Subway Near me now, Location, Address & Phone Number

Finding Subway near me will help you find a lot of useful information about your favorite restaurant. You probably know about Subway, but you might not know the numbers about this brand. We’re talking about big, maybe even huge numbers when we talk about Subway. Based on data from 2016, Subway is the largest single-brand restaurant chain in the world, with locations in 112.

subway near me

In 2012, Subway has also named the second-fastest growing franchise in the world. This is proof that the brand has been very successful over the past ten years, and it is still growing every year as it opens new locations.

Gluten-free bread and brownies have been added to some Subway menus, which is an interesting change. This could bring in more customers because there aren’t that many restaurants with special menus for people who can’t eat gluten. Another great thing they did was take 15% of the salt out of the sandwiches. This helped their customers live healthier lives.

We said at the start that when we talk about Subway, we talk about big numbers, and the same is true of the company’s marketing and advertising campaigns.

In 2011, Subway was the second biggest advertiser for fast food in the United States, after McDonald’s. They spent more than $500,000,000 on ads.

One of the most important parts of their advertising is the slogan “Eat fresh.” Another good thing for the company is to show how their sandwiches are made. Customers at Subway seem to care a lot that the sandwiches are made in front of them and that they can see that all the ingredients are fresh and healthy.


Subway Near Me Locations

You can use this map to find the closest Subway in your city. If you can’t find a Subway on this map, keep reading and we’ll give you some other ideas.


Even though there are more than 40,000 Subway locations around the world, it can be hard to find one near me. If you want to find a Subway, you should know that it’s easy to do so with your cell phone, laptop, or desktop computer. You can find a Subway restaurant from anywhere in the world in less than a minute.

Look for the “Locations” button on the official Subway website.

If you click that button, you’ll be taken to a new page with a search bar right under the menu. The rest of the page will show a map.


In the search bar, type the city and state, or even the Zip Code, of the place you want to go. Then, press Enter or click on Search. Just below the search bar, you’ll see a map with all the subway stations in the area you chose.

Under the map, if you scroll down, you can see a list of all the Subway restaurants near the address you entered. A very important thing that many people don’t know is that you should enter the Zip Code if you want the best, most accurate results. By doing this, you’ll get only the restaurants that are close to where you live.

Subway Near Me Hours

You know how to find a Subway location, but what do you do if you don’t know when they are open? You could go to the restaurant and ask, but this isn’t the best thing to do. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to find the Subway Hous with the least amount of work on your part.

It is easy to find a Subway location, and the same goes for when they are open. If you do the same things, you can find out when a Subway restaurant is open.

Go to their official website by clicking this link or doing a Google search for “Subway.”

Go to locations, enter your Zip Code to find the Subway restaurant closest to you, and choose the restaurant you want from the list below the map.

If you did that, we can say that it’s done because the hours of operation are posted near every Subway near me. Now that you know how to find out what time Subway is open, you can go there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner without worrying that it might be closed.

Subway Near Me Coupons

Most of the Subway coupons can be thought of as the “Sub of the Day” deals that each Subway location has every day. Most of the time, this menu is a sandwich that costs less than usual, and most customers get it for less than they would normally pay.

There are Subway restaurants that offer coupons to their customers. These coupons can be used to get a discount on a meal or do other things that help customers save money while eating a healthy sandwich. This is something that a lot of Subway customers like, and it’s one of the reasons they stick with the brand.