Massey Ferguson 1735m Problems And Troubleshooting

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Massey Ferguson 1735m Problems

Troubleshooting Of Massey Ferguson 1735M Transmission Problems

Difficulty shifting gears

Gear shift linkage with wear Or corrosion. The shift linkage should be oiled or replaced. a worn-out or damaged clutch that hasn’t been adjusted. Change or correct the clutch. worn or broken gear shifters. Forks. Replace shift forks that are broken. It has a broken shifting mechanism. Mechanism. Replacing broken components

Transmission oil leaking

The gaskets and seals have been compromised or worn down. Put in some new components. The gearbox is Dripping excessive amounts of oil. Get rid of the oil that isn’t required At this time.

Transmission is excessively noisy

Gears that are damaged or not properly backlash. Replace the gears with new ones and correctly set backlash. Wear or damaged gear shift forks.

Replace Defective shift forks. The shaft splines have been worn or damaged. Change defective shaft. More than fluid in the transmission is required. Verify the level of transmission fluid and Add more if need.

Bearings might be damaged or worn. Bearings need to be replaced. contamination of the transmission fluid. Change of transmission fluid is Necessary.

Transmission oil pressure is low

The Transmission fluid has to be replaced. Make sure you refill the fluid that powers the transmission. The filtering filter Transmission fluid may be contaminated (if installed). Repair or replace the transmission oil filter. Failure of the relief valve. Restore the valve.

Troubleshooting of Massey Ferguson 1735M Hydraulic System Problems

Hydraulic oil pressure too low

Hydraulic fluid level low. Verifying the level of hydraulic fluid and adding it if needed.The filter element of hydraulic fluid is blocked. Install a new hydraulic filter element. Pipes that leak from the hydraulic.

Repair hydraulic leaks. Hydraulic spool valve missetting. Set it right. Fix the pump. Replace the hydraulic pump. Hydraulic cylinder damage. Fix the hydraulic cylinder.

3-point hitch can’t drop or drops too slowly

Broken Hydraulic cylinder. You need either fix the hydraulic cylinder or get a new one. Adjusting the block of hydraulic control valves is essential. Make sure the relevant settings are applied. The lift arm shaft was broken. Put on a new shaft. The hitch must have a range of motion. Make the appropriate changes to the hitch.

Hydraulic system overheats

Change the hydraulic fluid. Use suitable fluid. Infected hydraulic oil. Replace hydraulic oil. Hydraulic air. Bleed hydraulics. Damaged main relief valve. Replace relief valve.

Three-point hitch cannot be lifted or lifting is too slow

Failure of the hydraulic pump. Fix or replace the hydraulic oil pump. The Primary pressure release valve is broken. Substitute the relief valve in its proper location. Sadly, the hydraulic control valve has been broken. The valve should either be fixed or replaced.

Fix hydraulic cylinders. Fix or replace the cylinder. Hydraulic fluid low. Fill hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid filter element clogged. Clean or replace the filter element. Hitch overload. Load reduction is needed.

Hitch lowering or lifting is jerky

contamination in hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil should be changed. failure of the hydraulic pump. You need swap out or fix your hydraulic pump. Air may be used to fill the system. a hydraulic system bleeding.

Unfortunately, the hydraulic system’s spool valve Has been broken for some time. Put in a new hydraulic valve or repair the current one. Broken hydraulic cylinder. A new cylinder should be installed or the old one fixed.

Troubleshooting of Massey Ferguson 1735M Electrical Problems

Starter turns slow

The capacity of the battery must be increased. The battery is drained; thus, it must be recharged. The battery cannot maintain a charge. Change or maintain the battery. Terminals of the battery that are not functional or attached to the wiring. Check electrical connections and either clean or replace terminals

Starter doesn’t crank

The battery is faulty or depleted. Replace or recharge the battery. Harness with disconnected or improperly connected wiring. Check the battery’s wiring harness and connect it if necessary.

The capacity of the battery is low. It is necessary to re-charge the battery. The starter’s motor was harmed in the accident. You need either replace or fix the starter.

Battery cannot be charged

Electrical cable connections Can be damaged or come undone. Tightening or cleaning connectors is recommended. The battery terminal connections are broken.

The terminal connections need be changed. exhausted battery. The battery has to be replaced. The belt is sloppy or broken. Belts must be tightened or replaced.

Troubleshooting of Massey Ferguson 1735M Engine Problems

Engine shuts off while running

Time the fuel injection pump appropriately. The fuel filter should be cleaned or replaced if necessary after checking the fuel pump timing adjustment. The engine should be warmed up until the desired temperature is reached since it is essential for good operation.

