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The Massey Ferguson GC1725M is a compact utility tractor highly regarded for its versatility and reliability. Offering a 25 HP 3-cylinder diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission, it’s equipped to handle a variety of tasks. Let’s delve into its specifications, pricing, and features.

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Key Point

  • Massey Ferguson GC1725M: A compact utility tractor known for its versatility and reliability.
  • Specifications: 25 HP, 3-cylinder diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, 660 lbs lift capacity, and various attachments.
  • Price: The original price was $12,645.
  • Weight: Weighs 1532 lbs (694 kg).
  • Features: Includes SS quick attach Loader, hydrostatic transmission, tilt steering, and more.

About Massey Ferguson gc1725M

The Massey Ferguson GC1725M compact utility tractor is part of the GC1700 series.

This Massey Ferguson GC1725M model will be available in 2019. The engine’s cylinder bore is 3.08″ (78.2mm), the piston stroke is 3.07″ (78mm), the rated power of 24 HP (17.9kW), and 65 Nm (48lb-ft), peak torque at 2200 RPM.

Open center hydraulics used a 6.8 gal/min (26.3 L/min) gear pump.

At 24 inches behind the pin, the rear lift capacity is 660 lbs (300kg). The Massey Ferguson GC1725M has hydrostatic steering, wet disc brakes, and 18×8.50-10 front tires.

It also comes with 26×12.00-12 back tires. The wheelbase measures 57.1 inches (1450 mm).

The following attachments are compatible with the tractor: 54″ or 60″, mid-mount 3-blade mower deck, cutting height 1.2-4.7″, (30-120mm), 60″, front-mount blade with height 19″ (480mm), 50″, front-mount snowblower and hydraulic lift.

Massey Ferguson FL1805 Loader with lifting capacity up to 922 lbs (418kg), and Massey Ferguson CB65 Backhoe with digging depth up to 78″ (1980mm).

Massey Ferguson gc1725M Overview

The Massey Ferguson gc1725M is a sub-compact tractor suitable for homeowners, small farmers, and ranchers. It’s known for its versatility, reliability, and ease of use. Here’s a quick summary of its key features:

  • Engine: 25-horsepower diesel engine
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic or manual transmission options
  • Lift capacity: 660 lbs (300 kg) at 24 inches behind the pin
  • Attachments: Compatible with various attachments like mower decks, snowblowers, blades, loaders, and backhoes

Massey Ferguson GC1725M Price

Massey Ferguson gc1725M Specs

Massey Ferguson GC1725M Original Price: $12,645

Massey Ferguson gc1725M HP

Massey Ferguson gc1725M HP: 25 Hp

Massey Ferguson gc1725M Weight

Massey Ferguson gc1725M Weight: 1532 lbs 694 kg

Massey Ferguson gc1725m lift capacity

Massey Ferguson gc1725m lift capacity is 660 lbs (300 kg)

Massey Ferguson gc1725M Serial Numbers

  • Not Available

Massey Ferguson gc1725M Features

  • 25 HP.
  • 3-cylinder diesel.
  • SS quick attach Loader.
  • Hydrostatic transmission.
  • Tilt steering.
  • Rubber floormat.
  • Integrated loader joystick.
  • Seat with foldable armrests.

Massey Ferguson gc1725M Specs

Massey Ferguson gc1725M Engine

Engine ModelIseki
Engine Type4-stroke, three-cylinder diesel
Number of Cylinders3
Displacement, cu in (L)68.5 (1.13)
Engine Bore, in (mm)3.08 (78.2)
Engine Stroke, in (mm)3.07 (78)
AspirationNaturally aspirated
Rated Engine Power, hp (kW)24.0 (17.9)
Rated Engine Speed, rpm3000
Maximum Torque, Nm65
Torque Speed, rpm2200
Fuel SystemIn-Line Pump
Fuel Injection to the combustion chamberIndirect
Fuel Tank Capacity, gal (L)6.6 (25.0)
Cooling SystemLiquid-cooled
Electrical System Rating, Volts12
Alternator Rating, Amps40

Power take-off

Rear PTO Operational TypeIndependent
PTO Horsepower, hp (kW)18.5 (13.8)
Rear PTO Speeds, rpm540
Rear PTO / Engine Speeds, rpm540/2532
Rear PTO ShaftFixed, 6 spline
Mid-PTO Operational TypeIndependent
Mid-PTO Speeds, rpm2000
Mid PTO / Engine Speeds, rpm2000/2476
Mid PTO Shaft15 spline


