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Sprint Corporation, which is also just called “Sprint,” is one of the largest phone companies and internet service providers in the United States. At the moment, Sprint Corporation seems to be the fourth largest telecommunications company in the United States, with as many as 54 million customers. Our Sprint Near Me page will help you find the closest stores of this company near you. You can also find out when they are open and get coupons.

The history of the Sprint Corporation goes back to 1899 when Jacob Brown and Cleyson Brown in Kansas started the Brown Telephone Company, which was the company’s forerunner. In 1911, they merged their business with three other Kansas phone companies to make the United Telephone Company.

During and after the Great Depression, the company had a lot of money problems and should have filed for bankruptcy as a result. By the end of 1937, the bankruptcy was approved, and the company was reorganized. When Sprint changed its name to United Telecommunications Company in 1964, a new era began. At the end of the 1970s, the company began giving its customers long-distance phone service. At the time, the company wanted an acronym that would set it apart from other companies. “SPRINT,” which stood for Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Network Telecommunications, was chosen. That’s how the Sprint Corporation we know today came to be.

Sprint Near Me

In 2004, Sprint and Nextel Communications joined together. At the time, this was called a merger of equals. In 2012, the Japanese company SoftBank Corporation bought about 80% of the American company Sprint Nextel Corporation. In 2013, the company changed its name to Sprint Corporation, but SoftBank Corporation is still its parent company at the moment. Also, it’s worth noting that Boost Worldwide, Inc., a company that offers phone services, seems to be a part of the Sprint Corporation. Around 84% of Sprint Corporation shares are now owned by the Japanese telecommunications company.

Sprint Locations Near Me

As of now, the Sprint Corporation’s headquarters are still in Kansas. Specifically, they are in Overland Park, Kansas. Sprint used to serve customers in Canada, but now they can only be found in the United States (in every state), Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

This section of our Sprint Near Me page tells you where the nearest Sprint stores are. Please use the following map if you want to do it:

Before you can use this map, you should make sure that the Google Maps app has access to your current location. If it doesn’t, the map might not show the right location. After you’ve checked that, you’ll see that the map shows where you are. Aside from that, the map must also show red signs that look like they show where Sprint stores are near you.

If you click on a red mark on a map of a particular Sprint store, you can find out its name, address, and average rating (it will appear in the box placed in the left-upper corner). Clicking on the “View Larger Map” text button will bring up a box where you can see the store’s hours. You can also click the “Directions” button to create a route from your current location (or any other location) to that store.

Sprint Opening Hours

This section of our Sprint Near Me page will tell you when Sprint stores in the United States are open. Most of the time, Sprint stores are open around the same time, but the hours may change from time to time. So, we recommend that you use the method we talked about in the last section to find out when a store is open.

In either case, the following are the typical Sprint hours:

  • From 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. on weekdays and Saturdays, from 12:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. on Sundays.
  • From 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. on weekdays and Saturdays, closed on Sundays.
  • From 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. on weekdays, from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. on Saturdays, and from 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on Sundays.
  • From 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. on weekdays and Saturdays, from 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on Sundays.

Sprint Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals

If you use Sprint coupons when shopping at Sprint stores or using Sprint services, you can get extra bonuses or discounts. This section of our article has links to websites where you can get coupons from different companies, including Sprint. So, you can find real and valid Sprint coupons on the following sites: