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Bajaj Pulsar Price List 2024 and Overview

Hey, Guys, Hello Are you struggling to find out your Bajaj Pulsar All Models Price List in India All-State,

If you need help, then look no further now because, in this piece of mine, I’m going to give you the entire information regarding Bajaj Pulsar’s price Listing for India(Ex-Showroom).

I’m hoping it will be beneficial to you, my fellows, as all Bajaj Pulsar’s price list is real and reliable. Okay, let’s go through it.

Version Capacity (cc) Wheelbase (mm) Power (PS) Torque (Nm) Top speed (kph)
Pulsar 135LS DTS-i 135 1325 13.5 11.4 118
Pulsar 150 DTS-i 150 1320 14.0 13.6 120
Pulsar 180 DTS-i 180 1350 17.3 17.3H 126
Pulsar 200 DTS-i 200 1345 17.02 17.68 130
Pulsar 220 DTS-F 220 1350 18.00 20.08 135
Pulsar 220Fi DTS-i 220 1350 23.00 19.12 134
Pulsar 220S DTS-i 220 1350 21.04 19.12 132
Pulser 200NS/NS200 200 1363 23.5 18.3  135
Pulsar AS150 150 1363 17.0 13.0 117
Pulsar AS200 200 1363 23.5 18.3 135
Pulsar RS200 200 1355 24.5 18.6 141

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Bike

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Bike Price List in India all States

Gujarat Rs.76,019
Haryana Rs.75,134
Himachal Pradesh Rs.76,092
Jammu and Kashmir Rs.77,051
Jharkhand Rs.77,385
Karnataka Rs.75,787
Kerala Rs.76,966
Madya Pradesh Rs.77,549
Maharashtra Rs.73,290
Manipur Rs.79,105
Meghalaya Rs.78,845
Mizoram Rs.78,801
Nagaland Rs.79,102
Orissa Rs.78,215
Pondicherry Rs.71,895
Punjab Rs.75,379
Rajasthan Rs.76,473
Tamil Nadu Rs.76,394
Telangana Rs.76,020
Tripura Rs.79,714
Uttaranchal Rs.76,136
Uttar Pradesh Rs.76,136
West Bengal Rs.78,355
Andra Pradesh Rs.76,285
Assam Rs.79,168
Bihar Rs.77,614
Chhattisgarh Rs.75,266
Delhi Rs.74,603
Goa Rs.74,204

Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Bike

Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Bike Price List in India

Gujarat Rs.61,273
Haryana Rs.60,629
Himachal Pradesh Rs.61,506
Jammu and Kashmir Rs.62,369
Jharkhand Rs.61,444
Karnataka Rs.61,105
Kerala Rs.62,285
Madya Pradesh Rs.62,520
Maharashtra Rs.60,019
Manipur Rs.62,569
Meghalaya Rs.62,163
Mizoram Rs.62,265
Nagaland Rs.62,421
Orissa Rs.62,241
Pondicherry Rs.58,047
Punjab Rs.60,864
Rajasthan Rs.61,727
Tamil Nadu Rs.61,712
Tripura Rs.63,032
Uttaranchal Rs.61,460
Uttar Pradesh Rs.61,454
West Bengal Rs.62,532
Andra Pradesh Rs.61,603
Assam Rs.62,414
Bihar Rs.61,874
Chhattisgarh Rs.60,751
Goa Rs.59,779
Delhi Rs.60,178

Bajaj Pulsar 180 BS4 Bike

Bajaj Pulsar 180 BS4 Bike price in India

Gujarat Rs.80,856
Haryana Rs.80,080
Himachal Pradesh Rs.81,089
Jammu and Kashmir Rs.82,094
Jharkhand Rs.82,124
Karnataka Rs.80,532
Kerala Rs.81,572
Madya Pradesh Rs.82,732
Maharashtra Rs.78,173
Manipur Rs.84,128
Meghalaya Rs.83,997
Mizoram Rs.83,907
Nagaland Rs.84,252
Orissa Rs.83,457
Pondicherry Rs.76,315
Punjab Rs.80,380
Rajasthan Rs.81,395
Tamil Nadu Rs.81,086
Tripura Rs.84,851
Uttaranchal Rs.81,285
Uttar Pradesh Rs.81,245
West Bengal Rs.83,536
Andra Pradesh Rs.81,160
Assam Rs.84,321
Bihar Rs.82,757
Chhattisgarh Rs.81,811
Goa Rs.78,759

Bajaj Pulsar AS 200 Bike

bajaj pulsar rs 200 Bike price in India

Gujarat Rs.96142
Haryana Rs.95475
Himachal Pradesh Rs.96925
Jammu and Kashmir Rs.98292
Jharkhand Rs.98541
Karnataka Rs.95769
Kerala Rs.97478
Madya Pradesh Rs.98530
Maharashtra Rs.92074
Manipur Rs.102033
Meghalaya Rs.101487
Mizoram Rs.101669
Nagaland Rs.101912
Orissa Rs.99884
Pondicherry Rs.90902
Punjab Rs.95924
Rajasthan Rs.97039
Srinagar Rs.98292
Tamil Nadu Rs.96671
Telangana Rs.96332
Tripura Rs.102243
Uttaranchal Rs.96156
Uttar Pradesh Rs.96940
West Bengal Rs.100376
Andra Pradesh Rs.96797
Assam Rs.101906
Bihar Rs.99216
Chhattisgarh Rs.95687
Goa Rs.93489
Delhi Rs.94780

