Takeuchi TB240 Specs, Price, Features, & Review 2022

The TB240 is a beast of power and performance, as well as a broad working area, and an impressive set of features. The cabin is large and well-appointed which ensures comfort for the user and effectiveness.

This Takeuchi TB240 Small Excavator offers outstanding performance, power as well as a large working area, and an impressive features list. 

The cabin is large and well-appointed which ensures comfort and efficiency.

Takeuchi TB240

Takeuchi TB240 Price

2021 TAKEUCHI TB240: USD $56,000

Takeuchi TB240 Features


Created for Success –The TB240 design has a rounded body that improves efficiency and visibility, and the traditional tail swing that has a reduced overhang offers incredible stability.

EPA Final Tier 4 Engine: Delivers outstanding power and performance, and comes with a DOC along with a DPF exhaust after-treatment system for lower emissions.

Dialed In: The digital throttle controls make it simple to adjust the throttle to the ideal position to operate.

Choose Your Mode: Power or High Altitude options permit users to select the mode of operation that is most suitable to the specific application.

Remain in the Seat: The flow of hydraulic fluid can be controlled in the comfort of the operator’s seat. In addition, two-way additional hydraulics are connected to the arm for more adaptability to the attachment.


wrap around counterweight: Protects essential hydraulic and engine components from damage, while providing outstanding stability.

All Steel Construction – It protects components and guarantees long-term durability

Triple Flange Track Rollers: Increase contact between the rail and rollers, making track retention more effective.

Shut-off Valve: Make attachments easier to install and reduce leakage of hydraulic oil

Heavy-Duty Boom: designed for years of reliable service and reliability.

Reduced Shock: Cushioning on the arm and boom cylinders increase the longevity of components and user comfort.


Rear Engine Access: Provides easy access to routine checks and routine maintenance areas.

None Better: The Hood for service use removes the tilt-up cabin and offers excellent accessibility to control valves as well as hydraulic lines, the hydraulic tank and switch valves for pattern changes.

Fuel Fill Lockable – It is convenient and secure. The gauge can be accessed remotely and is offered to aid in refueling. 

The system also has self-bleeding technology to make it easier to restart the machine if the machine has run empty of gas.

Maintain it clean: Improved fuel filtration, as well as the use of fuel with low sulfur, will ensure that the engine is running at its best.

Takeuchi TB240 Specification

Operating Weight – Canopy 8,570 lb (3,890 kg)
Operating Weight – Cab 8,990 lb (4,080 kg)
Maximum Bucket Breakout Force 9,959 lb (4,517 kg)
Maximum Arm Digging Force 4,110 lb (1,864 kg)
Arm Length 5 ft 3.0 in (1,600 mm)
Slew Speed 9.6 rpm
Traction Force 9,533 lb (4,324 kg)
Ground Pressure – Canopy 4.4 psi (30.2 kPa)
Ground Pressure – Cab 4.6 psi (31.6 kPa)
Travel Speed – Low 1.8 mph (2.9 km / hr)
Travel Speed – High 3.3 mph (5.3 km / hr)
Total Hydraulic Flow 30.6 gpm (115.8 L / min)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow 17.1 gpm (64.9 L / min)
Hydraulic System Pressure 3,481 psi (24.0 MPa)
Make / Model Yanmar 4TNV88C
Displacement 133.6 cu in (2.2 L)
Horsepower @ 2,200 rpm 35.8 hp (26.7 kW)
Maximum Torque @ 1,430 rpm 102.6 ft-lb (139.1 Nm)
Engine Lubrication 7.8 qt (7.4 L)
Cooling System 9.5 qt (9.0 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity 18.5 gal (70.0 L)
Fuel Consumption (65% of Full Load) 1.2 gal / hr (4.8 L / hr)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 10.8 gal (41.0 L)
Hydraulic System Capacity 19.5 gal (74.0 L)


Maximum Reach 18 ft 2.3 in (5,545 mm)
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 17 ft 9.6 in (5,425 mm
Maximum Digging Depth 11 ft 4.4 in (3,465 mm)
Maximum Vertical Digging Depth 8 ft 8.9 in (2,665 mm)
Maximum Dig Height 17 ft 2.5 in (5,244 mm)
Maximum Dumping Height 12 ft 6.7 in (3,828 mm)
Front Swing Radius 6 ft 8.2 in (2,037 mm)
Front Swing Radius with Boom Offset 5 ft 4.0 in (1,626 mm)
Tail Swing (Slew) Radius 4 ft 5.7 in (1,365 mm)
Transport Length 16 ft 8.2 in (5,020 mm)
Transport Height 8 ft 2.6 in (2,505 mm)
Ground Clearance 11.6 in (295 mm)
Undercarriage Length 6 ft 11.0 in (2,110 mm)
Track Width (Rubber) 13.8 in (350 mm)
Undercarriage Width 5 ft 8.5 in (1,740 mm)

Takeuchi TB240 Reviews

Takeuchi TB240 Weight 

Takeuchi TB240 Operating Weight – Canopy is 8,570 lb and Operating Weight – Cab is 8,990 lb

Takeuchi TB240 Horsepower

Takeuchi TB240 Horsepower @ 2,200 rpm is 35.8 hp

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Takeuchi TB240 FAQ

How much does a Takeuchi 240 weigh?

Takeuchi TB240 8,570 pounds

How wide is a TB240?

The TB 24’s dimensions are 1.74m in size. It measures 2.955m 2.505m 2.505m. It is Takeuchi TB 240 has been supplied by using Blade and Rubber tracks.