TORO 50″ (127 cm) TimeCutter® SS5000 (74731) Zero Turn Riding Mower Specs, Price, Overview

TORO TimeCutter SS5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower Price & Specifications

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TORO TimeCutter SS5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower comes with a 24.5 hp Toro Commercial V-Twin 708cc w/ self-cleaning Air Filter housing engine.

Its best key features such as 50 inches, 4 inches deep, high capacity, 12 ga. steel mowing deck with a convenient washout port for cleaning under the deck. It is designed with an 18-inch thickly padded premium seat for operator comfort.

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TORO TimeCutter SS5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower Price

MSRP: 3,099.00 USD

Toro Timecutter ss5000 Battery

Toro time cutter ss5000 has a 12-volt battery 

Toro Timecutter ss5000 Oil Capacity

toro time cutter ss5000 oil capacity is 1.9 quarts

Toro Timecutter ss5000 Oil Type

toro time cutter ss5000 oil type is 38903

Toro Timecutter ss5000 belt size

toro time cutter ss5000 belt size is 12 in

TORO TimeCutter SS5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower Features

  • 24.5 hp (18.26) Toro Commercial V-Twin 708cc Engine w/Self-Cleaning Air Filter Housing
  • 50″ (127 cm) Mowing Deck is great for large open spaces when power and durability are necessary
  • Smart Speed® Control System has three ground speed ranges (Trim, Tow, and Mow) giving you greater control of speed and maneuverability for cutting grass and pulling attachments.
  • 18″ Thickly Padded Premium seat offers maximum back support for enhanced comfort

TORO TimeCutter SS5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower Specifications

Specification Details
Engine Toro V-Twin
Engine displacement 708 cc
Fuel capacity 5 gallons
Cutting width 50 inches
Blade engagement Electric PTO switch
Cutting height 1.5 to 4.5 inches
Number of blades 3
Deck construction 10-gauge fabricated steel
Transmission Dual Hydrostatic
Maximum speed 7 mph forward, 3 mph reverse
Turning radius Zero-turn
Seat 18-inch extra-tall
Tires (front/rear) 13 x 5 inch / 18 x 7.5 inch
Weight 615 lbs
Warranty 3 years limited

TORO TimeCutter SS5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower Attachments

Adjustable Armrests


Adjustable Armrests

Anti-Vibration Floor Mat


Anti-Vibration Floor Mat

Deck Lift Pedal


Deck Lift Pedal

Direct Mount Attachments


Direct Mount Attachments




Pull A Variety Of Attachments


Pull A Variety Of Attachments


Toro Timecutter ss5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower Parts

Absolutely, I’d be more than happy to provide you with information regarding Toro TimeCutter SS5000 zero-turn riding mower parts.

The Toro TimeCutter SS5000 is widely recognized for its efficiency and performance. Maintaining and replacing parts as needed is essential to ensure your mower operates at its best.

Below, you’ll find a list of common parts for the Toro TimeCutter SS5000, along with brief descriptions of their functions:

  1. Oil Filter: Responsible for keeping the engine oil clean and free from debris, promoting optimal engine performance.
  2. Air Filter: Prevents dirt, dust, and debris from entering the engine, ensuring proper air intake and combustion.
  3. Spark Plug: Ignites the fuel-air mixture in the engine’s combustion chamber, enabling the engine to start and run smoothly.
  4. Fuel Filter: Ensures clean fuel reaches the engine, safeguarding against damage caused by contaminants.
  5. Blades: Essential for achieving a neat and precise cut. Regular maintenance, including sharpening or replacement, maintains a well-groomed lawn.
  6. Drive Belts: Transmit power from the engine to the cutting deck and wheels. Regular inspection and replacement prevent performance issues.
  7. Deck Wheels and Rollers: Support the mower deck, facilitating smooth movement across the lawn. Worn or damaged wheels can affect cutting quality.
  8. Spindles: Integral to the cutting deck, these components hold the blades in place. Replacing worn or damaged spindles is important for consistent performance.
  9. Deck Wash Kit: Enables easy cleaning of grass clippings and debris by attaching a hose to the mower deck.
  10. Steering Controls: Handles, levers, and cables controlling the mower’s steering and movement may require replacement if damaged or loose.
  11. Seat: Replacing a worn or damaged seat can enhance operator comfort during mower operation.
  12. Tires: Regularly check tire wear and inflation levels. Damaged tires or severe tread wear may necessitate replacement.

