Massey Ferguson 1250 Problems And Their Solutions

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Massey Ferguson 1250 Problems

Massey Ferguson 1250 Problem And Their Solutions

Tractors are expensive pieces of equipment that are difficult to replace, so if something goes wrong, you can worry. But you can save yourself a lot of trouble and headaches if you understand how to fix the most common problems. So, here are some common Massey Ferguson 1250 Problems.

Which are as follows:

(1) Transmission Problems

(2) Steering Problems

(3) Engine Problems

(4) Hydraulics Problems

(5) Electrical Problems

Massey Ferguson 1250 Transmission Problem With Solutions

(1) Gear shift is hard

Broken or rusty gearshift linkage. Install a new link for your gear shift: a worn or incorrectly adjusted clutch. Replacement or adjustment of the clutch is required.

Gear shift forks that are worn or damaged. Replace the shift forks—worn gear shifting mechanism. If necessary, repair or replace worn parts.

(2) Transmission oil leakage

Gaskets and seals that are damaged. Replace damaged seals or gaskets—low transmission oil level. Adjust the oil level.

(3) Transmission makes noise

Backlash is incorrect or damaged gears. The backlash is faulty or damaged. Gear shift forks that are worn or damaged.

Replace worn or damaged shift forks. Wear or damaged shaft splines. The shaft must be replaced—insufficient transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid needs to be added. Bearings may be cracked or worn. Bearings must be replaced. The transmission fluid is dirty. Transmission fluid change required.

(4) Low transmission pressure

Low fluid level. Transmission fluid needs to be added. Filter element for dirty transmission fluid (if it is equipped). Service or replace transmission fluid filter—relief valve malfunction. Replace the relief valve.

Massey Ferguson 1250 Steering Problem With Solutions

(1) Stiff steering

Air in the steering system. System leaking. The filter element in the steering wheel is blocked. Replace the steering filter element.

The steering fluid is low. Oil should be added to the steering system. The power steering control valve is worn or damaged.

Assemble and replace as necessary. The steering box parts are worn. The defective power steering box components must be replaced—steering pump failure.

Install a new hydraulic steering system if the steering pump control valve is stuck or faulty. Flush or replaces the flow control valve.

Incorrectly or defectively mounted steering column. Mount the steering column correctly or replace it.

Tire pressure is uneven. Properly inflate your tires. Not adjusted toe-in. Adjust toe-in.

(2) Tractor pulls to left or right

The steering box components may be defective. It is necessary to replace faulty parts of the power steering box.

The power steering control valve may be damaged or worn. Replace the valve as needed. Not adjusted toe-in.

Toe-in should be adjusted appropriately. The steering linkage parts may be worn or damaged. Repair or replace the steering linkage.

Incorrectly or damaged front wheel bearings. You can either return or adjust the paths. The tires on the front are showing uneven wear. Replace the tires.

(3) Excessive play in steering

Maximum wear to the steering column shaft and coupling. Replace defective components steering pump failure. Replace or repair the steering pump.

The steering linkage parts may be worn or loose. Make sure to check and replace as needed. Damaged or worn power steering control valve.

As soon as possible, inspect and replace. They damaged the steering box parts. Repair the power steering box.

Massey Ferguson 1250 Engine Problem With Solutions

(1) Engine shuts off suddenly during operation

Incorrect fuel injection timing. Make sure to adjust the timing of your fuel injection pump—clogged fuel filter element.

Maintenance of the filter is required. The engine has yet to be heated to the recommended temperature. The machine is not at the correct temperature.

(2) Engine overheated

The radiator core is dirty, or the radiator cap is damaged. Replace the lid or clean the radiator.

Insufficient engine coolant Check for leaks in the radiator and fill it to the correct level. The fan belt is worn excessively.

Replace as needed. Check the engine oil level. Make sure to fill the crankcase with oil.

(3) Engine noises or knocks

The engine needs to be fully warmed up. Heat up to the required temperature. Low engine oil level. Low oil level?

Check it and add oil if necessary. They need to set the fuel injection pump timing. It should be set up according to the instructions.

Pistons have been damaged or worn. Install new pistons. The connecting rod is worn or misaligned. Replacement or alignment is necessary.

(4) Low oil pressure

The oil level needs to be increased. You will need to add oil. Oil pump failure. As soon as possible, replace—the oil filter element clogging. Replace or clean the engine oil filter element.

(5) Engine starts hard or won’t start

The fuel filter element is blocked. Replace the filter element. Air in the fuel tank. Fuel tank leaking. It clogged or defective fuel injection nozzles.

