Massey Ferguson 471 Problems And Troubleshooting

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Massey Ferguson 471 Problems

Troubleshooting of Massey Ferguson 471 Transmission Problems

Gear shift is hard

The gear shift linkage may be worn or rusty. Shift linkage needs to be changed or lubricated. Clutch worn or improperly adjusted.

The clutch needs to be changed or adjusted. The shift forks may be bent or worn. Change defective shift forks. Defective gear shifting mechanism. It is necessary to replace defective parts.

Transmission fluid leakage

Gaskets and seals that are broken need to be replaced. It would help if you replaced the gaskets. The transmission oil level is too high. Adjust the oil volume.

Excessive transmission noise

Incorrect backlash or defective gears. Correct backlash or replacement of the gears. Broken or worn shift forks.

Change defective shift forks. Shaft splines may be worn or stuck. Install a new shaft with insufficient transmission fluid.

Check the transmission fluid level. If necessary, add more. Bearings may be worn or broken. Replace the bearing’s transmission fluid contamination. Replace the transmission fluid.

Insufficient transmission oil pressure

Low transmission oil level. Low transmission oil level. Add oil as needed. If possible, clog the transmission fluid filter.

Change or clean the transmission fluid filter—damage to the relief valve. As soon as possible, replace the relief valve.

Troubleshooting Of Massey Ferguson 471 Steering Problems

Heavy steering

Steering system air trapped. Air-bleed steering system. Filter blockage. Change the steering filter element low level of steering oil. Top up your steering oil.

The power steering control valve is worn or malfunctioning. If necessary, replace or repair the steering control valve hydraulic steering pump failure.

Repair or replace the steering pump. Control valve for steering pump stuck or damaged. Replace or clean the control valve. You are incorrectly installed or damaged steering columns. Replace the steering column if necessary.

The tires on the front need to be worn evenly. Replace the tires. Not adjusted toe-in. Make sure to check the toe in steering cylinder leakage. Replace worn piston seals and damaged piston rods.

Front wheels wander to right or left

The power steering control valve may be worn or defective. If necessary, replace or repair the steering control valve failure of the steering cylinder. Replace or repair the steering cylinder.

Not adjusted toe-in. Toe-in wheels need to be adjusted—loose or damaged steering linkage. Repair or replace the steering linkage.

The front wheel bearings may be damaged or not properly adjusted. You can either correct the problem or replace the bearings. The tire pressure needs to be corrected. Adjust the tire pressure.

Excessive free play of steering wheel

Maximum wear to shaft or steering column coupling Replace the damaged part—worn steering pump. Replace the steering pump—broken or loose steering linkage.

Replace or repair the steering linkage—defective or worn power steering control valve. If necessary, replace or repair the steering control valve.

Troubleshooting Of Massey Ferguson 471 Engine Problems

Engine stalls while running

The timing of the fuel injection pump needs to be corrected. Install it as needed dirty fuel filter. Clean or replace the filter. The engine has yet to warm up to the temperature recommended. Start warming the engine as necessary.

Engine overheats

The filtering of the radiator is dirty or damaged cap for the radiator. Clean or replace the cap of the radiator.

Coolant levels are low. Refill the tank to the proper level and check the system for leaks.

Fan belts that are damaged or loose. Replace the belt as needed—low oil level in the engine. Refill the engine oil.

Abnormal engine noise or knocking

The engine needs to be fully warmed up. It is time to warm up the engine. The oil level of the engine is low.

Oil should be added to the crankcase—incorrect fuel injection pump timing adjustment.

Make sure the pump is set as per instructions. Pistons are damaged or worn out. Get pistons replaced. Connecting rods may be out of alignment or fail. Replace or align the connecting rod.

Oil pressure too low

Low level of oil in the crankcase. It is necessary to add oil. Oil pump malfunction. Replace or repair. The oil filter is clogged. Repair or replace your engine’s oil filter.

Engine hard to start or will not start

The fuel filter element has become blocked. Maintenance of filter necessary. Air in the fuel system. The fuel system bled.

Injection nozzles that are dirty or defective. Examine the nozzles and replace them when necessary with a malfunctioning fuel injection pump. Repair or replace the injection pump.

