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Massey Ferguson 491 Problems

Massey Ferguson 491 Problems And How To Fix?

Here is a list of Massey Ferguson 491 Problems and how to fix them. Which are as follows.

Massey Ferguson 491 Problems How To Fix?
(1) Abnormal Engine Noise Or Knocking
  • Check the level of oil and then add oil as needed.
(2) 3-Point Hitch Won’t Lift Or Lifts Slowly
  • Repair or replace the hydraulic fluid pump.
(3) Battery Cannot Be Charged
  • Connect the cable tight and service it.
(4) Difficulty Shifting Gears
  • Install new shift links.
(5) Front Wheels Wander To Left Or Right
  • Replace or repair the steering control valves if needed.

Above we have briefly seen some problems and their solutions, now let us understand them in detail.

(1) Problem 1: Abnormal Engine Noise Or Knocking

If temperatures drop that low, MF 491 will have difficulty maintaining its engines. It will start to turn on and then begin to sputter, eventually releasing black smoke. It makes an unusual engine sound or knocking.

Other typical MF491 engine problems include: engine difficulties or refusing to start; the engine failing when operating; the engine beginning but then stopping; the engine is overheating; the engine not producing power; the engine stopping idle; and low oil pressure.

How To Fix?

The problem will arise when the engine needs to be adequately warmed up before starting. It is essential to warm up the engine when needed. Levels of oil in the engine may not be sufficient. Make sure to check the oil level and replenish the oil as needed.

A wrong adjustment to the fuel injection pump timing causes excessive noise. Adjust the pump according to the need. Piston damage or scoring can be one of the leading causes of the unusual sound. Replace the pistons. If the connection rod is out of alignment or damaged, the connecting rods must be fixed or replaced.

(2) Problem 2: 3-Point Hitch Won’t Lift Or Lifts Slowly

The MF 491 hitch system has the greatest hydraulic issues. The tractor’s 3 Point Hitch lowers or drifts, never rising. Tractor hitch stays up. Tractor 3 Point Hitch is too sluggish. MF491 has only these issues.

Insufficient fluid, a blocked hydraulic filter, or polluted hydraulic fluid might fail a tractor’s 3-point hitch.

How To Fix?

  1. When a 3-point hitch Fails to work correctly, the hydraulics are usually tested first.
  2. If your hydraulic pump fails, Replace or repair Your hydraulic pump.
  3. A damaged main relief valve Must be replaced with a brand-replacement relief valve.
  4. The spool valve of the hydraulic System that is damaged should be replaced or repaired if required.
  5. Check for any broken Hydraulic cylinder and replace it with the cylinder with a New one or fix it.
  6. If there needs to be hydraulic fluid. Refill the System to the correct levels of hydraulic fluid.
  7. If you find a blocked hydraulic oil filter Element, clean the filter and replace the filter if Necessary.
  8. Reduce the load on the hitch.

(3) Problem 3: Battery Cannot Be Charged

Many electrical issues Plague the tractor. Problems with Electrical power include the starter, which is Spinning slowly or does not start. There are also issues when chargers for the batteries.

The battery in this tractor can’t be Fully charged, causing an electrical Circuit to suffer Issues, making the tractor challenging to begin. The issue with the Battery’s charging could be a fault within the mechanism for charging the tractor or a problem with The batteries themselves.

How To Fix?

Connectors that connect wires need to be secured. If they’re damaged or loose, they should be replaced.

Repair or replace loose cables.  Connectors to the battery terminals could be damaged. Replace the plugs at the terminals. Install a new battery if the current one is damaged. The tractor belt is too loose or damaged. Belts need to be replaced, or the tension can be adjusted.

(4) Problem 4: Difficulty Shifting Gears

A jammed or stuck-up gear is a common issue for Massey Ferguson 491 tractors.

This can take a lot of work to resolve since a tractor will only be effective if it’s locked in gear and in a position that makes it impossible to move.

