Miller Bobcat 225 Specs & Prices 2022

This Miller Bobcat 225 multiprocess welder and generator is designed primarily to stick weld, but it is also utilized to perform MIG or TIG welding, as well as gas welding.

One of the biggest advantages that come with Miller Bobcat 225 is its capacity to be used as a generator. It is able to be used to power any electrically powered device including batteries, lights and heaters, air conditioners, and even secondary controllers.

Miller Bobcat 225

Miller Bobcat 225 Specs

Welding Mode CC/AC CC/DC CV/DC
Process Stick/TIG Stick/TIG MIG/FCAW
Amp/Volt Ranges 70 – 150 A 50 – 110 A

70 – 170 A

80 – 225 A

19 – 28 V
Rated Output at 100% Duty Cycle

(at 104°F/40°C)

150 A at 25 V 225 A at 25 V 200 A at 20 V
Single-Phase Generator Power Peak: 11,000 watts

Continuous: 9500 watts

120/240 VAC, 88/44 A, 60 Hz

Sound Levels at Max. Load/at 150 Amps 73.5 dB/72 dB
Dimensions H: 28 in. (711 mm)

H: 32.75 in. (832 mm) (to top of exhaust)

W: 20 in. (508 mm)

D: 40.5 in (1029 mm)

Net Weight 485 lb. (220 kg)



Generator Power 104DegF Accu-Rated Power
11,000 Watts Peak, 9,500 Watts Continuous
Engine Gas
Kohler CH 23, 23 HP at 3,600 RPM – 3-year warranty
Subaru EH 65, 23 HP at 3,600 RPM – 5-year warranty
Note: Engines are warranted separately by the engine manufacturer
Fuel Capacity Fuel Capacity
12 gal (45L)
Run Time Welding with a 1/8 inch Stick electrode, 20% Duty Cycle, expect about 20 hours of operation.
Under a continuous 4,000-watt generator load, expect approximately 14 hours of run time.


Height: 20.00 Inches
Width: 33.00 Inches
Length: 41.00 Inches
Weight: 485 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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Miller Bobcat 225 FAQ

How many hours will a Miller Bobcat 225 last?

Welding with a 1-inch Stick electrode 20% duty cycle Expect around 20 hours of operation. When you have a continuous 4000-watt generator Expect around 14 hours of run time.

Can you weld aluminum with a Bobcat 225?

Yes you will need the High Freq to tig aluminum

What engine is in a Miller Bobcat 225?

Miller bobcat 225 has a Kohler Gasoline Engine

How much gas does a Miller Bobcat 225 hold?


How much does a Bobcat 225 welder weight?

The weight of Miller bobcat 225 is 485 lb