. Install a new pump for hydraulic fluid. Due to breaks in the hydraulic pipes and a broken hydraulic spool valve, The hydraulic lines are leaking air. Replace or repair the valve.

Massey Ferguson 1135 Electrical Problems With Troubleshooting

(1) Starter cranks slow

The voltage of the battery is low. Low battery power Charge only when Necessary. The battery is unable to keep control. Battery terminals that have been destroyed or are not link to wires. Change terminals or connect wires Appropriately.

(2) Battery cannot be charged

Loose electrical wiring or connections that have rusted. Reconnect wiring. Damaged battery connections. Change terminals. Damaged is the cell battery. The battery is dead; the belt is broken or has come loose. Adjust belt tension or strap.

(3) Starter will not crank

The battery needs replacing. incorrectly connected or severed cables Verify and properly connect the battery’s cables. Low battery capacity. The starting motor has to be fixed. It’s necessary to swap out the starter.

Massey Ferguson 1135 Fuel Problems


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Massey Ferguson 1135 Problems FAQs

(1) What year was the Massey Ferguson 1135 made?

Years Made: 1973-1978

(2) How much horsepower does an 1135 Massey Ferguson have?

  1. Drawbar (tested): 102.44 hp 76.4 kW
  2. PTO (tested): 120.84 hp 90.1 kW
  3. Drawbar (claimed): 102 hp 76.1 kW
  4. PTO (claimed): 121 hp 90.2 kW