Replace the nozzle if necessary. The fuel injection pump needs to be fixed. Rebuild or replace the injection pump.

(6) Diesel starts and then shuts off

Fuel filter plugging. Service the filter. The fuel injection pump is damaged. Repair or replace the injection pump—filter blockage. Replace or clean the filter.

(7) Low engine power

Fuel injection nozzles may be faulty or blocked. Replace injection nozzles. Fuel lines and hoses that are clogged. Clean fuel lines and hoses.

Dirty air cleaner. Service air cleaner. The cylinder head gasket has been damaged. Replacement of the cylinder-head gasket is required.

(8) Engine stalls while idle

Too low idle RPM. Low idle RPM should be adjusted as suggested. The valve clearance is incorrect.

Adjust the valve clearance to meet specifications. The fuel injection pump is damaged. Replace or rebuild the pump.

Massey Ferguson 1250 Hydraulics Problem With Solutions

(1) Low hydraulic system pressure

Hydraulic pump malfunction. The hydraulic fluid pump needs to be repaired or replaced. Primary relief valve failure. It is necessary to replace the relief valve hydraulic spool valve failure.

Replace or fix the valve failure of the hydraulic cylinder. Repair or replace the hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic fluid level low.

Check the hydraulic fluid level, and add any necessary. Clogged hydraulic oil filter If necessary, service the hydraulic oil filter or replace it—exceeded hitch loading. The load must be reduced.

(2) 3-point hitch won’t lower or lowers slowly

The hydraulic cylinder is damaged. The hydraulic cylinder must be replaced or repaired. It is necessary to adjust the hydraulic control valve correctly.

You must ensure that you do the correct thing. The shaft of your lift arm has been damaged. Replace the post-Misadjusted hitch. As needed, adjust.

(3) Hydraulic system overheated

Low hydraulic oil level. Check your hydraulic oil level, and add more if needed. The filter element of hydraulic fluid is clogged. Change or clean the hydraulic filter.

Leakage in hydraulic piping. Repair leaks and inspect the system. The hydraulic control valve needs to be set appropriately.

Adjust the failure of the hydraulic pump correctly. Install a new hydraulic fluid pump. Hydraulic cylinder damaged. Repair or replace the hydraulic cylinder.

(4) Hitch does not raise or raises very slowly

Hydraulic oil contamination. Replace the oil hydraulic pump failure. Repair or replace the hydraulic oil pump. The hydraulic system is leaking.

Fluid in the hydraulic system is leaking a faulty hydraulic spool. The hydraulic valve needs to be replaced or repaired.

The hydraulic cylinder needs to be fixed. Is the hydraulic cylinder not working?

Massey Ferguson 1250 Electrical Problem With Solutions

(1) Starter motor cranks slow

Low battery power. Low battery power. It needs to be charged. It drains quickly. Change or service the battery–disconnected cables or battery terminals that are not working properly. Verify the wiring connections and clean or replace terminals.

(2) Battery does not charge

Loose or corroded electrical wire connections. Tighten or clean electrical wiring connections—repair damaged connectors for battery terminals.

Replace the terminal connectors if you have a faulty cell. Replace the battery. The belt is damaged or worn. Adjust the tension or change the belt.

(3) Starter is not working

The battery is either dead or damaged. Replace or recharge the battery. Sometimes the battery wires need to be connected properly or may have been disconnected.

Make sure the cables are properly connected. Low battery power can cause problems. Charge the battery. The starter motor needs to be fixed. It is time to replace the starter.

Massey Ferguson 1250 Problems FAQs


(1) How many horsepower is a 1250 Massey Ferguson?

Ans. Engine (gross) = 34 hp 25.4 kW
Engine (net) = 32 hp 23.9 kW
PTO (claimed) = 27.3 hp 20.4 kW

(2) Who makes the engines for Massey Ferguson tractors?

Ans. Massey Ferguson has been a trusted name in the industry for more than 160 years. A Mitsubishi engine powers many Massey Ferguson compact tractors and tractors.

(3) Are Massey Ferguson tractors reliable?

Ans. Massey Ferguson tractors can be described as excellent tractors. They are sturdy and reliable and have previously served in the US military.

Final Words

We have discussed all the most frequent problems faced by the users of MF 1250. If one or more of these issues bother you, you should follow our advice to resolve them.

We strongly recommend that you perform regular inspections on the trailer to avoid future problems.

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