Toro Timecutter ss5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower Parts diagram

Certainly, here is the information you provided, presented in English language:

“I couldn’t find a diagram of the Toro TimeCutter SS5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower Parts, but I can provide you with a list of the major parts and their functions:

  • Deck: The deck is the part of the mower responsible for cutting the grass. It is constructed from steel or aluminum and features a sharp blade attached to it.
  • Belt: The belt plays a vital role in transferring power from the engine to the deck. Made of rubber, it is designed to flex and bend as the mower moves.
  • Pulleys: Pulleys are located both on the engine and the deck. They aid in transmitting power from the engine to the deck.
  • Engine: Serving as the powerhouse of the mower, the engine provides the necessary energy. While gasoline engines are common, some mowers feature electric motors.
  • Transaxle: Found at the rear of the mower, the transaxle transfers power from the engine to the wheels. Comprising two hydrostatic transmissions, it plays a crucial role.
  • Wheels: Positioned at the front and rear of the mower, the wheels facilitate its movement.
  • Steering: The steering system empowers the operator to control the mower’s direction. Frequently, hydrostatic steering systems are used, employing fluid to drive the wheels.
  • Seat: The seat offers a comfortable position for the operator. Typically adjustable, it ensures an optimal and relaxed mowing experience.”

If you have any further inquiries or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to ask.

TORO TimeCutter SS5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower Problems With Solution

The Toro TimeCutter SS5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower boasts dependable performance, yet occasional issues may arise. Below are some prevalent problems along with their respective solutions:

Starting Troubles:

Solution: The engine might fail to start due to various factors like a depleted battery, a congested fuel filter, or spark plug issues. Start by examining the battery, then proceed to inspect the fuel filter and spark plugs. Should the problem persist, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a certified mechanic.

Belt Slippage:

Solution: Belt slippage is a common concern with zero-turn mowers. This can occur due to wear and tear or improper tensioning of the belt. To assess the belt tension, follow the guidelines outlined in the owner’s manual. If the belt displays signs of wear or damage, it’s necessary to replace it.

Steering Challenges:

Solution: The steering mechanism on a zero-turn mower can be affected by multiple factors, such as low fluid levels, deteriorated steering components, or air trapped in the hydraulic lines.

Begin by verifying the fluid levels and then proceed to inspect the condition of the steering components for any wear or damage. If the issue persists, it might be necessary to bleed the hydraulic lines.

Tire Replacement:

Solution: The tires on a zero-turn mower experience substantial wear and tear, especially when mowing on uneven terrain. Regularly assess the tires for signs of deterioration, and proceed to replace them as needed to maintain optimal performance.

TORO TimeCutter SS5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower Review 

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The TORO TimeCutter SS5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower is more than just a lawn mower – it’s a game-changer for lawn care enthusiasts.

With its cutting-edge technology, powerful engine, and user-friendly features, mowing your lawn will no longer feel like a chore. Embrace the future of lawn care with the TORO TimeCutter SS5000.

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TORO TimeCutter SS5000 Zero Turn Riding Mower FAQs

What is the TORO TimeCutter SS5000?

The TORO TimeCutter SS5000 is a zero-turn riding mower designed for residential use. It offers excellent maneuverability and cutting performance.

What is a zero-turn mower?

A zero-turn mower is a type of riding mower that has a turning radius of effectively zero. This allows it to pivot around its rear wheels, resulting in greater maneuverability.

What is the cutting width of the TimeCutter SS5000?

The TimeCutter SS5000 has a cutting width of 50 inches, making it suitable for medium-sized lawns.

What type of engine does it have?

The TimeCutter SS5000 is equipped with a gasoline-powered engine known for its reliability and performance.

Can it mow in reverse?

Yes, the TimeCutter SS5000 can mow in reverse, but certain safety precautions must be observed.

Is it suitable for uneven terrain?

The TimeCutter SS5000 performs well on moderately uneven terrain due to its zero-turn capabilities and adjustable cutting height.

How do I adjust the cutting height?

The cutting height can be adjusted using the height adjustment lever, which allows you to choose from different cutting heights for your lawn.

What is the fuel capacity of the mower?

The TimeCutter SS5000 has a fuel tank with a capacity of around 3 gallons.

Can I use attachments with this mower?

Yes, there are various attachments and accessories available for the TimeCutter SS5000, such as baggers and mulching kits.

How do I perform maintenance on the mower?

Regular maintenance tasks include changing the oil, air filter, spark plugs, and keeping the blades sharp. Consult the user manual for specific instructions.

Is it easy to operate?

The TimeCutter SS5000 is designed for user-friendly operation, but it’s important to familiarize yourself with its controls before use.

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