Transmission TypeHydrostatic
Number of Forward GearsInfinite (2-range)
Number of Reverse GearsInfinite (2-range)
Drive ControlDual foot pedal
Cruise ControlStandard
Maximum Speed (Forward), mph (kph)9.1 (14.7)
Maximum Speed (Reverse), mph (kph)7.2 (11.5)

wheels and tires

Drive Wheels4WD 4×4
Steering ConfigurationFront Steer
Steering SystemHydrostatic
Service BrakeRear, Wet disc
Front Tire Size18×8.50-10
Rear Tire Size26×12.00-12

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System TypeOpen center
Implement Pump Flow, GPM (Lpm)6.8 (26.3)
Number of Standard Remote Valves1
3-Point Hitch Category1
Draft Sensing or Lift ControlDirectional control
Stabilizers TypeTurnbuckle
Link Ends TypeFixed
Standard Lift Capacity 24-in behind the pin, lb (kg)660 (300)
Standard Lift Capacity at lift pin, lb (kg)1190 (540)

Dimensions and weight

Wheelbase, in (mm)57.1 (1450)
Length, in (mm)97.6 (2480)
Height (ROPS), in (mm)85.5 (2180)
Overall Width, in (mm)46.6 (1185)
Ground Clearance, in (mm)6.7 (170)
Weight, lb (kg)1523 (690)

Front End Loader

Loader Model2400SL
Loader TypeQuick Attach Standard
Maximum Digging Depth, in (mm)2.4 (60)
Maximum Reach, in (mm)47.4 (1200)
Maximum Lifting Height to Pin, in (mm)71.2 (1800)
Maximum Dumping Angle, deg45
Maximum Dumping Clearance, in (mm)57.3 (1450)
Maximum Dumping Reach at Full Height, in (mm)18.2 (460)
Maximum Bucket Rollback Angle, deg40
Breakout Force at 500 mm Forward, lb (kg)830 (376)
Weight, lb (kg)550 (250)


Backhoe ModelMF CB25
Backhoe TypeQuick Attach Standard
Maximum Digging Depth, in (mm)77.9 (1970)
Maximum Reach, in (mm)107.9 (2730)
Transport Height, in (mm)71.2 (1800)
Transport Stabiliser Spread, in (mm)47.4 (1200)
Operating Stabiliser Spread, in (mm)80.6 (2040)
Loading Height, in (mm)66.4 (1680)
The angle of Departure, deg20
Swing Arc, deg150
Bucket Rotation, deg177
Digging Force (Bucket), lb (kg)2480 (1126)
Digging Force (Dipper), lb (kg)1745 (793)
Weight, lb (kg)630 (288)


  • Versatile for mowing, landscaping, snow removal, light-duty construction, and loader work
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs

Massey Ferguson GC1725M Review 

The Massey Ferguson GC1725M is a sub-compact tractor that is popular with homeowners, small farmers, and ranchers for its versatility, reliability, and ease of use.

It is powered by a 25-horsepower diesel engine and is available with either a hydrostatic transmission or a manual transmission.

The GC1725M has a comfortable cab with a spacious operator’s station. The cab is equipped with air conditioning and heating, as well as a noise reduction system.

The GC1725M also features a variety of standard features, including a digital display, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, and a power shuttle.

The GC1725M is a versatile tractor that can be used for a variety of tasks, including mowing, landscaping, snow removal, and light-duty construction. It is also a popular choice for loader work. The GC1725M is known for its excellent fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs.