Engine stalls after starting

Fuel filter plugging. Replace your filter. The fuel injection pump needs to be fixed. Repair or replace the pump. The air filter is clogged. Replace the air filter element.

Engine power is too low

Filter nozzles for injection that are damaged or dirty. Service or change injection nozzles.

Lines or fuel hoses are getting blocked—clean lines and fuel system hoses. The air cleaner is filthy.

Install a new air filter. They are leaking the cylinder head gasket. Install an entirely new gasket.

Engine stops while idling

Low idle RPM. The adjustment for low idle is correct. Valve clearance needs to be corrected.

It is necessary to adjust the valve clearance—defective fuel injection pump. Replace or repair the pump.

Troubleshooting of Massey Ferguson 471 Hydraulic Problems

Hydraulic fluid pressure is low

Hydraulic fluid level low. Examine the hydraulic fluid level and add more if necessary.

The filter element of the hydraulic oil is blocked. Install a new hydraulic filter element. The hydraulic piping is leaky.

Examine the hydraulic system and repair leaks. The hydraulic control valve is not an adjustment. You need to adjust the valve.

The hydraulic pump has failed. Repair or replace the hydraulic oil pump. The hydraulic cylinder is not functioning. Repair or replace the hydraulic cylinder.

3-point hitch can’t drop or drops too slowly

Hydraulic cylinder damaged. Replace or repair the hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic spool valve is not an adjustment.

Spool valve adjustment is required. The Cross shaft of the hitch is damaged. Repair the shaft. The hook is not adjusted. It is necessary to adjust the hook.

Hydraulics overheating

The wrong type of hydraulic fluid. Fill it with the correct kind of fluid. The hydraulic oil has become dirty. It is necessary to change the hydraulic oil.

Air is trapped in the hydraulic system. Air leaks out of the system. The main relief valve needs to be fixed. The relief valve has to be changed.

Hitch can’t lift or lifts too slowly

The hydraulic pump may be defective. Install a new hydraulic fluid pump. The main relief valve has failed.

Replacement of the relief valve is needed. The hydraulic control valve block is defective.

Repair or replace the hydraulic valve with a damaged hydraulic cylinder. Replace or repair the hydraulic cylinder’s low hydraulic fluid.

Refill the system according to the correct levels of hydraulic fluid. The filter element of the hydraulic oil is blocked.

Clean the hydraulic filter, or change it if necessary. The hitch is overloaded. Reducing the load is necessary.

Hitch jerks when drop or lift

The fluid in the hydraulic system is dirty. The fluid needs to be changed to a damaged hydraulic pump.

Repair or replace the Hydraulic fluid pump. Air is leaking from the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic system is leaking air. Hydraulic spool valve block damaged. Repair or replace the valve. Hydraulic cylinders are damaged. Replace or repair the hydraulic cylinder.

Troubleshooting of Massey Ferguson 471 Electrical Problems

Starter cranks slow

The battery’s voltage is low. The battery is depleted, so recharge it. The battery runs out quickly. Replace or service the battery.

Wires are not connected, or the terminals of the battery are damaged. Verify battery wires and repair or replace terminals.

Battery cannot be charged

Wiring connections are damaged or loose. Clean or tighten wiring connection connectors for electrical terminals that are defective.

The connectors for terminals must be replaced cells with bad batteries. Replace the battery. A belt that is loose or damaged. The belt should be changed or adjusted.

Starter motor won’t turn

The battery is depleted or worn. You need to charge or change the batteries. Incorrectly or disconnected wires. Check the battery wires and connect them correctly.

Battery capacity is low. The battery needs to be recharged. The starter motor is damaged. The starter motor needs to be replaced.

Massey Ferguson 471 Problems FAQs


(1) How can you tell how old a Ferguson tractor is?

Ans. To determine the model of your tractor and the year of its manufacture, verify to identify the serial number of your engine (SN) plates. According to the model, the SN plate is situated in different places on the instrument console.

(2) Are Massey Ferguson tractors any good?

Ans. Massey Ferguson tractors are generally considered to be an excellent tractors. They are sturdy and reliable and have even been employed by US forces.

(3) How many HP is a Massey Ferguson 471?

  • Engine (gross): 72 hp 53.7 kW
  • PTO (claimed): 60 hp 44.7 kW
  • PTO (tested): 66.23 hp 49.4 kW


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