The issue could be caused by a clutch that has been damaged or is not correctly set, connecting gears for shifting that are worn out or rusted, and shift forks that have bent or worn out.

How To Fix?

A new linkage for shifts should be put in place of the old or rusty one currently in use.

The clutch that has worn out or hasn’t been replaced should be adjusted. Examine if any of the forks on the shift are bent or damaged.

Replace the worn-out shift forks with new forks.

The worn gear change mechanism must be repaired or replaced according to the situation.

(5) Problem 5: Front Wheels Wander To Left Or Right

The hitch system causes most MF 491 hydraulic troubles. Tractor 3 Point Hitch dips or drifts. No increase. Tractor hitch won’t lower.

Tractor 3 Point Hitch is sluggish. MF491 has difficulties. A tractor’s three-point hitch may fail due to low fluid, a blocked filter, or unclean hydraulic fluid.

How To Fix?

When the 3-point Hitch needs to be Fixed, it is usually the hydraulics that is Examined first.

If your hydraulic Pump fails, Replace or repair your Hydraulic pump. A damaged main Relief valve must be replaced with a replacement relief valve.

A faulty hydraulic Spool Valve must be replaced or repaired if required. Find any Damaged hydraulic cylinder, Replace it with the Cylinder with a new one or fix it.

If there needs to be Hydraulic fluid. The system should be filled to the proper levels of hydraulic fluid. If you notice a clogged hydraulic oil filter, you must clean it or replace it if needed. Reduce the load on the hitch.

Massey Ferguson 491 Transmission Troubleshooting

Difficulty shifting gears

The linkage to the gear shift is worn out or Rusty. Install a new shift linkage. Worn or unadjusted Clutch.

Adjustment or Replacement of the clutch is needed. The forks on the shift can be worn or bent. The Forks used to shift the gear must be replaced. Worn gear Shifting mechanism. Repair or replace worn parts in the event of a need.

Transmission noises

Gears damaged or not properly backlash. Replace the gears, or set the backlash correctly. Damaged or worn shifting forks for gears.

Repair the gear shift forks. Splines on the shaft are worn or stuck. Repair the shaft. Transmission fluid is not enough.

It would help if you increased the transmission fluid. Worn or broken bearings. Change the bearing. Transmission fluid has been contaminated. Transmission fluid change required.

Massey Ferguson 491 Steering System Troubleshooting

Heavy steering

The air inside the system of hydraulic steering. The steering system was bled. The steering filter is blocked. Clean or replace the filter element. Low level of steering fluid. The steering system is filled with fluid. The power steering control valve May be worn or damaged.

Repair or replace your steering control valve. The hydraulic steering pump is damaged. The steering pump has to be repaired or replaced. The valve controlling the flow of the pump is damaged or blocked. Change or flush the valve for flow control.

Damaged or improperly fitted steering column. Replace or fit your steering column. Wear unevenly on the front tires. Re-install the tires. Not adjusted toe-in. Adjust the toe-in wheels. Leaking steering cylinder. Replace worn piston seals or damaged rods.

Front wheels wander to left or right

The power steering control valve has been worn or damaged. Replace or repair the steering control valves if necessary.

Defective steering cylinder. Repair or replace the hydraulic steering wheel. Not adjusted toe-in. Adjust the toe-in wheels.

The steering linkage components are worn out or damaged. Repair or replace the steering linkage. Damaged or incorrectly adjusted Front wheel bearings.

Adjust them correctly or replace them. The pressure of the tires is not even. Properly inflate the tires.

Excessive steering wheel free play

The steering column shaft or coupling wears out. Replace the worn-out component. Steering pump failure. Install new hydraulic steering.

The linkage for the steering is worn out or loose. Replace and check as necessary. The control valve for power steering has wear or damage. Repair or replace the steering control valves if necessary.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

In deciding what tractor to purchase is crucial to look through reviews and comments from other buyers.