Engine overheating

A damaged radiator cap or a radiator with filthy fins. Clean or replace the radiator cap. The engine’s coolant level is low. Check for leaks and refill the tank to the correct level.

The fan belt has worn significantly. Belt replacement should be performed as often as necessary. The engine is running on inadequate oil. Crankcase oiling is a must.

Engine knocking or noise

The coolant temperature is too low. The temperature can be normalized by warming the engine. Insufficient engine oil. Check and replenish engine oil. Unusual timing for fuel injection. Adjust the pump according to your needs.

Broken or worn-out pistons. Pistons require replacement. Connecting rods are worn out or not properly aligned. Adjust or replace the connecting rod.

Insufficient oil pressure

The amount of oil is low. Oil must be put in the crankcase. Oil pump failure. Fix or get a new one. Oil filter clogging. Change or take care of the oil filter.

Engine starts hard or will not start

The fuel filter is dirty. Clean the filter, or install an entirely new filter. The fuel system is leaking air. The fuel system was bled. Dirty fuel filter Clean or replace the filter. Fuel system air leaks. Bled gasoline.

Diesel starts and stops

Fuel filter is clogged. Replace or clean the filter. Failure of the fuel injection pump. Replace or rebuild the injection pump. An obstructed air cleaner. Element for cleaning the air.

Engine power is reduced

clogged injection nozzles. Clean or replace injectors. Dirty fuel lines and hoses. Clean fuel lines. Air purifiers are dirty. Air filter service. Cylinder head gasket damage. Replace the cylinder head gasket.

Engine stalls when idling

Incorrectly set the low idle speed. Adjustment is needed. Valve clearance needs To be an adjustment. Adjust valve clearance to the specifications. Fuel injection pump malfunction. Repair or replacement Is required.

Troubleshooting of Hydrostatic Transmission Problems

Transmission oil overheats

Check the transmission And fix or replace the cooling parts if necessary. Raise the transmission oil level And, if required, replace the transmission oil filter.

Transmission oil leaking

The return pipe to the transmission fluid is blocked. Clean or replace the return pipe. Gaskets or seals have broken. Gaskets and seal replacement are required. The pressure inside the housing of the transmission can be too much. Change defective parts.

Excessive HST transmission noise

Speed control linkage malfunctions. Set the connectivity. Overloading. Lighten transmission. Dirty or poor oil. Refill or replace the transmission oil. Stop the relief valve. Valve replacement. Worms in the transmission. Replace the broken part.

Power is insufficient

Low oil levels are present. The gearbox housing should be oiled. faulty relief valve Switch out the relief valve. broken or damaged speed regulation system. Change or modify the relationship.

Troubleshooting of Massey Ferguson 1735M Steering Problems

Steering wheel is hard to turn

Air lock in the hydraulic steering system. Bleeding of air. A clogged steering filter. Clean or replace the filter element.

Check the steering system Oil level and add oil if necessary. Inspect the steering control valve for wear or malfunction and Replace or repair it as needed. Replace or repair the steering pump if it is faulty.

the steering Pump control valve is broken or jammed. Switch out the control valve or clean it. The steering column must be worn or properly installed. Column. Change or fix the column. irregular tyre pressure Inflate the tyres as directed.

Incorrect toe-in. Verify toe-in and make sure it is correct. Leaking steering cylinder. Replace worn seals on the cylinder or damaged piston rod.

Tractor is pulling to right or left

The control valve for steering has failed or is worn. Replace it if needed. Failure of the steering cylinder. Repair or replace the steering cylinder. Not adjusted toe-in. Verify toe-in and make adjustments. Linkage joints for steering are broken or loose. Examine and replace them as necessary.

There is Either damage to or improper adjustment of the front wheel bearings. The bearings should be replaced or properly adjusted. There is a noticeable difference in tread wear between the front and rear tires. Put on some new tires.

Steering wheel has too much free-play

Worn Steering column shaft/coupling. Replace damaged parts. Steering pump failure. Replace the steering pump. Steering linkage issues. Check and replace. Damaged or worn steering control valves. Check and replace.

Massey Ferguson 1735m Problems FAQs

(1) How many horsepower is a Massey Ferguson 1735M?

  • Engine = 36.2 hp 27.0 kW
  • Gear PTO (claimed)  = 27.5 hp 20.5 kW
  • Hydro PTO (claimed)  = 26.4 hp 19.7 kW

(2) What is the top speed of Massey tractor?

Massey Ferguson tractor’s peak speed of 35.8 kmph is high.


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