Full review of YouTube video

Massey Ferguson GC1725M Attachments

Attachment overview
54″ mid-mount mower deck
60″ mid-mount mower deck
Front-end loader
54″ Mower deck
Type:mid-mount Massey Ferguson 2315
 6-blade with a hydraulic lift
Cutting width:54 inches
137 cm
Cut height:1.3 to 4.9 inch
3 to 12 cm
54″ Mower deck
Type:mid-mount Massey Ferguson 2320
 3-blade with a hydraulic lift
Cutting width:54 inches
137 cm
Cut height:1.2 to 4.7 inch
3 to 11 cm
60″ Mower deck
Type:mid-mount Massey Ferguson 2326
 3-blade with a hydraulic lift
Cutting width:60 inches
152 cm
Cut height:1.2 to 4.7 inch
3 to 11 cm
Type:front-mount Massey Ferguson 2335
Width:54 inches
137 cm
Height:17.5 inches
44 cm
Angle type:manual
Type:front-mount Massey Ferguson 2340
Width:60 inches
152 cm
Height:19 inches
48 cm
Lift type:hydraulic
Angle type:hydraulic
50″ Snowblower
Type:front-mount Massey Ferguson 2360
 hydraulic lift
Clearing width:50 inches
127 cm
Clearing height:19.1 inches
48 cm
Massey Ferguson DL95 Loader
Height (to pin):72.8 inches
184 cm
Dump angle:50°
Rollback angle:25°
Breakout force (at 800mm):920 lbs
417 kg
Breakout force (bucket):2120 lbs
961 kg
Lift to full height (at pin):870 lbs
394 kg
Lift to full height (at 800mm):580 lbs
263 kg
Attachment style:pin-on
Massey Ferguson FL1805 Loader
Height (to pin):74 inches
187 cm
Dump angle:43°
Rollback angle:30°
Breakout force (at pin):1392 lbs
631 kg
Lift to full height (at pin):922 lbs
418 kg
Bucket width:48 inches
121 cm
 54 inches
137 cm
Massey Ferguson CB65 Backhoe
Backhoe type:Massey Ferguson CB65 Backhoe
Transport height:71 inches
180 cm
Bucket width:10 inches
25 cm
 12 inches
30 cm
 16 inches
40 cm
Digging depth:78 inches
198 cm
Reach from pivot:107 inches
271 cm
Loading height:66 inches
167 cm
Bucket Rotation:177
Swing Arc:150
Bucket force:2476 lbs
1123 kg
Dipperstick force:1748 lbs
792 kg

Massey Ferguson gc1725m Problems

  1. Electrical issues: This may include problems with the battery, starter motor, alternator, or electrical wiring, which can affect the tractor’s ability to start or operate electrical components such as lights or gauges.
  2. Hydraulic system issues: This may involve problems with the hydraulic pump, valves, hoses, or cylinders, which can affect the tractor’s ability to lift and lower attachments or operate other hydraulic functions.
  3. Transmission issues: This may include problems with the transmission gears, clutch, or shift linkage, which can affect the tractor’s ability to shift gears smoothly or operate in the desired gear.
  4. PTO (Power Take-Off) issues: This may include problems with the PTO clutch, PTO shaft, or PTO engagement mechanism, which can affect the tractor’s ability to power attachments or operate the PTO.
  5. Steering and suspension issues: This may involve problems with the steering system, including the steering gear, tie rods, or steering linkage, or issues with the tractor’s suspension system, which can affect its maneuverability and ride comfort.
  6. Belt and pulley issues: This may include problems with belts, pulleys, or tensioners that drive various components on the tractor, such as the mower deck or other attachments.
  7. Fuel system issues: This may involve problems with the fuel pump, fuel filters, or fuel lines, which can affect the tractor’s fuel delivery and performance.
  8. General wear and tear: Like any equipment, the Massey Ferguson GC1725M may experience general wear and tear over time, including issues with seals, gaskets, bearings, or other components that may require regular maintenance or replacement.


That’s everything you need to know about the Massey Ferguson gc1725M price, specs, review, attachments, and features of the Massey Ferguson gc1725M.

The Massey Ferguson GC1725M stands out for its robust performance and versatility, making it a popular choice among homeowners, farmers, and ranchers alike. With its array of features and attachments, it offers exceptional value for various agricultural and landscaping tasks.

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Massey Ferguson gc1725M FAQs

How much does a Massey Ferguson gc1725m weigh?

Massey Ferguson gc1725m weight: 1532 lbs 694 kg

How much does a Massey Ferguson gc1725m cost?

GC1725M Production Maker: Massey Ferguson (a part of AGCO) Type Sub-Compact Utility Tractor Price: Original price is 12,645 (2020 ) Variants GC1725M tractor GC1725MB backhoe loader tractor Massey Ferguson GC1725M Power Engine (gross): 24.5 hp 18.3 kW Engine (net): 23.9 hp 17.8 PTO (claimed): 24.5 hp 18.3 kW Massey Ferguson GC1725M Engine

What kind of engine does a gc1725m tractor have?

GC1725M Backhoe-loader for tractor Massey Ferguson tractor GC1725M power Motor (gross): 24.5 hp 18.3 kW

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