Bajaj Pulsar AS 150 Bike

Bajaj Pulsar AS150 bike price in India

Gujarat Rs.82291
Haryana Rs.81849
Himachal Pradesh Rs.83224
Jammu and Kashmir Rs.84501
Jharkhand Rs.84810
Karnataka Rs.81977
Kerala Rs.83687
Madya Pradesh Rs.84413
Maharashtra Rs.80821
Manipur Rs.88362
Meghalaya Rs.87696
Mizoram Rs.87998
Nagaland Rs.88120
Orissa Rs.85828
Pondicherry Rs.77894
Punjab Rs.82290
Rajasthan Rs.83188
Srinagar Rs.84501
Tamil Nadu Rs.82880
Telangana Rs.82541
Tripura Rs.88451
Uttaranchal Rs.82485
Uttar Pradesh Rs.83149
West Bengal Rs.86452
Andra Pradesh Rs.83006
Assam Rs.88054
Bihar Rs.85365
Chhattisgarh Rs.82052
Goa Rs.79938
Delhi Rs.81230
Gujarat Rs.89,909
Haryana Rs.91,876
Himachal Pradesh Rs.93,306
Jammu and Kashmir Rs.94,649
Jharkhand Rs.94,914
Karnataka Rs.92,126
Kerala Rs.93,835
Madya Pradesh Rs.94,800
Maharashtra Rs.89,350
Manipur Rs.98,422
Meghalaya Rs.97,844
Mizoram Rs.98,057
Nagaland Rs.98,269
Orissa Rs.96,170
Pondicherry Rs.87,466
Punjab Rs.92,323
Rajasthan Rs.93,380
Tamil Nadu Rs.93,028
Telangana Rs.92,689
Tripura Rs.98,600
Uttaranchal Rs.93,360
Uttar Pradesh Rs.93,297
West Bengal Rs.96,697
Andra Pradesh Rs.93,154
Assam Rs.98,247
Bihar Rs.95,557
Chandigarh Rs.93,855
Chhattisgarh Rs.95,557
Goa Rs.89,909
Delhi Rs.91,201

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 Bike

bajaj pulsar 200 ns Bike price in India

Gujarat Rs.97,853
Haryana Rs.97,158
Himachal Pradesh Rs.98,617
Jammu and Kashmir Rs.99,995
Jharkhand Rs.1,00,677
Karnataka Rs.97,472
Kerala Rs.99,181
Madya Pradesh Rs.1,00,272
Maharashtra Rs.94,549
Manipur Rs.1,03,721
Meghalaya Rs.1,03,190
Mizoram Rs.1,03,357
Nagaland Rs.1,03,615
Orissa Rs. 1,01,619
Pondicherry Rs.92,509
Punjab Rs.97,608
Rajasthan Rs.98,750
Tamil Nadu Rs.98,374
Telangana Rs.98,035
Tripura Rs. 1,03,946
Uttaranchal Rs.98,706
Uttar Pradesh Rs.98,643
West Bengal Rs.1,02,094
Andra Pradesh Rs.98,500
Assam Rs.1,03,616
Bihar Rs.1,00,926
Chandigarh Rs.97,370
Chhattisgarh Rs.99,252
Goa Rs.95,162
Delhi Rs.96,453

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 Bike

bajaj pulsar rs 200 Bike price in India

Gujarat Rs.1,34,940
Haryana Rs.1,33,640
Himachal Pradesh Rs.1,34,980
Jammu and Kashmir Rs.1,35,725
Jharkhand Rs. 1,37,001
Karnataka Rs.1,34,397
Kerala Rs.1,35,735
Madya Pradesh Rs.1,38,069
Maharashtra Rs.1,32,727
Manipur Rs.1,40,325
Meghalaya Rs.1,40,116
Mizoram Rs.1,39,961
Nagaland Rs.1,39,007
Orissa Rs.1,39,173
Pondicherry Rs.1,27,308
Punjab Rs.1,39,173
Rajasthan Rs.1,35,837
Tamil Nadu Rs.1,35,242
Tripura Rs.1,40,872
Uttaranchal Rs.1,34,056
Uttar Pradesh Rs.1,35,193
West Bengal Rs.1,39,352
Andra Pradesh Rs.1,35,146
Assam Rs.1,40,092
Bihar Rs.1,36,832
Chhattisgarh Rs.1,36,531
Goa Rs.1,31.442

Final Words

I wish that all kinds of information are helpful to you, my dear friends. Thank you for visiting our website and be sure to check back for more exciting things similar to this. Thanks

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