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Massey Ferguson 451 Problems

Troubleshooting Of Massey Ferguson 451 Transmission Problems

Gears are hard to shift

The gear shift may be worn or damaged. Linkage. The linkage for the shift needs replacing. The clutch is worn or not adjusted. Adjust or replace the clutch.

The forks on the shift are worn out or bent. Forks for the shift need to be replaced. Gearshift mechanism malfunction. Repair and identify the failed part.

Transmission noise

Gears are damaged, or the backlash is incorrect. Adjust backlash correctly, as well as replace them. Forks for the shift are stretched or damaged. Change the forks on your shift. The shaft splines have become broken or worn out. The shaft must be replaced.

More than oil in the transmission is needed. Make sure to add oil to the housing of the transmission. Worn or broken bearings. Bearings that are damaged need to be replaced. The transmission oil is contaminated. Need to change the oil in the transmission.

Low transmission fluid pressure

Insufficient transmission oil. Fill the housing of the transmission to an appropriate level of oil. The filter element for transmission fluid is blocked (if fitted). Change or service the filter for transmission fluid. The relief valve is stuck. Replace the relief valve if needed.

Troubleshooting of Massey Ferguson 451 Steering Problems

Steering wheel is very heavy to turn

The steering pump is damaged or has a stuck control valve. Replace or clean the flow control valve. Damaged or improperly fitted steering column. Replace or fit the column of your steering. Tires wear unevenly. Repair the tires. Improper toe-in.

Make sure to adjust the toe-in. Steering cylinder leakage. Replace worn seals on the cylinder or damaged piston rod.

Tractor is pulling to left or right

The power steering control valve is worn or damaged. Replace it if needed. The steering cylinder is damaged. Repair or replace the hydraulic steering wheel. Not adjusted toe-in. Adjust the wheels that toe in. Replace worn or damaged links in the steering. Repair or replace the steering linkage.

Incorrectly adjusted or worn out, or damaged the front wheels bearings. Replace the bearings or adequately adjust them. The front tires wear differently. Replace the tires.

Excessive play in steering

The steering column shaft or coupling has worn out. Replace the damaged component. Steering pump failure.

Install an entire replacement steering pump. Linkage joints for steering are worn out or loose. Repair or replace the steering linkage. The control valve for the power steering has been damaged or worn out. Replace or repair the valve controlling the steering.

Troubleshooting of Massey Ferguson 451 Diesel Engine Problems

Engine stops running suddenly

The low Setting of fuel timing of the injection pump. adjust as Suggested. dirty fuel filter. clean or replace the filter. Adjust the Temperatures by Heating the engine.

Engine overheating

The cap of the radiator is damaged or dirty. Radiator fins. Clean your radiator or install a new cap. Lack of coolant. Fill the tank to the right level, and then check the system for leaks. The fan belt is worn or slipping.

Install a new fan belt. The engine oil level Needs to be increased. Ensure the oil is at the right level, and add oil if Needed.

Engine knocks or noises

Coolant is too cold. engine Start as Needed. Increase engine oil. Oil must be topped Off.

Mistimed fuel injection pump. check fuel injection pump timing. Broken or worn pistons. replace Pistons. misalignment or connecting rod failure. Replace or Align.

Diesel starts and stops

Fuel filter element clogging. Replace or Repair the filter. The fuel injection pump is damaged. Replace or rebuild the pump. Air cleaner clogged. Clean air cleaner element.

Engine power is too low

Injection nozzles that are blocked. Clean or change injection nozzles. Fuel lines or hoses are dirty. Clear fuel lines as well as the hoses. The air filter element is dirty. Clean or replace the element. The gasket in the cylinder head is blowing. Install a new gasket on the cylinder head.

Engine stops at low idle speed

Unjustly adjusted slow idle rate. Adjust according to the needs. Insufficient clearance for valves. The correct valve clearance must be established. Fuel injection pump malfunctioning. Rebuild or replace the fuel pump.

Troubleshooting of Massey Ferguson 451 Hydraulics Problems

Low hydraulic system pressure

Low hydraulic oil. Refill hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic filtering is unclean. Filter cleaning/replacement.

Hydraulic pipes leak. Fix hydraulic leaks by inspecting. Adjust the hydraulic control valve. Set it right. Hydraulic pump damage. Replace the hydraulic pump. Broken hydraulic cylinder. Fix the hydraulic cylinder.

3-point hitch can’t drop or drops too slowly

A hydraulic cylinder is damaged. Repair or replace the hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic control valve has been incorrectly set. The control valve has to be set appropriately. Damaged hitch rock shaft. Install a new shaft. Unadjusted hitch. Adjust the 3-point hitch as needed.

Hitch does not raise or raises very slowly

Pumps for hydraulics need to be fixed. Replace or repair the hydraulic pump. The main relief valve has been damaged. Replace the relief valve.

The hydraulic spool valve has been damaged. Replace or repair the valve. A broken hydraulic cylinder. Install the cylinder from scratch or fix it. Low hydraulic oil. Make sure to refill with hydraulic oil. Filtering of the hydraulic fluid is blocked. Clean the filter or replace it if required. A heavy load on the hitch. Reduce the load.

Troubleshooting of Massey Ferguson 451 Electrical Problems

Starter turns slow

Charge the battery. Battery requires charging. Replace the battery or fix the Charger. Mismatched battery wires or connections. Check wire connections and exchange battery or service Terminals.

The Starter motor won’t turn

Battery is dead. Battery Replacement or Charging. Connect The wire Properly.

Verify Wire Connections. Increase battery Power. Charge it. Starter motor Damage. Starter Replacement/Repair.

Massey Ferguson 451 Problems FAQs


(1) What horsepower is a 451 Massey Ferguson?

  • Engine (gross): 52 hp 38.8 kW
  • PTO (claimed): 45 hp 33.6 kW
  • PTO (tested): 47.74 hp 35.6 kW

(2) How many hours will a Massey Ferguson tractor last?

A tractor is expected to last at most 4,000 hours.

Final Thoughts

I’ve Discussed every one of the most frequent Issues that users of MF 451 encounter. If one or more of these issues bother you, you must follow my advice to resolve them.

I strongly recommend that you Conduct regular inspections on the trailer to avoid future problems.

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