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About Massey Ferguson 165

The Massey Ferguson 165 is a 2WD row-crop tractor produced by Massey Ferguson in Coventry, England from 1965 until 1979.

The Massey Ferguson 165 is equipped with either power steering or mechanical dry disc or wet disc brakes, an open operator station, and a 68.1-liter (18-gallon) fuel tank.

Massey Ferguson 165 Price

Massey Ferguson 165 Specs

Massey Ferguson 165 Original Price: $7,290

Massey Ferguson 165 Horsepower

Massey Ferguson 165 Horsepower Is 41 hp [30.6 kW] in Petrol and Diesel – 46 hp [34.3 kW]

Massey Ferguson 165 Weight

Massey Ferguson 165 Weight Is  2,270 kg [5,005 lbs] Gas And Diesel – 2,644 kg [5,830 lbs]

Massey Ferguson has 165 years of manufacture

Massey Ferguson 165 Manufacture In 1964

Massey Ferguson 165 oil capacity

massey ferguson 165 oil capacity is 8.5 qts 8.0 L

Massey Ferguson 165 top speed

Massey Ferguson 165 top speed is 35.8 kmph

Massey Ferguson 165 Serial Numbers

1964: 643000001
1965: 643000481
1966: 643007763
1967: 643014673
1967: 9A1000
1968: 9A39836
1969: 9A63158
1970: 9A87325
1971: 9A107597
1972: 9A128141
1973: 9A152025
1974: 9A179544
1975: 9A207681

Massey Ferguson 165 Specs

General Specifications

Model Massey Ferguson 165
Length 3,350 mm (131.9 in)
Width 1,820 mm (71.7 in)
Height 1,570 mm (61.8 in)
Wheelbase 2,080 mm (81.9 in)
Weight 2,030 kg (4475 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity 68.1 liters (18.0 US gal.; 15 Imp. gal)
Battery 12V
Cabin type Open operator station


Engine model Perkins AD4.203
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Cylinders 4
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement 3.3 L, 3,335 cm2, (203.5 cu·in)
Bore and stroke 91.0 mm X 127.0 mm (3.58 in X 5 in)
Compression ratio 18.5:1
Horsepower 59.2 PS (43.5 kW; 58.3 HP) at 2,000 rpm
Torque 229.2 N·m (23.4 kg·m, 168.9 ft·lb) at 1,300 rpm
Starter Electric
Oil capacity: 6.8 L (7.2 US. qt, 6 Imp. qt.)
Coolant capacity: 13.6 L (14.4 US. qt, 12 Imp. qt.)


Engine model Perkins A4.212
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Cylinders 4
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement 3.5 L, 3,474 cm2, (212.0 cu·in)
Bore and stroke 98.0 mm X 114.0 mm (3.86 in X 4.49 in)
Horsepower 60.8 PS (44.7 kW; 59.9 HP) at 2,000 rpm
Starter Electric
Oil capacity: 9.1 L (9.6 US. qt, 8 Imp. qt.)
Coolant capacity: 10.8 L (11.4 US. qt, 9.5 Imp. qt.)

Transmission and chassis

Chassis 4×2 2WD
Steering type Manual or power
Brakes Mechanical dry disc or wet disc
Transmission model Multi-Power
Transmission type Partial power shift with dry disc clutch
Gears 12 forward and 4 reverse
Speed Forward: 29.8 kmh (18.5 mph) Reverse: 14.8 (9.2 mph)
Transmission model
Transmission type
Gears 6 forward and 2 reverse
Transmission oil capacity 30.3 L (8 US. gal, 6.7 Imp. gal.)
Transmission model
Transmission type
Gears 8 forward and 2 reverse


Front tires Ag: 6-16
Rear tires Ag: 11-32

Three-Point Hitch

Category II/I
Control type
Lift capacity (at ends) 1,290 kg (2,845 lbs)

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Rear PTO type Live or independent
Rear PTO speed 540 rpm

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic type Open center
Pump flow 17.0 GPM (64.4 lpm)

Massey Ferguson 165 Review

The Massey Ferguson 165, a compact utility tractor manufactured from 1965 to 1975, is celebrated for its reliability, durability, and versatility.

Equipped with a 3.5-liter diesel engine churning out 58 horsepower, it also comes with a four-wheel drive system and an array of other features that have established it as a top choice among farmers, ranchers, and various other users.

Full review YouTube video check here.

Massey Ferguson 165 Attachments

Massey Ferguson 235 Loader

Height (to pin): 130 inches
330 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket: 105 inches
266 cm
Dump reach: 30 inches
76 cm
Dump angle: 40°
Reach the ground: 89 inches
226 cm
Breakout force (lift): 3250 lbs
1474 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 2500 lbs
1134 kg
Bucket width: 48 inches
121 cm
60 inches
152 cm
72 inches
182 cm
84 inches
213 cm

Massey Ferguson 165 Problems

165 tractor troubles. Loss of power. How can I get rid of the problem?

overly-greased Engine. Inconsistent Fuel Injection: replace The Injection pump. The Valve clearance Is improper.

Tell me please what is damaged if the engine runs irregularly?

The water separator is blocked Water separator is clean.

Please tell me why the steering wheel spins very easily. What should I do to troubleshoot?

Low level of hydraulic oil in the tank – pour full. The steering cylinder is having problems. Replace the seal. The steering pump is not working properly Replace the pump.

Steering stopped working on our tractor. What repairs should I do?

Within the hydraulic system is air. It is essential to evacuate the air. Insufficient hydraulic oil in the tank. Fill the oil tank full. What is the problem with the hydraulic steering cylinder? Examine it and correct it.

I own the exact same model. Why does diesel fail to start? How do I fix the malfunction?

Wrong Valve Timing – Need setting of valve timing. Increase Compression. Wear the Bores on The Cylinders. Repair it. Leaks Occur Between Seats and Valves – Stop leaks.

Please help. The engine overheats regularly. How can I repair it?

Low coolant. Fill the radiator to the correct level, then check the radiator, coolant recovery tank, and hoses for loose connections or leaks. Clean grilles or radiator cores. Remove debris. When overloaded, slow down. Broken belts. Tension belt.

Massey Ferguson 165 FAQs

What horsepower is a 165 Massey Ferguson?

58.3 hp

Each engine can produce 58.3 horsepower. It comes with 70 liters of fuel capacity. The tractor is an all-wheel drive 4×2 chassis. It features the power steering feature as well as the mechanical disc brakes and an open operator’s station.

What engine is in a Massey Ferguson 165?

Massey Ferguson 165 Engine: Perkins A4.212

What does a Massey Ferguson 165 weigh?

Massey Ferguson 165 weighs: 5005 lbs 2270 kg (gas)

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