In addition, this will give you an idea of possible issues you could have to deal with when purchasing. This section will give you an idea of what the vast majority think about MF491.

One user commented that the thing he liked most in the 400-series (MF 491) Massey Ferguson tractors are equipped with hydraulics in addition to the tractor, which no other brand does.

A different customer said that he purchased a brand new 491 in the year 2005. Overall it’s been a reliable tractor with a few issues.

Initially, the dealer was required to visit and repair a few leaks. There was only one clutch cable malfunction before needing to be replaced.

There are a variety of opinions about their MF491. However, most are satisfied with it, despite the many issues it may have.

Massey Ferguson 491 Hydraulics Troubleshooting

Low hydraulic fluid pressure

The fluid level in the Hydraulic system is too low. Add fluid as needed. The filter for Hydraulic oil is blocked.

Hydraulic filter Maintenance is Needed. The hydraulic line may leak. Inspect the system and repair leaks. The Hydraulic control valve needs to be adjusted.

It is Necessary to adjust. The Hydraulic Pump needs to be fixed. Replace or Repair the Hydraulic fluid pump. The hydraulic Cylinder has broken. Install an entirely new hydraulic cylinder, or fix it.

Hydraulic system overheats

The incorrect type of Hydraulic oil. Make sure you use the Correct type that is Used in Hydraulic oils. Hydraulic oil that is Contaminated.

Change the hydraulic oil. TheHydraulic system has air trapped. The System has bled out air. Defective Mmain relief Valve. Replace the relief Valve.

3-point hitch won’t lift or lifts slowly

The hydraulic Pump is damaged. Repair or replace the hydraulic fluid pump. The main Relief valve was damaged.

Install the replacement relief valve. A damaged hydraulic Spool valve. Repair or Replace the valve.

The hydraulic cylinder is Damaged. Install the Cylinder from Scratch or fix it. Lack of hydraulic fluid.

Make sure the system is filled to the Correct level of hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic oil filter is Blocked.

Repair the filter on the Hydraulic or replace it if needed. A heavy load on the hitch. Reduce the load on the hitch.

Hitch lift or drop is not smoothly

Hydraulic oil that has been contaminated. Change the hydraulic oil. Failure of the hydraulic pump. Install a new hydraulic fluid pump.

The hydraulic system needs air. Air bleeding. The hydraulic control valve is damaged.

Install a replacement valve or repair the. A broken hydraulic cylinder. Repair or replace the hydraulic cylinder.

Massey Ferguson 491 Electrical System Troubleshooting

Starter turns slow

Battery voltage is low. The battery requires a recharge. Battery discharges quickly. Replace or service the charging system.

the battery. The battery is not working or has damaged terminals. Connect wires correctly or connect new terminals.

Starter will not work

The Battery is depleted or damaged. Recharge or replace the battery. The wire needs to be adequately Disconnected or connected.

Check wiring connections and make sure they are correctly connected. Battery power is low.

The battery is depleted. Recharge it. Defective starter motor. Replace or repair the starter.

Battery cannot be charged

Damaged or loose electrical wire connections. Connect the service or tighten cables. Connectors for the battery terminals that are defective.

Replace the connectors on the terminals. The battery is damaged. Replace the battery. A belt that is damaged or loose. Replace the belt or adjust the belt tension.

Massey Ferguson 491 Problems FAQs

(1) How much does a Massey Ferguson 491 weight?

Ans. 6812 to 8025 pounds.

(3) What engine is in a MF 491?

Ans. Perkins 4.4L 4-cyl diesel.

(4) How many horsepower is a Massey Ferguson 491?

Ans. 89 hp 66.4 kW.


I’ve discussed every one of the most frequent issues that users of MF 491 encounter. If one or more of these issues bother you, you must follow my advice to resolve them.

I strongly recommend that you Conduct regular inspections on the trailer to avoid future problems.

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